Equipment Dream List for your HAM Radio! (SAVE! SAVE!! SAVE!!!!)

Thanks, MF, for compiling!

This comes from a member who has operated worldwide.  If you seek to operate efficiently while on a budget, this is your BaoFeng Candy List.  Hey, it's almost Christmas in July; your spouse will be thrilled to get all this for you so as not to hear all the distractive static etc while you are busy defending the Redoubt . . . 

1) Throat mic with 2 PTT buttons (1 big chest + 1 finger mount)

2) Foldable antenna (best option for long distance - get the 42.5" option)

3) Magnetic car mount antenna

4) Extended antenna

5) 12V cigarette lighter battery eliminator (good for in the car)

6) Extended battery (longer life plus ability to plug into solar panel and other charging options)

7) AA battery pack shell (uses 5 AA batteries if you have no way to charge battery)

8) Belt mounted holster pouch

9) 110V battery charger with additional USB option (Also compatible with solar panels with USB, an extra charging option)

10) Solar panel charging kit options (both work with extended battery #6 on this list)

11) Cable to allow extended battery (See #6) to charge via USB. (Get the 8.4V version)

12) Extended shoulder mic (commercial grade)

13) Mega box deal on 8 watt radio (includes 2 batteries, 3 antennas, 2 mics, car charger, programming cable, 110V wall charger) Unavailable as of 10/16

14) 5 watt radio with extra accessories 

15) Throat Mic Option without the finger PTT

Does the Greaval equipment interchange with the Baofeng equipment? Rob BH-10

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