Interesting Look at Power in Syria 

The images are interesting, but what really piqued my interest was the demand for and trade of batteries and LED lights along with the typical alternate power sources.

Good catch, Arthur!
Note that many of the batteries pictured are small - the type you'd find in an EXIT sign, indicative of how little power is needed for LEDs. 
The time to stock up is Now, if you've not already!

Something to keep in mind, if you get batteries with the acid separate they will last nearly forever if kept sealed. Once you put the acid in they have a specific lifespan. They're more qork to maintain than the sealed, but they're better long term.

Very true!  In fact, I have a box of acid.  My problem is finding batteries that are still dry!  Any suggestions?  Also, can an older battery be rejuvenated by dumping / flushing, then introducing new electrolyte?  Seems like I saw that done in the 50's / 60s.

Most of the batteries I've run into that come dry are automotive / power sports batteries. Specifically, motorcycle and UTV batteries.

There are lots of factors that affect lead-acid battery aging. Unfortunately, many of them are non-recoverable like degradation of the battery plates. Only fix there is new plates (old-school batteries had much thicker plates and thus this was less likely to be the reason they stopped working). If you've still got enough plate, no internal shorts, and they aren't covered with sulphate crystals, new electrolyte could help. Some chargers have modes to help break up sulphate crystals to extend life. Making sure you don't abuse (overcharge or overdrain) them and keeping the water levels topped up with distilled water is the best way to prolong their life, but once they're gone any extension of life is on borrowed time.

Unfortunately batteries are generally a limited-lifespan product. 

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