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  • Taking Intranet Management a Notch Up with Social and Mobile Accessibility

Taking Intranet Management a Notch Up with Social and Mobile Accessibility

With the regular use of intranets across major organizations and the adoption of this technology across many sectors and industries, intranet teams have experienced huge growth. With this and further developments, a continuous effort to grow technologically and incorporate this framework into social and mobile accessibility has become a necessity. 

Keeping the flexibility to choose the right framework with an ability to sync across different platforms and to make it accessible for all employees of an organization is an essential that is indispensable.

Making use of social intranet

Making use of the static intranet (that is generally seen as a framework that is a one way street to broadcasting) has become stale. As a one way street to broadcasting, it has become a massive restraint to knowledge and its growth. Incorporating web technologies such as blogs, communities, forums, groups, bookmarking, RSS, and social tagging into the intranet has made clear the paths to the social intranet software

Using these features has enabled the capturing of knowledge and given the added experience of sharing this knowledge and has facilitated the growth of support and collaboration among employees within an organization. This lean towards a social intranet will become a profound empowering tool for the ages to come where organizations will begin to extract from the powerhouse that social media platforms are providing. Emulating social media platforms, intranet services have become a social friendly entity that strengthens an enterprise. 

With the help of the intranet, there are increased levels of visibility among workers of an organization. It also aims to accelerate the expertise available and insights that are available due to the growth experienced through this social intranet journey. With the accountability system that this framework creates, it enhances the experience of flexibility in the flow of work. This also has a huge impact on the email counts, and there is a huge reduction in that number after the advent of social intranet platforms. As generational data suggests, adapting workflow and working style according to the incoming generation of new workers, social intranet makes it easier for Gen Y or Millennials to adapt faster, and learn quicker on the job. 

Effectiveness of Mobile Intranet

The mobile intranet is created to fill the gap and be a sweet spot that the current generation prefers. Most companies are, therefore, trying to design mobile intranet networks that make the ‘on-the-go’ crowd effectively work even when they are off their desktop, or away from the premises of their office. 

Intranet Software

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