Corona Virus Does Not Just Infect Older People!

The CDC, on 3/19/2020 gave the following information:

In the US there are 508 hospitalized Covid-19 patients. 38% of them (193) were between the ages of 20 and 54 years old. Almost half of those in ICU were under 64 years of age and 12% (14) were in the 20-44 age group. Every State and all US Protectorates except American Somoa had confirmed cases of covid-19. Remember confirmed cases means they tested positive and as of now only those who have symptoms of Covid-19 are tested. As more test kits ramp up expect those numbers to go up rapidly.

Don't forget that the incubation period is now known to be up to 28 days not the 14 days as first stated and that depending upon the viral load received when exposed, a person can pass on the virus in as little as 2 days after being exposed, even thugh they are not having symptoms. (You get a much higher viral load if some one carying the virus sneezes in your face than if you catch it by touching a contaminated door knob. You body has a much greater chance of  containing the virus if it is a small viral load such from a door knob rather than a large load from someone sneezing in your face.) So maintian the 6 foot social distance to reduce the chances of catching the virus from someone who does not yet have symptoms. That said, it has been known for at least 3 weeks that the Covid-19 virus is airborn-it floats on the breeze so to speak-when the temperature and humidity is right. We are entering that time of the year here when both are becoming right! As the number of cases ramp up in your neck of the woods you will need to wear a mask and eye protection when outside-even in your yard if you live in town or in a subdivision where lots are under a few acres.

I have 2 medically related degrees, 40 years experience as a Health Care Provider and my military days were spent at Ft. Detrick in USAMRIID. (Where the military develops immunizations and studies viruses and bacterias. I was one of the personnel on duty about 30 feet away from Pres. Nixon, we were hidden behind a temporary wall, when he "converted the Biological warfare unit at Ft. Detrick into a Cancer research Center in 1972). Most military and civilian personnel stationed in that unit had education about weaponized viruses and bacteria. Please understand, I am not stating that covid-19 is a weaponized virus. I saw postings on the web several weeks ago to the effect that it was weaponized but those posts seem to have disappeared. I was taught that a weaponized virus was very infective but had a relatively low "kill rate." Translation: maybe a 10% kill rate. If the kill rate was high, the virus could "burn itself out" quickly and not cause the desired results. What were the desired results? Panic, chaos, economic decline and focus attention of the affected population on taking care of their own instead of protecting their borders. Does any of that sound familiar? Wuhan, China is the location of the Chinese Level 4 biological Labratory. Translation-the equivalent of a Military Labratory that could weaponize viruses and bacterias. What if it is weapinized and it escaped from the lab via a sloppy worker or even better yet, by a worker sneaking out to an unsanitary open air market some of the sacrificed lab animals that the virus had been tested on to supplement his meager income? It is known that China tried to hde the outbreak of Covid-19 illness from the rest of the world and if they had "mannedup" and said we have a problem and shared the information it took them 3 weeks or so to admit-we probably would not be self-quarentining now. So when you see or hear of military equipment being moved through or lots of military helicopters, remember that just as plausable an explaination as some conspiracy theory could be the movement of assets to the western part of America in case some country decides to take advantage of what is happening here.

Retired Doc

INW Preparedness Training Team

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