MEDICAL: Build An I-FAK Kit - with "Doc" Dave (Contents Below)

MEDICAL: Build An I-FAK Kit -
Tues PM with "Doc" Dave
(Contents Below)

"After much research here is the lists of items I believe should be included in the individual kits I have at home. This is just a suggestion and the individual should decide what he or she wants or needs to include in their personalized kits.  I have 60 copies of this and will hand them out at our Tuesday night meeting. 
Thanks, Dave."

Tourniquets x 2
 (CAT, Soft-T, Recon medical) 
Hemostatic clotting agent
Kerlex for packing wounds
Compression wrap (ace wrap)

Tourniquets x 2
 (CAT, Soft-T, Recon medical)
Israeli bandage, ace wrap
Quick clot, Celox, Hem con
Z-pack, gauze, triangle bandage, 4x4 gauze,
Kerlex wrap, ABD pads, 5x9 pads
Hy Finn, Halo,
Petroleum gauze, occlusive seal
Needle chest decompression
Oral airway, nasal airway
Trauma scissors, multi-tool
Small flash light, chem light, or glow stick
Tape of your choice
Mylar blanket for heat

Gloves, safety glasses,
Mask (N-95 if possible)
Flash light, chem light, glow light
Hand sanitizer, alcohol pads
Scissors, tweezers, knife, multi-tool
Band-Aid's of various sizes,
Steri strips, super glue
Hemostatic agent of your choice
Pressure bandage, ace wrap, kerlex
Dressings, 4x4 gauze, ABD pads
Triangle bandage/wrap, tape of your choice (duct or cloth)
Antibiotic ointment, burn gel,
Lip ointment, mole skin
Pill pack (tylenol, motrin, benadryl, mobic) meds of your choice

Surgical set
Scissors and tweezers
(separate from surgical set)
Skin stapler x 2, tape rolls x 4,
Triangle bandage x 2
Cloraprep x2, kerlex x 2, coban x 2,
Wound irrigation x 6
Quick clot x 2, super glue x 3
Band-aides various sizes, steri strips
Petroleum gauze x 2
Triple antibiotic ointment

Tourniquet x 4
Hemostatic agent x 4
Non hemostatic agent x 4
Pressure bandage x 4
Chest seal x 4,
Chest decompression needles x 4
Various gauze rolls, pads for packing
Kerlex x 6, abd pads x 6,
4x4 gauze packs x 6
Ace wrap x 4, triangle bandage x 6,
SAM splint x 2 various band-aids sizes
Flash light x 2/chem lights x 4
Mask, hand sanitizer, scissors,
Multi-tool, knife
Tape: duct/ cloth/plastic/paper (lots of tape)
Mylar blankets x 4
TCCC card and grease pen,
Permanent marker pen

INW Preparedness Training Team

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