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"Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire" - Dannion Brinkley, "Saved By The Light"

Without a doubt, one of the greatest inconveniences we would face in a grid-down situation would be immediate relief from pain, suffering and disease. One of the most important bits of info I can pass on to you is my continued, 25-year association with what is known as TACHYON Energy products. I am NOT a sales rep for the company, nor do I receive any cash from them. However, if you click here (please do!) and purchase something, it enables me to more affordably provide fellow members with samples and demonstrations of how well they work; to view an effective pain-relieving liniment, click: https://store.planet-tachyon.com/pain-relief-quick-solutions/panther-juice-freeze/#a_aid=HooDoo
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We are SERIOUSLY Cutting back on Meetings, Indefinitely, Due to CoronaVirus Concerns! Until further notice, expect ONLY 2nd Sundays @ Cocolalla Cowboy Church and 3rd Sundays at Blanchard Grange.

Join Our 2-Way RADIO NETWORK - No License Required. Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30PM
CH = MURS 3; Freq = 151.940

Bring your questions and comments, and we'll do our best to find answers for you. Moderated by small farmsteader Russ Spriggs ("My Prepper Coach"), NRA Instructor, HAM Operator ki7biv, 44-year Beekeeper, former Military Survival Instructor, experienced off-gridder and founder of www.inwPrep.com. All aspects of sustainable living and preparedness are fair game, including homesteading, gardening, greenhouses, livestock, communications, food & water and self-defense.

We'll create as the Group directs, and this may mean swap & sell meets, Dutch Oven Cooking, workshops, and group projects to assist fellow members. Above all, we'll have FUN as we develop COMMunications within our COMMunity!

As a common ground, we strongly suggest everyone purchase several items, all available through Amazon:
Several BaoFeng UV5R radios (that will stretch to 520 mHz) and accessories to include AA battery power-packs, stubby antennas, Nagoya 771 Whip antennas, magnetic car mount antennas with adaptor, and pole-mount house antennas with adaptor wires. We'll help you sort it out, don't worry!
Book: The Prepper's Blueprint, by Tess Pennington. Book, The Survival Group Handbook: How to Plan, Organize and Lead People For a Short or Long Term Survival Situation by Charley Hogwood.

BTW, here are a couple frequencies we'll program in for your radios: 146.420 (HAM Use only) - AmRRON Simplex
151.940 - MURS Channel 3
462.6125- F/GMRS Channel 3
Read about the Channel 3 Project and get your Call Sign at www.AmRRON.com

In a regional emergency, your very survival may be dependent upon your degree of self-reliance. “Self-Reliance” goes beyond preparedness; it also entails sustainability. History teaches that long-term sustainability includes interaction with other families, groups, villages, communities and even nations. In a grid-down regional emergency, you must interact with others.
Interaction demands communication, and we promote the use and familiarity of 2-way radios, especially hand-held "ham" units via the Channel 3 Project; see www.HooDooCH3.com. We provide some critical information for you here: http://groupspaces.com/INWPrep/forum/?bview=thread&thread_id=135353#board_post349049
Our active core group started nearly 15 years ago. This group departs from the precepts of other “preparedness groups”; our members actively seek each other out in their hometown environments, developing trust and relationships. By interacting with others within walking or bicycle range, they get to know one another’s assets and needs. In our larger group meetings, we learn and share various skills, many of which have been lost to the average modern man.

BTW, this is a tolerant, Constitutionally-minded Practical Preparedness Group. We have no room for, nor will we tolerate, political or religious bias. This is not a venting platform. Bringing up your prejudices or bias will be a sure way to be asked to leave. We may, individually or as a group, agree with your sentiments, but they have NO place in our Mission Statement. Likewise, overuse / abuse of emails to group members are not welcomed; please use the "Discussions" forum!

If you’d like to be a part of this, we invite you to join and be active in any of our monthly regional meetings, typically listed in our Calendar (scroll down, below). Guests may attend one of our meetings before signing on here, FREE, as a member. Your participation is welcomed!

Blessings -

Website: www.inwPrep.com
Contact Name: Russell S. Spriggs, NRA Instructor (www.PistolProf.com)
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Tel: 208.660.8877
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INW Preparedness Training Team

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