AmRRON SITREP 3/15 CoVid etc

/// This is NOT a training exercise ///
SITUATION: Effects of Coronavirus on global workforces and supply chains leading to severe disruptions in the flow of basic goods. Global economy is an  extremely precarious position. Multiple international travel restrictions in place, with more expected.
1. Discussion among national, state, and local governments continue to reiterate the need to restrict movement in order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.
 2. Increased tempo in reports received indicating disruption to flow of goods at: a. Maj eorts. Witness accounts indicating unprecedented lack of incominlhioods. First-hand accounts by truck drivers at major shipping hubs reporting the overwhelming majority
 of trucking activity consists of returning empty shipping containers. No loads to take back out on trucks. b. Trucking. Long haul truckers in midwest states reportedly told not to come in, as they do not have any loads to deliver. This also being reported
 as 'unprecedented'.
3. Store acquisition managers reporting increased difficulty in locating food shipments. This has not received the full attention of the mainstream media yet. ACTION ITEMS. A. Stay ahead of the crowd and expect major food shortages. Focus
 on: - Canned goods (especially meats and soups) - Staples (Beans, rice, instant mashed potatoes, barley, etc. -- Starches/fillers) B. Be prepared for restricted movement in the coming days/weeks. Mandated travel restrictions and/or curfews. C. Acquire enough
 cash to meet your needs. Small bills (5s, 10s, 20s) AmRRON radio operations expected to continue on Persistent Presence Net and regularly-scheduled training nets. If you need National SITREP 001 or 002, ask for them on fldigi, or use JS8Call to coordinate
 with others to receive traffic. "As I was with Moses, so I will be with thee." Joshua 3:7 //EOM//

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