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Update of the Harmonised Implementation Tools

Dear Group Spaces member,

We are happy to inform you that we uploaded our latest drafts of  Harmonised Implementation Tools (HIT) and guidance documents to Group Spaces.

What has happened since our last update on HIT in July?
•    All documents were revised based on the feedback and comments we received during and after the meetings in Barcelona, Madrid and other meetings.
•    All documents have been aligned to the new programme intervention logic for the period 2014-2022.

You are of course welcome to express your opinion on this version. We will monitor your feedback. Should there be strong support for particular changes we will of course take them on board:

In response to a request by some transnational programmes to jointly work on adjusting HIT to the specific requirement of this strand, we will offer all TN programmes a workshop in February 2013. Aim of the meeting is to verify the need for a separate proposal and to agree on a common core for HIT, which all or at least the majority of TN programmes can accept.

Please note that INTERACT is also drafting guidance documents on how to use HIT and how the various tools are linked. One first guidance document is already available: INTERACT, in consultation with the Commission (DG Regio), has drafted a guidance paper on the new intervention logic (INTERACT_HARMONISED_IMPLEMENTATION_TOOLS_Programme_project_intervention_logic_draft_.pdf) giving practical examples on how to formulate programme specific objectives and indicators which have been developed in workshops with programmes.

At the same time, for Programmes that express interest in implementing HIT and adjust it to programme-specific requirements, INTERACT offers to provide support in the form of individual advisories.

Best regards,

Your HIT working group

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ETC post 2013 - Working Group on Finance Management