Avoid arrest in 2021 for refusing vaccination - TUES 6:30 - DR A. TRUE OTT, NATUROPATH, PH.D -

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 at 6:30pm

Location: Blanchard Grange, Mason Ave, Blanchard ID

This event is in the past.

TUES 6:30 - DR A. TRUE OTT, NATUROPATH, PH.D - founder and CEO of Mother Earth Minerals, Inc., Ogden Utah (www.meminerals.com)   Tutored and mentored by Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling - 1991-1993.   

What is in the upcoming novel "vaccine"?   What exactly is "Operation Warp Speed" and why is the U.S. Military preparing to make it "mandatory" per orders from the "commander-in-chief'?  More importantly, what legal steps can be taken immediately to keep from being arrested in 2021 and charged with "domestic terrorism" for steadfastly refusing the vaccination?   I have presented to a number of Fortune 500 executives and armed them with the knowledge they need to start the dominoes falling in this house of cards hoax.

There are two possible theories of "communicable" disease - the "germ theory" espoused by Louis Pasteur, vs. the terrain theory of Antoine Beachamp.   What exactly are viruses, and where/how do they naturally originate?  The answer to this science question is critical in being able to connect the dots accurately and understand fully the current state of affairs concerning the "planned-demic".   Why is this important?  Because the "PCR Test" is in no way an accurate barometer of SARS-Cov-2 transmission and infection levels.  

Bits control Atoms which control Neurons which in turn produce changes in Genes.  B.A.N.G.   DynCorp and the Rockefeller Foundation has been working in this agenda for over a decade.   This is the driving force behind the current "plandemic."  

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