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Word Puzzles Generator Review, Bonus

Word Puzzles Generator

Word Puzzles Generator

5-In-1 Puzzle Creation App

Word Puzzles Generator – The BEST 5-In-1 Puzzle Creation App That Helps You Make a Living Selling Books On KDP!

Word Puzzles Generator is not just another app to create puzzle books, rather its a complete puzzle book publishing suite.

It’s a sequel to our flagship product Instant Puzzle Generator…ONLY 5X BIGGER AND BETTER!

Word Puzzles Generator modules were created by me for my own publishing business. I wanted the flexibility to do changes and variation to my books so I could add value and differentiate from other books in the KDP marketplace.

After having used these 5 modules for 5 different types of puzzles for months together and improving it, we have decided to open it up for our customers so that a select group of action takers can take advantage of the KDP success monster we have built.

Word Puzzles Generator

Here Are The Puzzles You Will Be Getting…

Your customers can create stunning crossword puzzles in a matter of minutes and have them up on KDP marketplace for sale.

Double Puzzles
Give the tools your customers need to create high value double puzzles books that are stand alone in nature or can be mixed with other types of puzzle books.

Word Scramble
This is such a popular puzzle niche among kids and even among adults. The only problem is it can be a serious pain to create these. Not so if you have this brand new app.

Missing Vowels
What better way to teach the concept and use of vowels to young kids. This module of the app will make it a breeze for you to create the puzzles your customers need.

Are your customers struggling with the workflow when it comes to Cryptograms? Don’t worry, I have been there for months and created this module to make my life easier.

Check Out The Customer Favorite Features

Customize Title & Description
You have 100% control over your titles and descriptions. Customize them at will.

Quick Edit Dashboard
Quickly add or remove words from your puzzles right inside of the dashboard.

Detailed Training
We have created step-by-step detailed training videos to help you get started quick.

Download either an individual puzzle or a complete 100 page book…it’s your choice!
Download either an individual puzzle or a complete 100 page book…it’s your choice!

Use the global edit settings to download the entire books
Use the local edit settings to download individual images

900+ Font Options
Yep! That’s right! You can choose from as many as 900+ high quality fonts for your puzzles.

Multiple Layout Options
Want to change the layout for your puzzles? It’s as easy as a click of a button.

Multiple File Formats
We provide output files in PNG, JPG, PDF and even PPTX format! Ease of Use is the name of the game.

Multiple Page Numbering Styles
No detail is too small for us! You can select from as many as 4 different page numbering options.

Multiple Trim Sizes
Create your book in the trim size of your choice right inside the app. You are not limited to specific trim sizes.

Puzzle Regeneration
The app allows you to shuffle the letters to create a whole new puzzle variant using the same words.

Multi-Color Puzzle Options
Complete flexibility to choose the color of fonts and borders of the puzzles.

We are paranoid about our customer support. We have got a manned helpdesk and a community of publishers in the form of a fb group to help you get unstuck.

Word Puzzles Generator is a NEXT-GEN word search puzzle creation suite designed to help people make some serious money by selling puzzle books on the Amazon KDP platform.

Download either an individual puzzle or a complete 100 page book…it’s your choice!

Word Puzzles Generator:

Word Puzzles Generator

5-In-1 Puzzle Creation App

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