• How to gain massive following on instagram

How to gain massive following on instagram

Whether you are building your own Instagram follower base or working on an official account to grow a business or brand. Gaining massive following is the key to success.

There are more than a  billion users on Instagram per month with sky-high engagement. And of the overall Instagram accounts, research has shown that 80 percent are business followers, a very interesting figure that will prick the interest of every business enthusiast to grow their brand and business with Instagram. 

To get a share of the benefits on this  mega visual platform, marketers use different approaches to gather massive count of real followers, making it an integral part of their marketing approach. The following are trusted and tested ways that can be used to gain massive followers on Instagram. Without resulting to the dirty business to buy Instagram followers and likes.

Consistent posting of high quality content 

Posting good contents consistently affects engagements and follows positively, the more frequent you post is directly proportional to the number of follows and likes you get. This means more post, more growth and likewise otherwise. 

Posting frequently is a key element in the Instagram content display algorithm, regular post are giving precedence and are positioned at the top of your followers timelines.

Brands that out consistency in their content and post sharing are known to lead the way in follower counts

All good for you, consistent posting will appeal to Instagram algorithms while quality will appeal to your audience. 

Explore Instagram stories, videos and live story

Although Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform, fast forwarded into 2020, we have the world largest visual marketing channels. Boasting great feature like videos, live vidoes, IGTV and stories, handy for brand and business to create a community of Instagram followers and share ideal content to engage their customers and fans.

Today, the average engagement of Instagram videos has surpassed that of images. Also, if you go live on Instagram, you will appear real time at the front of the stories feed. You can as well schedule video time for fans to meet you online. Over 400 million users are on Instagram stories per day.

Study hashtags and use it right 

Your long and short term Instagram goal is to keep your current customers engaged and also gain massive followers. Posting relevant, interesting and high quality contents will take care of the first requirement, but to quickly move number of followers up, correctly hashtagging  your content will be of great assistance. For instance, hashtagging your photo will make it easy to finger for users searching  that particular term.

Although Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, using the right, appropriate, and correct number of hashtags requires little effort, you should note that using hashtags is completely different from using right tags. 

So, how will you do it right?

Use popularity

Search for key and popular tags that are very relevant to your purpose. Some online free tools can help you with that. 

Use relevant 

You can as well check out your competitors to see which hashtags and how thay are doing it.

Use appropriate

Trackmaven, has found that 9 hashtags are the optimal for recording highest level of engagement.

Use location 

Location specific tag can also help to expose your post to a targeted and larger audience.


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