Child Support Solutions

Program Description

        Community Development through Child Support Solutions is an It Takes All Of Us Inc. initiative that will provide county, state, and government agencies with child support program alternatives.

         Partnering with ITAOU we can provide non-custodial parents, Park and Recreation with the man power, finances, and programs that will accommodate the reopening of closed Park and Recreation Department facilities.

       This will lower the incarceration rate of non custodial parents, cut the Department of Corrections budget, provide our children with the financial support due, lower the TANF received by custodial parents.

       Park and Recreation can then allow for funds received to be used to provide services to our community members. In reopening closed facilities this allows ITAOU and others to provide our youth with quality programming such as educational alternatives, vocational training, and a safe and secure environment in which to grow and learn.

       Through this program, It Takes All Of Us Inc. provides the community of the CSRA and others counties and states with the following services:

• Manpower, maintenance, funding resources, and operational staff for the reopening of closed Park and Recreation facilities.

• Docent (public-speaking) training for area parents, students and community members to help them prepare our children and the community for the future.

• Professional development training for community members, in the areas of marketing and advertising, fund raising, special events, public  relations, box office management, concession operations ,vocational training, educational alternatives and outreach programs.

 The goal of the Community Development Through Child Support Solutions initiative is to provide the County, State, Department Of Corrections, Department Of Children and Family Services and Child Support Services with alternatives program such as ITAOU Child Support Solutions: Building Family Relationships, a program that partners ITAOU with Child Support Services, Park and Recreations, Department of Corrections, DCFS and County School Districts to provide non- custodial parents with an alternative way to provide child support payments while unemployed.

Program Implementation

It Takes All Of Us Inc. and it affiliates will complete a Community Profile, a series of assessments designed to determine the current strengths and challenges of ITAOU Child Support Solutions: Building Family Relationships.
This profile will also allow ITAOU to design educational, vocational and life skills programs that are most relevant to our communities.

Upon completion of the profile, ITAOU will provide its partnering agencies a toolkit containing templates and guidelines for successful presentation in the areas of educational, vocational, marketing and advertising, fundraising, special events, public relations, box office management, concession operations and outreach programs.
The toolkit will be tailored for use in our communities and with our partner Prime Time Sports and other partnering agencies we will provide consultation for implementation.

ITAOU and Prime Time Sports will work together to establish benchmarks for success in the area of Youth Sports Tournament Management, Marketing and Advertising, Fund-raising, Special events, Public Relations, Box Office Management, Concession Operations ,Vocational Training, Educational Alternatives, Outreach Programs, and Community involvement and response.

Four to six weeks prior to the first tournament event, Prime Time Sports and ITAOU staff will visit our community and conduct two days of Sports, and educational programming in area schools.
Special workshops and programs will be provided for children in grades K-12. All the activities are highly interactive providing students with an opportunity to participate as well as observe.

ITAOU staff will also meet with area teachers and community members, providing them with information about educational, vocational and life skills programs ITAOU and its affiliates provides.
While providing parents, and community members and students with training in public speaking relative to this and other planed event.

These parents and community members will then begin a public-speaking campaign designed to increase community awareness, interest and education about the upcoming programs and events.

The initiative will culminate with the first of two annual AAU Regional Basketball Tournaments in March of 2012. This project will reach a total of 250,000 people in year one ranging from Middle School through adults.
We project our programs and services will reach a total of 350,000 community members and others ranging in age from (5) five years of age through adulthood.

This a broad but realistic estimate that includes all participants including patrons who attend the Tournaments, community members who participate in docent training, and other organizational representatives who participate in professional development training, and school children who will participate in educational residencies.

Need Within the Community

The need for educational, vocational, and youth sports programs are at an all time high in our communities. With crimes such as gang violence, burglary, armed robbery, aggravated assaults and murder continually on the rise.
We must think outside the box and find alternative and aggressive ways to reach the youth of today. ITAOU has partnered with and will bring Prime Time Sports into our community for its professional AAU Youth Sports Tournament expertise.

Prime Time sports is the nation’s largest AAU youth sports organization, with more AAU team sports participation than any others company in the nation.

ITAOU partnering with Prime Time Sports and becoming the East/South East Region AAU Basketball tournament host allows ITAOU to then partner with local Park and Recreation Departments, Richmond County Schools, Department Of juvenile Justice, DCFS and Child Support Services so we can provide tournament venues, manpower, program awareness and the funds to improve programs and services needed to take our children, streets, neighborhoods and communities back.

Many of our children have lost focus, and we as parents, community leaders, and educators must sit and truly evaluate our past experiences with community programs and find out – what has worked, what hasn’t worked and then see why we believe this initiative will be as valuable to our children, non-custodial parents, youth organizations, and the community as a whole.

As this initiative has strong educational, vocational, sports, and parenting components we believe many funders will respond to these aspects, it is important for us to refer to the important role that sports plays in education.
The Impact of Sports on Learning is a newly completed report commissioned by the President’s Committee on Sports and Humanities.
The results of seven varied studies clearly establish that learners can attain higher levels of achievement using the team play model as a tool.
Learning through sports can actually help “level the playing field” for youngsters from disadvantaged circumstances.

Additionally, Howard Gardner’s well-accepted theory of multiple intelligences and learning styles proposes that children learn in a variety of ways. Many children do not learn well sitting at a desk and may assimilate information more effectively while singing, playing or moving.
Additionally, as detailed in a 1996 report by the Getty Institute, arts, sports and education is the most effective way to develop the workforce of the next generation. This workforce must be multi-dimensional and flexible with strong creative, productive and critical thinking skills. Once consider a “frill,” sports education is now seen as integral to the academic process.


Evaluation for this program will come from several points:

• ITAOU Staff, Park and Recreations Department, Child Support services and Prime Time Sports will evaluate the success of the initiative based upon the benchmarks they established at the outset.
• Opinion surveys will be distributed to community participants, requesting response to all areas including Tournament management, marketing and advertising campaigns, educational programs, vocational programs, special events and the overall program performance.
• Opinion surveys will be distributed to organizations and its members requesting response to the effectiveness of the professional development training.

Evaluation benchmarks include:

• Ticket sales
• Level of financial support
• Community awareness and involvement.
• Student and teacher participation in educational and vocational programs.
• Effectiveness and transferability of vocational and professional development skills.
• Operation and maintenance of all programs and facilities.

Key Organizations:

Primetime Sports
It Takes All Of Us Inc.
County Park and Recreations
Child Support Services
County School Districts
Department of Children and Family Services
Department of Corrections
Department of Juvenile Justice



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