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Our "New Home" for $0.64???

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Thursday, March 14th, 2019 @ 9:27pm

Our "New Home" for $0.64???

Sixty-Four Cents a Week?  Read On!!!

I've long felt that we, as a group, are being Guided to a wonderful place to hold training, classes, parties and meetings. 

Frankly, I'm tired of having to fork out $50 or more for our meeting places. 

And then, not having privacy / security.

Last week, I asked member Danny, in Blanchard, to talk to Jenette (Blanchard Inn) about availability of the Blanchard Grange Hall.

The report back is that it is FREE to use, for Members of the Grange! 

Membership is only $33 a year!

WellYeahBuddy, sign me up!

Who's in this with me???

I'd LOVE to have about 50 membership checks to hand to Jenette at our meeting next Thursday evening at the Blanchard Inn.

If you can be there, GREAT. 

If not, PLEASE make a $33 check out to BLANCHARD GRANGE, enclose your name, address, tel #, & mail it in the morning to

Blanchard Grange #449
PO Box 132
Blanchard, ID 83804

Located at: 36 Mason Avenue, Blanchard, ID 83804

Send email inquiries to . 

Let's become known as THE place to go, for Radio Training, Gun Classes, Prep Mentoring, Solar Demonstrations, Canning Classes (it HAS a kitchen!), Bulk Foods packaging, Gardening, Beekeeping, Maps & Orienteering . . . 

It's time to Build CommUnity!



Russell S. Spriggs, KI7BIV, C.E.R.T.

No Texts; 208.660.8877; Fax 855.420.6345

Mold & Meth Testing:

NRA Pistol Instructor:

Local Events Calendar:

Emergency Comms Network:

"The standard of success in life isn’t the things. It isn’t the money or the stuff.

It is absolutely the amount of joy that you feel." ~ Abraham-Hicks


  • Saturday, March 16th, 2019 at 1pm - 3pm
    Location: Hospitality House, 216 S. Washington St., Newport, WA

    Reply / RSVP to:

    • 3 people attended

Please do your homework and vote tomorrow!

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Monday, March 11th, 2019 @ 9:45pm

Tuesday, March 12 is a school levy special election in many districts across the state.

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Idaho State Legislture

March 11, 2019�

Representative Heather Scott - District 1


Tuesday, March 12 is a school levy special election�in many districts across the state.� Some of the ballot questions will make levys permanent in some districts.��Please do your homework and vote tomorrow!

Crazy Days at the Capital!


There is�roughly 20 days left in the 2019 legislative session�and the pace has really picked up. To have 20-30 bills on the reading calendar every day is not uncommon. This is the time when bad legislation can slip through the cracks. Below are some highlights:



Marsy's Law Failed in the Senate!� This constitutional amendment was funded by a California billionaire with a impressive�rap sheet of crimes.� This is the third year we have been lobbied hard on this�piece of legislation which would have removed due process and may have been a back door for red flag laws.�Hopefully 3 strikes means it out for good!


HB 120 The Sex-ed opt-in bill�passed the House Floor and is headed to the Senate.��This bill�provides an additional layer of protection for parental rights, ensuring that parents are the top authority for deciding if their children will be taught about sex in a public education setting.� Currently, public schools operate on an �opt-out� process.��HB120 also includes a requirement for all materials taught in sex-ed classes to be made available to parents for public inspection and review and additionally provides that all guest speakers or instructors must also comply with the provisions of Section 33-1608, Idaho Code. This is an important measure that will restore control to parents in a very sensitive area of a child's development.�

HB 170 This CPS bill passed the House and will be heard in the Senate next Monday.��This legislation requires�Child Protection Services employees to�notify parents or guardians upon initial face-to-face contact of their rights with respect to child protection investigations.


HB 226 The appropriation for the State Board of Education failed on the House floor.��The State Board of Education now needs to reign in its spending, especially when we found out it spent $187,302 (see table below) on publications, memberships and subscriptions�last year!� A new bill will be drafted.


HB 206 Concealed Handgun Possession passed committee and is headed to the House Floor for a vote.� This bill will lower the minimum age limit for concealed carrying of a handgun within city limits to 18 years old.��


We still have a serious problem in the Idaho legislature.� Your voice as a citizen is being denied and suppressed while a select few committee chairmen continue to protect unelected bureaucracies or special interest lobby groups by denying debate of proposed legislation. Last year several good bills passed the House and were quietly entombed in Senate Committee Chairman drawers.�This year it is a little better in the House, but not the Senate.��The role of a chairman is not to veto bills they don�t agree with but to facilitate the committee process. Pride and arrogance should never drive legislators, and committee chairmen in particularly, should make every effort to foster healthy debate on�all bills.��Current�practice allows just one�legislator to suppress the ideas of other districts across the state. This is totally against the Republic form of government our constitution guarantees.


Abortion Human Rights Act is being denied a�print hearing by the Chairman of the House State Affairs Committee.�Do you see a trend here?

HB133�Vaccination Bill passed the House Floor but is being denied in the Senate Health and Welfare by the Committee Chairman.� Still obstructing open debate here too.���


Grocery Tax Repeal is being denied a committee print hearing by the�Revenue and Tax Committee Chairman. Wow, this looks like a�legislative�epidemic.


HB100-Adminstrative Rules Review bill to require�all pending administrative rules shall be affirmatively approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate, via a concurrent resolution.�This bill is being held in the Senate.�Yep, same problem here too.�


HB99 Mandatory Minimums is being denied a hearing by the Senate Judicial�Rules Committee Chairman.�I rest my case.

The requested 2020 School Appropriations:

This appropriation included $109 million in additional new General Fund dollars over the current year appropriation,�which equates to a 6.1% increase. The new funding includes the following highlights:

  • A $49.7 million increase from the General Fund to fully fund year five of the five-year phase-in of the career ladder compensation system for Idaho�s educational instructors and pupil services staff.
  • $7.3 million for a 3% base salary increase for administrators and classified staff, which are categories of employees not on the career ladder.
  • Adds $21.8 million in discretionary funding. Of this amount, $7.2 million is needed to maintain the current year funding per support unit at $27,481, and $14.6 million is included to increase the discretionary amount to $28,416 per support unit for FY 2020. This equates to a 3.4% increase in discretionary funding over FY 2019 and includes funding for health insurance costs and a CPI adjustment.
  • Fully funds the Governor�s K � 3 literacy initiative recommendation at $13.1 million for FY 2020.
  • There are additional increase and decreases in several other distributions that net to a $109 million General Fund increase over the current year. The FY 2019 appropriation was based on 15,339 full-term support units and the FY 2020 appropriation is based on a projected 15,601 full-term support units, which is a 1.7% increase year-over-year.

Over 62% of our general fund money will go to�fund�education in 2019.


Medicaid Expansion (Prop 2) is now being discussed daily at the capital.� There are several ideas on how to fund it and what requirements should or shouldn't be added.� Some argue for sunsets and drug testing.� Others want work requirements. Still others want both...�.To be continued......


In Liberty,�

Rep. Heather Scott


�P.O. Box 134��| �Blanchard,�Idaho 83804��



Idaho Legislature

�Questions? Contact us

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This email was sent to�using GovDelivery Communications Cloud on behalf of a member of the Idaho State Legislature. Statements and opinions are those of the individual legislator, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Legislature as a whole.
Technical questions can be directed to the Legislative Services Office: State Capitol Bld. W114 700 W. Jefferson St. Boise, Idaho 83720�
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E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Monday, March 11th, 2019 @ 8:33pm

Your empty, reloadable cartridge brass.  Any Center-Fire, but preferably handgun, any caliber. 
Even shotgun hulls!
We'll turn them into RELOADS to affordably help beginning shooters. 
As an NRA Instructor and big mouth in charge of inwPrep, part of my mission is to give everyone the best available handgun training at the most reasonable price (
All you guys that know you need more training, call me.
All you gals that can't learn from your guy,
call me.
We'll start training inside during this weather and move out as it gets better.
I'd like to see some TEAMS get started!

Email: -

tell me what brass you have floating around to donate!



Russell S. Spriggs, KI7BIV, C.E.R.T.

No Texts; 208.660.8877; Fax 855.420.6345

Mold & Meth Testing:

NRA Pistol Instructor:

Local Events Calendar:

Emergency Comms Network:

"The standard of success in life isn’t the things. It isn’t the money or the stuff.

It is absolutely the amount of joy that you feel." ~ Abraham-Hicks

Welcome, JOHN - F7NLC from CDA!

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Friday, March 8th, 2019 @ 3:51pm

Welcome, JOHN - F7NLC from CDA!

John Coeur d'Alene   F7NLC

Farm and Garden

First aid.
Food storage

I run a small sheep farm in the southern part of the county.
I raise and sell Katahdin sheep for meat, that is excellent and as close to organic as I can get.

Hoodoo man channel 3 comms


E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Friday, March 8th, 2019 @ 3:49pm


blknyght Blanchard Idaho    

being self sufficient
raising meat goats
have a big green house but our neighbors do all the work and we share
grow grass hay and a little grain ( hobby farm )
Basically prepers
Do our own freeze drying and flour mill

survival medical

Working on becoming more self sufficient, but understand that self sufficiency still requires a group of like-minded people to interact with that have skills which we may lack and visa versa.

From Bear at Brickle Creek coffee shop

Welcome, JADE from SANDPOINT!

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 @ 10:10pm

Feel free to call (2o8.66o.8877) about ham radios, Jade!
There's a class starting on the 11th in Priest River.
- Russ

Public Name:

Town / Group:

HAM call sign:

Skills / hobbies to share with this group::
Vice President of Sandpoint Literary Collective; nationally published author, can advise members on publishing.

What topic(s) would you like to learn?:
I’m interested in learning ham radio!

I like to read, write, cook, and learn new things!

How did you hear about us?:
I heard about you on a Facebook post about a radio class.

Welcome, DAVID from ATHOL!

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 @ 9:54pm

David is an active participant in our CH3 net check-ins . . .

Public Name:

Town / Group:

HAM call sign:

Skills / hobbies to share with this group::
ham radio shooting fishing

What topic(s) would you like to learn?:
more on canning and pressure canning

I have been in CERT and other radio groups for 10 years, worked for a city for 22 years.

How did you hear about us?:

Welcome McCLOUD from SpoVal!

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Monday, March 4th, 2019 @ 8:19pm

Thanks for joining us!


Public Name:

Town / Group:

HAM call sign:

Skills / hobbies to share with this group::

What topic(s) would you like to learn?:


How did you hear about us?:
from Russ


E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Sunday, March 3rd, 2019 @ 11:03pm


Public Name:

Town / Group:
Spirit Lake

HAM call sign:

Skills / hobbies to share with this group::
I can and garden a little bit but dont have enough knowledge of either one to teach about it.

What topic(s) would you like to learn?:
Gardening, first aid, ham radio, weapons use

Looking to network with like minded people on preparedness.

How did you hear about us?:
Athol facebook group

The 501 Controversy -

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Sunday, March 3rd, 2019 @ 8:29pm

Those who know what phone I have, know that I'm a simple kind of guy.  I leave the important cogitating to a bunch of other folks, too.
That's why, when this was suggested to me, I took the question to those who matter most - YOU!

Rest assured, the 501 is
gonna happen.

I haven't seen this kinda Sturmscheisse since Meetup showed its true colors and folks were bailing our ship before I could man the pumps and move to a different host.

You folks have amazed & humbled me.  I had NO idea that I was reaching out in such a positive way that so many of you described.  I did NOT expect the outpouring of support - emotional, financial, spiritual and physical - as you demonstrated, often from folks who had so little of any to spare.

I had been raised in such a way that asking for help was like a beggar with a tin cup.  Actually, that's not fair; more like an "entitled" spoiled brat expecting servitude from others.  It really took a lot to get me to the point of requesting help, even after it was truly needed.

You taught me a lesson.  Actually, two: One, it's OK to ask, as most folks are helpful by nature.  Two, it's really OK to receive / accept that which is offered in love & grace.  How many of us have the deeply ingrained "I'm not worthy" syndrome programmed in? 

That being said, I will leave the donation solicitation note there on the top right side of the inwPrep site.  Sorry, yes, it is thru the p-pal monster, but mail or in person will be thankfully accepted, as some of you know!
Additionally, if you choose to donate (no specified amount!) I'm happy to post an ad for you in that same column.  Send me a JPEG, or I'll work with you to create something.  This includes those who have already donatred.

Above all, I request that you not give up on me.  Steer me, guide me, mentor me, pray for me . . and for us all.  My heart is, I believe, in the right place, even if I can't type and my brain is out to lunch at times.

God Bless us all, and God Bless our Constitutional Republic, the united States that form America.


Top Prep Websites - Add to this list!

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Sunday, March 3rd, 2019 @ 7:55am

Huge Prep site list -
What to read when it's too cold outside! 

 Some Info I had saved from 2013, so ADD more to it, please! -   The content on these links may change, day to day. 


The Top 261 Prepper Web Sites

(author's name lost!)
Being the tech geek that I am, I had to compile one master list of all of the prepper web sites on all of the lists.

This should be a list of all of the best, (or at least ALL of the), prepper web sites IN THE UNIVERSE!

Some of these really need to be on the runner up list and I’m not even sure that I want to list them here.

I personally don’t endorse the whacko, the weird, or the absurd.

If you have an evening to burn, here is the list in no particular order what so ever:

  1. 321Gold
  4. Ad Parare
  5. Advanced Survival Guide
  6. Alex Jones Show
  7. All American Gold
  8. All Things Survival
  9. Alt Market
  10. A Matter Of Preparedness
  12. Apartment Prepper
  13. Assemble On Us
  16. Be A Survivor
  18. Black Listed News
  19. Emergency Management Mitigation Team
  20. YourPreps
  21. Bug Out Blog
  23. BushGear
  24. CARDs Blog
  25. Codgerville
  26. Countdown to Collapse
  27. Common Sense Preparedness
  28. Daily Survival
  29. Inalienably Yours
  30. Deadline Live
  31. http://DehydratedFood
  32. DEMCAD’s Corner
  33. Berkey Guy Blog
  34. Doc Medina – Soapbox
  35. Don't Tread on Me
  36. Doom And Bloom
  39. Eric Peters Politics
  40. Essential Survival
  41. Family Survival Center
  42. Surviving In Argentina
  43. Food Storage And Survival
  44. Fraudonomics
  45. From the Trenches
  46. Full Spectrum Dominance
  48. Ghost Prepper
  49. Mish – Economic Trends
  50. Getting Started In Emergency Preparedness
  51. Homestead Revival
  52. If It Hits The Fan
  53. In Case Of Emergency
  54. Bushcraft and Survival Skills
  56. The Just In Case Book Blog
  57. Keep It Simple Survival
  59. Liberty Blitzkrieg
  60. Medically Speaking
  61. Market Ticker
  62. Max Velocity Tactical
  63. Keep It Simple Survival
  64. Modern Survival Blog
  65. Modern Survival Online
  66. NM Urban Homesteader
  67. Occupy Corporatism
  68. Off Grid Survival
  69. Out Alive
  70. Outdoors Native
  72. Poor Man Survival
  73. Prepared For Survival
  74. Prepared For That
  75. Preparedness And Response
  76. Preparedness Pantry
  77. Preparing Your Family
  78. Prepography
  80. Prepper Dashboard
  81. Prepper For The Worst
  82. Prepper Trader
  83. Prepper Website
  85. Prepping To Survive
  86. Prepping to Survive
  88. Project Chesapeake
  89. Ready Nutrition
  90. reThinkSurvival
  91. Rocky Mountain Survival Institute
  92. Salt N Prepper
  93. Adventures in Self Reliance
  94. SGT Report
  95. Sherrie Questions All
  96. Sherry vs The Back Country
  98. SHTF School
  99. Sibi Totique
  100. Skeptical Survivalist
  101. The Self-Sufficient Homestead
  102. Stealth Survival
  103. Steve Quayle’s World
  104. Suburban Survival Blog
  106. Survival And Beyond
  107. Survival And Prosperity
  108. Survival Cache
  109. Beyond Collapse
  110. Survival Disaster Plan
  111. Survival Joe
  112. Survival Logistics
  113. The Survival, Emergency Preparedness and Self Reliance Blog
  114. Survival & Emergency Preparedness
  117. Survival Weekly
  118. Final Dayz
  119. Surviving Modern Life
  120. Surviving the Coming Collapse
  123. TEOTWAWKI Blog
  124. Texas Preppers Network
  126. The Daily Prep
  128. The Intel Hub
  129. Liberty Mill
  130. The Prepared Christian
  132. The Survival Mom
  133. The Survival Place Blog
  135. The Warning Signs
  136. Yoga Sacramento
  139. Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest
  140. The Union Creek Journal
  142. Urban Survival Site
  143. usCrow
  144. Viking Preparedness
  145. SHTF Wiki
  147. Willow Haven Outdoor
  151. WROL Without Rule Of Law
  152. W T S H T F
  153. Emergency Survival and Preparedness Blog
  154. Activist Post
  155. ATEP Emergency Preparedness Blog
  156. American Oikos
  157. American Preppers Network
  158. Amerisafe Neighbor Network
  159. Armageddon Online
  160. A Survival Plan
  161. Backdoor Survival
  162. Backwoods Survival Blog
  163. Bacon And Eggs
  164. Bearish News
  165. Beer Budget Survival
  166. Be Survival
  167. Bison Survival Blog
  168. Bug-Out Survival
  169. Calculated Risk
  170. Canadian Preppers Network
  171. Cheap-Ass-Living
  172. Chris Martenson
  173. Emergency Preparedness Blog
  174. Collapse Net
  175. Cyber Disruption
  176. Doom & Bloom Survival Medicine
  177. The Doomsday Moose
  178. Doug Ritter
  179. Education After the Collapse
  180. Emergency Survival Skills
  181. Enemies Foreign & Domestic
  182. Every Life Secure – Emergency Preparedness Blog
  183. FloJak
  184. Government Is a Joke
  185. Hunter Trader Trapper
  186. In The Rabbit Hole
  187. King World News
  188. Lew Rockwell
  189. Liam Fisher
  190. LifeSong Wilderness Adventures
  191. My Family Survival Plan
  192. Nature Skills
  193. Oracle Broadcasting
  194. Paratus Familia Blog
  195. Peak Prosperity
  196. Pioneer Living
  197. Prep-Blog
  198. Preparedness Advice Blog
  199. Preparedness Pro
  200. Prepper Podcast Radio Network
  201. Prepper Website
  202. The Retreat
  203. International Preparedness Network
  204. * Ready Nutrition *
  205. Reality Survival
  206. Red Alerts: The American Survival Blog
  207. Jeff Rense
  208. Revere's Ride
  209. Save Our Skills
  210. Savvy Survivalist
  211. Security Whip
  212. SHTF America
  213. SHTF Blog
  214. SHTF Plan
  215. The Silver Bear Cafe
  216. Simply Canning
  217. Sovereign Man
  218. Survival Gear
  219. Survival Spot
  220. Survival Tube
  221. Rawles Survival Blog
  222. Survival Blogs
  223. Survival Central
  224. Survivalist Boards
  225. Survivalist Daily
  226. Survival Magazine
  227. Survival Mastery
  228. Survival Monkey
  229. Survival Logic
  230. SurvivalRing
  231. Survival Topics
  232. Survival TTP
  233. Survival Week
  234. The Wilderness Survival Guide
  235. Survive Whatever
  236. Tactical Intelligence
  237. The Burning Platform
  238. The Covert Prepper
  239. Daily Crux
  240. The Home For Survival
  241. International Forecaster
  242. The Patriots Cave
  243. The Preparedness Podcast
  244. Preparedness Review
  245. The Prepared Ninja
  246. The Survival & Emergency Preparedness Blog
  247. The Survival Doctor
  248. The Survivalist Blog
  249. The Survival Mom
  250. The Survival Podcast
  251. Shepherd School
  252. Tribal Hawk
  253. Truth Is Treason
  254. United American Freedom Foundation
  255. Urban Survival
  256. Value Investing Pro
  257. What Really Happened?
  258. Wilderness Survival Skills
  259. Wolfes Blog
  260. Wood Pile Report
  261. Zero Hedge

? How To Survive A Gun Fight

I Am A Prepper ?


Then, in your spare time, there's always:

  2. American Preppers Network
  3. Survival Blog
  4. Off Grid Survival
  6. The Survival Podcast
  7. Urban Survival
  8. The Survivalist Blog
  9. The Survival & Emergency Preparedness Blog
  10. Doom And Bloom

The last "public" Thank You's I'll Flood you with . . .

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 @ 11:11pm

I know that some of you are still sending financial donations to the operating costs of INW Prep.  I also know that few folks want to be flooded by more emails!
So, in future, I'll post them occasionally on the front page, right side, of INW Prep's website.
That's also where advertising blocks are, so if you'd like to "Buy a Block" for $10 a month or $95 a year, please send a JPEG (in good taste) of your ad, message, etc.!

Meanwhile, My heartfelt thanks go out to

For your contributions and words of encouragement!

There are those who are not in a position to donate, but who have expressed appreviation for the site and work being done.  Believe me when I say, those words mean a LOT to me!
If you've sent a donation toward the operating expenses this past week, and I've not achnowledged it, please lert me know; there may have been a SNAFU when I posted an incorrect email for PayPal donations in the first couple of days.

I Thank and ask Blessings for You All!

Should InwPrep become a 501(c)(3) Foundation?

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 @ 4:59pm

Should InwPrep become a 501(c)(3) Foundation?
Several folks have suggested - even recommended - this.
I'm told that more good can be done for the community this way. in ways I don't even begin to understand.  Maybe some of you folks have experience or thoughts on this, and I'd sure like to hear them!


Thanks, MAUREEN & MICHAEL, so much . . .

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Friday, March 1st, 2019 @ 7:51pm

Thanks, MAUREEN & MICHAEL, so much for your Donation Envelope!  You, who give so much of your own time to the community understand what it means to me when I receive this show of appreciation.
It certainly helps with the expense put out over the years!
Blessings -

Taking our Mission to the NEXT LEVEL!

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Thursday, February 28th, 2019 @ 9:58pm

The financial and morale support you are still sending me is enabling us ALL to become the mentors we have chosen to be. 
We are now taking this to the next level in our community!  Feel free to send this posting (see link) out via your social media networks.  Do NOT post our meeting times and places, as they can and do change or become postponed!  ALWAYS refer folks to . . .
Please click:

Thanks, DEB and MARTE for . . .

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Thursday, February 28th, 2019 @ 8:36pm

Thanks, DEB and MARTE for your note of appreciation and donation.  You have so much going on, yourselves, yet reached out to me.

Thank you, KEN and DEE MILLER for your . . .

E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Thursday, February 28th, 2019 @ 8:27pm

Thank you, KEN and DEE MILLER for your longstanding and continued support!  Financially, energetically, and even opening up your wonderful property for meetings (and Dutch Oven Cooking Workshops)!
And, a personal plug:  When old wounds, farmwork or stress has me limping and crawling, Dee's the Licensed Massage Therapist (with an Angel on her shoulder, whispering in her ear) that puts me back together.  208.448.2808


E-mail sent by BG1RS 22PLINKER, Thursday, February 28th, 2019 @ 10:41am

 InwPrep thanks MANDY A. for the generous donation toward this group's operating expenses!

Thousands of dollars have been privately expended over the past dozen years; re-compensation is greatly appreciated.

This public "Thank You" is well in order.

Many Thanks and Blessings!
Russ - KI7BIV

INW Preparedness Training Community

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