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A great smile is what you require to improve your confidence. The look of your teeth is obviously an important part of the way you smile as well as look overall. Feeling not comfortable with your smile may have a far-reaching unfavorable impact on your day-to-day live. Dental braces are the best option for children as well as teens, however, as an adult, they may leave you feeling frustrated particularly if your business line needs you to interact with clients and colleagues constantly. As a matter of fact, traditional fixed braces leave you feeling terribly sore, as it can make your everyday simplest task seem exhausting. This is where Invisalign Canada comes helpful for teenagers and adults to enhance their smile. 

Our Invisalign braces are made from clear plastic to ensure that they are virtually invisible. As there is no metal part available, you can enjoy a confident smile throughout your teeth straightening procedure. Our Invisalign braces are easily removable and so, you can take out whenever you want to drink or eat, or perhaps brush your teeth. This certainly helps you in maintaining far better oral health at the time of your Invisalign treatment.

What to expect from us:
Your new smile is on the way and so, let's get started with a consultation at Clinique Chloe. Our doctor will inspect your teeth and also in turn, show you the best sort of Invisalign treatment, which does good for you. After that, we recommend you a fast and also precise digital scan to map out a personalized treatment plan for you. We can also let you preview your new smile. We often tend to customized aligners, which best fit you as well as your needs. From the first day of treatment to the end, you are never on your own, since our doctor will be with you throughout your way. What are you waiting for? Now, you can able to live your life without any interruptions. 

As every person's life moves fast, nothing is going to slow you down with our Invisalign clear aligners. Your new smile is merely the beginning. Selecting our Invisalign means that you can quickly maintain your teeth health compared to traditional braces. Every 2 weeks, you can replace your current aligners to get next set in the series. Doing so will shift your teeth little by little to their final position. Our therapy procedure typically takes somewhere from 6-15 months to complete, based on the severity of the issues that require to repair it.

The much better way to get the best smile:

An additional factor that impacts your self-confidence is teeth discoloration. Several way of life factors as well as routine things you can perform on a daily basis might discolor your teeth and also, impact the quality of your smile over time. These may include excessive intake of tea, coffee, as well as red wine together with drinks and also food with strong coloring.

Smoking is one more factor behind the discoloration, which has a huge effect on your smile by causing wrinkles to appear around your mouth and making your teeth become yellow. In this case, laser teeth whitening can provide you an efficient solution. At Clinique Chloe, we provide specialist LED teeth whitening in Montreal and its surrounding suburbs at sensible costs to rejuvenate your smile. You can feel confident that we can provide you teeth an eye-catching and also healthy look.

Invisalign Cost

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