CERT South Sponsors Second Sunday's Snack, Social and Soiree at Spirit Lake's Small Park

Sunday, September 9th, 2018 at 2pm - 4pm

Location: Spirit Lake's "Little Park" - Maine & 4th

This event is in the past.

CERT South Sponsors Second Sunday's Snack, Social and Soiree at Spirit Lake's Small Park @ Second Hour (2PM).

(Say 3 times fast, please . . . )
Second Sunday of the month (Sept 9, Oct 14), 2PM at the “Little Park” in Spirit Lake during warm weather.  That’s on Maine Street at 4th Ave.  If it’s over crowded or we get pre-empted, look for us at the “Big Park,” a block north. Various shops, eateries and saloons are within a block or 2.  We’re on the lookout for a cool weather meeting place that’s free, north of Rt. 54 and south of the Pend Orielle River. 
 Bring along a lawn chair or blanket.
Also,  snacks / drinks to share, if you are so inclined. 

Every CERT member should have an identifying vest, soft-cover cap or other apparel.  No need for your CERT hard hat, unless hail is expected.
All Community Emergency Response (CERT) Team members - as well as those interested in CERT - are invited to these Bonner County South Squad monthly informal gatherings, so please pass the word. 
Our primary intention for meeting is to establish and deepen relationships and skills among ourselves and our invited neighbors that could prove to be life-saving in local or regional disasters.  We also hone our communications skills with two-way ham, GMRS, FRS “walkie-talkies,” CB and other radios.  All members and guests are invited to bring basic fully-charged radios, including those issued by Bonner County Emergency Management.
The CERT program trains folks of all ages, sizes and abilities to assist professional first responders when a disaster strikes. We volunteers are a “force multiplier”, taking care of tasks like medical triage, checking homes after an evacuation or reporting dangerous events or areas as they’re discovered. This helps the overworked professionals focus on more dangerous and critical tasks.  CERT's tuition-free 20-hour course is locally available (sign up on Sunday!) and invaluable to anyone interested in preparedness.  It includes:

  • Preparedness. 2.5 hours. Includes specific disaster risks most relevant to your local community.
  • Fire safety and suppression. 2.5 hours. How to identify hazardous materials, put out a small fire, and fire gear.
  • Disaster Medical Operations. 5 hours. Triage and assessment, bleeding control, CPR-like airway control. Part first aid, part logistics of emergency medicine.
  • Search and Rescue. 2.5 hours. How to sweep areas, assess structural damage, and rescue techniques.
  • CERT Organization. 1.5 hours. The logistics of emergencies, Incident Management System, local team organization, and communications.
  • Psychology. 1 hour. How to help victims and first responders / yourself.
  • Terrorism. 2.5 hours. How to identify what kind of attack has occurred (chemical, nuclear, etc.).
  • Review and simulation. 2.5 hours. Written exam followed by a practical simulation test that uses all of the previous skills.

Community participation by CERT graduates is completely voluntary, with no obligations.  Some real-world examples have been:

  • Search and Rescue for a missing child
  • Perimeter security during a wildfire
  • Search and Rescue homes in an evacuated zone, leaving markings on cleared homes
  • Set up and run evacuation shelters
  • Set up and run animal shelters during a flood or fire
  • Traffic management during an evacuation or after a disaster affected the road system
  • Set up and run a vaccination dispensing center during an H1N1 outbreak
  • A terrorist threat forcing people out of an apartment building and into a shelter organized by CERT
  • Clear beaches and storm surge zones during a tsunami threat
  • Perimeter control in high traffic areas with a downed power line
  • Run first aid stations during an overwhelming event, like a small town overrun with people watching the solar eclipse
  • Assist during a murder investigation

 Aside from all that, those who volunteer with the Bonner County Emergency Management Team get identifying ID, equipment, backpack etc. that may help you get back to your home 20 when most folks are stuck behind “Do Not Cross” barricades during an emergency.  Now, how cool is that??
Russell S. Spriggs, KI7BIV, C.E.R.T.
No Texts; 208.660.8877; Fax 855.420.6345
NRA Pistol Instructor: www.PistolProf.com
Local Events Calendar: http://www.inwPrep.com
Residential Mold Testing: www.cdaInspectors.com
Emergency Comms Network: www.HooDooCh3.com
"Aspire to inspire before you expire" - Dannion Brinkley


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