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Wed 11/29: Hi Test Presentation and Community Forum, Metal Smelter Plant

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 @ 10:14pm

Hi Test Presentation and Community Forum
Regarding Proposed Metal Smelter Plant
Newport, WA
Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017, 6 - 8 pm
Sadie Halstead Middle School
(331 S. Calispel Ave., Newport)
The following representatives will be available
to present information and to answer your questions:
• HiTest Silicon
• Washington State Department of Ecology
• Washington State Department of Commerce
• Washington State Department of Health
• Pend Oreille Public Utility District
• Pend Oreille County Community Development Department

Welcome, DAVID (an RN!) from Oldtown!

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 @ 10:10pm

Thanks for augmenting our ranks, Dave!

David Hensley

Public Name:

Town / Group:

HAM call sign:

Skills / hobbies to share with this group::
registered nurse emergency room, ICU: prehospital EMS: volunteer fire

What topic(s) would you like to learn?:
building AR, food prep, joining with other groups for preparedness

I am a registered nurse with critical care background for 30 years. We recently relocated to Northern Idaho and would like to join other like minded individuals

How did you hear about us?:
Russell Springs at a community meeting

GIVING THANKS this weekend by helping others . . . (and you'll get fed!)

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Monday, November 20th, 2017 @ 11:16pm

Here's OUR time to show that "community" really is important to us -
For the last couple years, we've had the use of the Newport Hospitality House (216 S. Washington St).
We've held classes, lectures and parties there.  We've shared so much info and learned so much, it should all be on YouTube videos.  Now, we get to pay our rent . . .
Saturday, Come join us for a free breakfast at 8AM.
Then, let's scoot the furniture down to one end of the facility.
Some of us will volunteer to mop & wax the floors. 
Others can walk off to nearby shops for a bit!
Come back & have pizza for lunch!
Then we'll scoot furniture to expose another section of flooring.
Sounds like such a good deal,
we may just do it again on Sunday to finish up!
Believe me, it's WAY easier to have a little army of SCOOTERS to help the floor folks!!!!!!!!

Just hit "reply" - right now - & tell us which day(s) you'll show up!
Brad & Russ

Guzzle 'n' Grub: Monthly Guns, Gear & Gab Group

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Monday, November 20th, 2017 @ 10:48pm

Let's try something new ; Novices welcomed!

Guzzle 'n' Grub: Monthly Guns, Gear & Gab Group

  • Saturday, December 9th, 2017 at 5pm - 7pm (Second Saturdays)


Just behind the laundromat sign in the metropolis of Blanchard!

FREE Admission, but MUST RESERVE a Seat (so cook knows #) by calling Russ, 208.660.8877!

Join us as we order a hefty dinner at a reasonable price, just enjoying each others' company, learning, teaching & sharing. Soft drinks, as well as six packs, are available for sale and my be consumed at the tables. Any firearms brought inside for display must be enclosed in a case, magazines out, actions open, unloaded, with no ammo. Bring your appetite. Bring your questions. Bring stuff to swap or for show & tell. Bring your safety consciousness. Constitutionally-minded Citizens, NRA Instructors, Gunsmiths, Dealers, Oath Keepers and Prior Service are usually in attendance, so feel free to ask questions!


Russell S. Spriggs, KI7BIV
I do not text; CALL 208.660.8877
A Local, Veteran-Owned Business
NRA Instructor,
Home Mold Testing:
Self-Sufficiency Classes:

GOAT KIDS for sale

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Monday, November 20th, 2017 @ 5:16pm

GOAT KIDS for sale

See CL Ad-  -

Owned by member Barbara Collins.
Kids Sired by Russ' buck, Copper

Welcome, MATT D. from Sandpoint!

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Monday, November 20th, 2017 @ 3:03pm

Welcome, MATT D. from Sandpoint!

I believe we met Matt at Saturday's meeting in Newport:

Matt D.

Public Name:

Town / Group:

HAM call sign:

Skills / hobbies to share with this group::
Hunting, fishing, outdoor woodsmanship, medical knowledge and training (specifically cardiac)

What topic(s) would you like to learn?:
All aspects of accomplishing off-grid living, prepping, food growing and storage

I'm a friend of Ranger Rick's and he introduced me to the group. I've been trying to move to the Idaho/Montana mountain areas for about 5 years now to escape the eroding culture and live in a community of other like-minded conservative Patriots.
I finally was able to move to theSpokane area for work about a year and a half ago and have slowly migrated my way into Idaho. I just purchased 10 acres in Sandpoint and am now in the process of planning to make into my off-grid permanent home and retreat by end of 2018 hopefully.

How did you hear about us?:
Ranger Rick

NEWS FLASH: Your Ham Radio's Programming IS out-of-date!

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Saturday, November 18th, 2017 @ 10:04am


Your Ham Radio's Programming IS out-of-date!
Show up, 6:30 tonight, Bring Radios for updates!

216 S. Washington St, Newport.
Hit "Reply" if you'll be also coming to the Mexican Restaurant at 5PM! -R

"There will be a programming update for all our radios.  Added new repeater and consolidated with a number of lists including ARES, AMRRON and other frequency coordinates for WA, ID,  MT and OR

Don Goodrich

SATURDAY (Tomorrow) - BAO-FENG BASICS (and Radio Programming!)

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Friday, November 17th, 2017 @ 8:24pm

No Matter What Your Preps,
You May Die Without Comms!

Don Goodrich has again stepped forward to offer a basic hands-on for our Ham Radios.
Also, if you have a radio that needs programming, bring it along.

Newport / Priest River Mutual Assistance Group (1st & 3rd Saturdays)

Tomorrow, November 18th, 2017 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Location: 216 S. Washington St (Hospitality House), Newport, WA

We share the space and time with the local OATHKEEPERS who share our same interests.
 Please bring snacks to share, & a few bucks for room rental! 
Our monthly presentation starts at 6:30, so show up around 6:15 to mix & network.  Email (by Noon!) our members - Just hit "reply" -  at: if you'd like to see who may be available to meet up at the Mexican Restaurant (3 blocks north) before the meeting, around 5PM!

Why should a bunch of gold/silver, food storage and ammo stackers be interested in CRYPTOCURRENCIES?

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Friday, November 17th, 2017 @ 6:25pm

Drop me an email (hit (REPLY) if you're coming Tuesday!

CDA, This Tuesday: CRYPTO CURRENCIES - The economies of the future!

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Location: GrabbaGreen, Neider & 95 in CDA (NW corner)

CDA & PF Area Mutual Assistance Group (3rd Tuesdays)

Order your meal and network from 5:30 - 6:30.
Our Monthly presentation starts at 6:30, allowing for latecomers.

Crypto currencies, Presented by our host and GrabbaGreen owner, Ben Horton!

Topics of discussion:

First, why should a bunch of gold/silver, food storage and ammo stackers be interested in cryptos?

Myths/facts surrounding them.. are they the mark of the beast?!!!

What is blockchain technology and why it should be important for you to understand.

The relationship between blockchain and your gold/silver stack in the future.

What are ICO’s and how they differ from IPO’s.

Understanding the security and pointing you toward better resources than me for discussing them.

Why fear and uncertainty go hand in hand and turns us into our own worst enemy.. knowledge is always power even if you do not act upon such knowledge.

Why cryptos are different than the stock market and other traditional investments.

What the differences are between cryptos. There are currently around 1200 with many more to come.

Why most cryptos are crap!

How to get started: buying, selling, holding securely.

And anything else that pops into my head before the meeting!

How governments are handling them globally.

And again we will address myths and BS out there.

I think it is very important for everyone to understand cryptos whether they want to be an early adopter or not. We need to understand the economies of the future and where many other countries already are and why this is all happening. Knowledge erases fear and allows us to look at things from a much more reasonable and thought out perspective than if we simply say, ack get away from me!

Thanks everyone!


Welcome: SHARON in ATHOL!

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Friday, November 17th, 2017 @ 11:46am

I decided to start introducing our new members as they join:

Sharon Fisher

Public Name:
Sharon Fisher

Town / Group:

HAM call sign:

Skills / hobbies to share with this group::
I teach the use of essential oils to aid in healing the body. I also teach a simple form of budgeting to help people live within their means and become debt-free.

What topic(s) would you like to learn?:
How to prepare for emergencies and be ready to help others to survive.

I worked as a bookkeeper doing all aspects including payroll before I retired. Now I help in the church doing various things. Basically, I am a quiet person not saying a whole lot. I work mostly in the background helping out and let others be in the limelight.

How did you hear about us?:
I heard about this group from Dee Miller. She told me me I need to join and get the CERT training.

A Gift From tonight's ESSENTIAL OILS Presentation

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Thursday, November 16th, 2017 @ 10:52pm

From Ranger - 

What are the best essential oils to store for the long term? Learn abut the 9 best essential oils for your survival kit and the top 4 ways to use them.  Read Here:

More Good Links From Ranger!

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Thursday, November 16th, 2017 @ 10:39pm

I have not sent this out in several years. There is closer to 100 top sites to get your info from this link if they have not removed the 2nd page.

Survival Top 50

=> View these other great Survival Blogs that almost made the Top 50!

Spirit Lake (Blanchard) Meeting Thurs; Poultry Raisers just joined!

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Monday, November 13th, 2017 @ 10:06am

COOK NEEDS NEED HEAD COUNT!  Call me (208.660.8877) if attending!
Thursday, 5PM & on: Order & eat at 5PM, Shannon's presentation of (Which?) Essential Oils starts at 6PM.
Blanchard Mercantile, Hwy 41 behind laundromat.  Good food, reasonable prices, purchase beer or soft drinks on site.  This is the FUN group!

Maria (, of Montana, has recently joined our group.  Her family has years of non-gmo experience, raising heritage breed poultry for national suppliers.
She'll be making a run to CDA in about a week, so see below!

"We are happy to offer you Heritage Breed Hens that will provide you with healthy farm fresh eggs! The breeds we sell are: Black Australorps, Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire, Buff Orpingtons. These pullets are 5-6 months old and have their whole egg laying career ahead of them! Asking $15.00 each per bird (most have already started to lay or will start very soon!)
Maria "

Organically / Non-GMO Raised Laying Flock - Selling by next Sunday 11/19

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Sunday, November 12th, 2017 @ 9:33am

Changing Breeds!
Organically / Non-GMO Raised Laying Flock -

16 Welsumer, Rhode Island Red and Black Australorp hens, plus 2 Welsumer roosters. 
Organically / Non-GMO raised. 
Will swap for goods / svcs / produce / $125
by next Sunday, Nov 19th. 

Comes to less than $7 per bird, to members. 

May possibly split into 2 flocks (8+1) for $75 ea.
I'm paying $15 per bird for all new pullets on Nov. 20th.

Some 2 yr old hens, plus a couple of last years' hatch, and several from this year.

CALL NOW! Russ - 208.660.8877 - Spirit Lake / Blanchard

Bonner, Boundary, Kootenai Counties: SMELTER Update!

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Saturday, November 11th, 2017 @ 11:28pm

SMELTER south of Newport on land bordering the state of Idaho.doc

Way too much info to post, unless as an attachment!

Best Survival Sites, Quoted From:

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Monday, November 6th, 2017 @ 10:10pm

Best Survival Sites

Quoted From

Although I love it when people spend lots of time on this site reading our articles, I would be remiss if I didn’t call attention to all the other amazing survival sites that I regularly visit. After all, many of the things I’ve learned came from these sites, and many of the article ideas I’ve had were inspired by these sites, so I’m very grateful to all of them.

If you have some extra time and are looking for some great reading material, then check out this list of what I believe are the best survival sites on the Internet. Currently, there are 22 but I’m sure I’ll add more. I was going to list them in order from my most to least favorite, but I found this to be impossible, so instead I listed them in alphabetical order:

22 Best Survival Sites

Apartment Prepper – When I first became a prepper, I was living in an apartment. And for a long time, I feared I could never adequately prepare for a major disaster while having so little space. Bernie Carr proves that to be nonsense. Her articles show you how to prepare for almost anything by being clever and making efficient use of space. And if money is an issue for you, check out her weekly series called Money Mondays which is full of tips on how to save money and even earn cash for prepping supplies.

Ask a Prepper – This is one of the best up-and-coming survival blogs on the Internet. They have a whole team of writers that cover a huge range of topics from urban survival to homesteading along with step-by-step DIY projects with pictures. And since they update several days a week, they already have a huge collection of great articles.

Backdoor Survival – This site was started by survival expert Gaye Levy about six years ago. In that time, she’s written a ton of fantastic articles, especially about food storage. She’s also written many articles about essential oils and making your own health and beauty products from scratch. Although Gaye recently retired, she left the site in great hands and they continue to publish great articles every week.

Bio Prepper – James Cole updates this site nearly every day by writing his own articles and publishing syndicated articles (including some from Urban Survival Site). Because of this, he’s built up a huge backlog of articles in a relatively short period of time. Most of the focus is on ancient skills that most people have forgotten: making your own things, raising your own animals, living off the land, and so forth. If you want to learn how to live like the pioneers, this site is worth a look.

Graywolf Survival – I have a great deal of respect for Scott Kelley from Graywolf Survival. Whereas many survival gurus learned most of what they know from books, Scott learned by growing up in the woods and serving in the military as a Counterintelligence Special Agent and a US Army Chief Warrant Officer. Having been to many dangerous combat theaters around the world, he knows a lot about situational awareness, bug out bags, survival communication, and more. Although he doesn’t update his site very often, his articles are worth the wait.

Homestead Dreamer – If homesteading is your thing, then you have to check out Homestead Dreamer. LeAnne Edmondson is a fantastic writer who is able to explain homesteading concepts in a way that even people who have never heard the term “homestead” can understand. One really cool feature of her site is the Saturday Survival Serial featuring the ongoing story of Jimmy Walker who is attempting to survive a major SHTF event while avoiding dangerous people and U.N. troops. She’s even compiled the series into a book called Aftermath: A Story of Survival which is well worth the read if you like survival fiction.

Homestead Survival Site – This, of course, is our sister site. My wife, Heidi, has written a few articles for it, but mostly it’s a collection of articles from homesteaders all around the country. We’re attempting to cover every aspect of homesteading: animals, baking, DIY projects, gardening, food preservation, natural medicine, and so forth. The site is still in the early stages, but it updates four days a week.

Mom With a Prep – This blog is run by a mom from Texas named Jane. Whereas most prep blogs have a lot of doom and gloom articles about the imminent collapse of society, this blog is centered around preparing for a personal end of the world such as job loss, major illnesses, or extreme weather when you have a family to take care of. That means the articles a very down to earth and full of practical advice. Definitely worth checking out!

More Than Just Surviving – This site is run by husband and wife team, Thomas and Elise Xavier. They’ve written many great articles about emergency preparedness and wilderness survival, but my favorite thing about their site is all the articles about knives. Thomas is a huge knife nerd and regularly posts reviews and lists of the best knives on the market. And since Elise likes photography, they’re very good about posting high-quality pictures of everything they review.

Prepper Website – In the same way that Drudge Report compiles the most important news articles of the day, Prepper Website compiles the best prepper articles of the day. Every single day. For many people, Prepper Website is the first site they visit in the morning because they know that if any great prepper articles are published, they can find them there. I can’t recommend this one enough.

Primal Survivor – The creator of this site, Jacob, started it after going camping with friends and realizing none of them knew any basic skills such as how to build a shelter or even a campfire. It inspired him to start writing down what he knew about bushcraft, but since then it has evolved into a major site covering bug out bags, off grid living, urban survival, and more.

Ready Nutrition – This site was founded by Tess Pennington, a lifelong prepper who worked for the Red Cross Chapter that handled the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attack. She is extremely knowledgeable in almost every area of preparedness, evidenced not only by her site, but by her book, The Prepper’s Blueprint.

SHTF Preparedness – The amazing thing about this site is how frequently it updates. Every week they curate dozens of survival, homesteading, and DIY articles from around the web. I actually discovered many of the sites in this list because of SHTF Preparedness.

Skilled Survival – I only discovered this site recently, and that’s because it’s so new. But even though it’s been around for less than two years, it’s already full of great content due to multiple writers including “Just in Case” Jack, who was raised on a farm and has spent most of his life learning and practice self-sufficiency. While almost every preparedness topic is covered, most of the focus is on gear and supplies.

Suburban Steader – This blog is run by Dan, a suburbanite with a wife, two kids, and a dog. Many people buy into the myth that the only way to be a homesteader is with lots of land out in the countryside, but Dan shatters this myth with his excellent articles on how he has managed to become more self-reliant while living in the suburbs. Every suburbanite prepper should check out this blog.

Survival Sullivan – This site was started by Dan Sullivan, and relatively new prepper who has assembled a huge team of preppers / writers (one of whom regularly contributes to this site) to cover nearly every aspect of preparedness you can imagine. Seriously, whatever you want to learn about prepping, you can learn about it here. Start with his “Zero to Hero” Guide to Prepping.

Survivalist Prepper – There are a lot of great articles on this site, but the main draw is Survivalist Prepper Podcast, hosted by Dale Goodwin. Every week, he, his wife Lisa, and guests have interesting discussions on all sorts of topics. Another great thing about this site is the Preparedness Academy. If you’re a new prepper who is overwhelmed by all the information online and aren’t sure where to start, this is a great course worth looking into. There are even giveaways, community support, and wholesale discounts available.

The Organic Prepper – What I like about this site is it provides equal parts survival information and warnings about potential disasters. For example, as of this writing, the front page features articles about finding prepper friends, stockpiling healthier foods, and tips for lowering expenses. But it also features articles explaining what a second Civil War would look like and where the next alt-right rallies are planned. Definitely worth following this one.

The Prepper Journal – This site has published over 1000 articles in just a few years. The main editor is Pat Henry, a great writer with a military background and 10 years of experience prepping. Many of their best articles come from the ongoing Prepper Writing Contest in which anyone can participate. Readers vote on their favorite articles and the winners get Amazon gift cards.

The Survival Mom – Lisa Bedford has been running this site for over 8 years now. She’s a prepper, a published author, and (of course) a mom. Since taking care of her family is her top priority, her blog is less focused on doomsday theories and more focused on practical advice for people with children. So in addition to survival tips, there’s also information on homeschool and running a happy household. If you’re a parent, I can’t recommend this site enough.

Tin Hat Ranch – This blog is accompanied by an excellent Youtube channel that covers topics such as bug out vehicles, off grid solar power, and nuclear war survival. Although this site has articles on nearly every aspect of preparedness, the focus is on survival gear. If you’re a prepper who likes gadgets, you’ll love this site.

True Prepper – I only just discovered this site recently, and I really like it. True Prepper is one of the fastest growing survival blogs online thanks to four knowledgeable writers including an engineer, a scientist, a first aid instructor, and an Air Force veteran who has worked with Red Cross. Their site covers urban survival, wilderness survival, and everything in between.

Personal Safety in Public for Couples, Families & Friends

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Sunday, November 5th, 2017 @ 10:20pm


on.jsp?a=1101855363696&r=3&c=d0f753f0-44" width="1" height="1" alt="" />


FREE Clinic Tuesday November 7th - 6pm 

at Center Target Sports

Personal Safety in Public for Couples, Families & Friends 

You are faced with a lethal threat...

What do you do? Is your spouse or a friend with you?  Are you the only one armed? Are your kids with you?  Do you have a signal or a plan?


What do you do?   

Want some answers and some things to consider... 

 Don't miss this month's FREE clinic. 

Please call in and reserve a space as we anticipate this being a very popular FREE clinic.   208-773-2331


Center Target Sports, 3295 E. Mullan Ave., Post Falls, ID 83854


Constant Contact


E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Sunday, November 5th, 2017 @ 3:31pm


A number of our Athol folks - including Wed's presenter! - are snowed in.  Let's look forward to a Dec meeting!

A pleasant article from State Representative, Heather Scott!

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Sunday, November 5th, 2017 @ 3:19pm

A pleasant article from State Representative, Heather Scott!

Many thanks to Heather for writing, and Bret for publishing!


Not too many things – especially “good” things – surprise me anymore. However, coming across this article from my own State Representative was certainly a broadside from a blindside! Thank you so much Heather, for your kind words, and thanks to the hundreds who have allowed me to be part of their continuing handgun education. A very special thank you to my fellow NRA Life Member and the Training Counselor who recognized my abilities even before I did, Michael Loy of

Free Survival Food; Smelter Update; New Business Member!

E-mail sent by Russ, PistolProf, Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 @ 10:08pm

Free Survival Food; Smelter Update; New Business Member!

Still room for anyone wanting to portray "disaster victims" in a Sandpoint CERT Training Exercise this Saturday!  Contact -
Brenda V. Bramwell DMD CEM MEP

Bonner County Volunteer Coordinator

Bonner County Emergency Management



This Saturday, 6:30 PM
at our Newport Meeting with OathKeepers (216 S. Washington St), we'll be discussing what grows well in gardens in this area!  Bring your success - and failure - stories, surplus to sell or swap, etc.!  Jeanne (yep, my wife) will be making an offer to all who attend for some "survival food that keeps on giving" - nearly impossible to kill or eradicate (no, not knapweed, kudzu or bamboo!) and grows in nearly any conditions, year after year!  Well worth attending; see you there!

Newport smelter / pollution update: see - - a special thanks to Susan & Nancy who keep us so well informed to this apparently huge hazard to our health and environment!

A Warm Welcome to KIP and the folks at the Wilderness Survival Store in Post Falls' Outlet Mall!  Well worth the trip.  We're exploring the possibilities of having meetings and classes there.  Check out their website, stop by their store, and tell Kip you heard about him at INW Prep!

wilderness survival store

Welcome to wilderness survival ... We carry a wide variety of survival gear including: Camp stoves, first aid & medical supplies, knives, water purifiers, HAM Radios ...

Stay well, stay warm, stay centered . .
See you soon!

INW Preparedness Training Community

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