MailConversio Review


MailConversio Review, Bonus – Email Booster Suite

MailConversio Review

MailConversio Review

Email Booster Suite

MailConversio Review – First, I’ll do a detailed overview of the offer and all that it comes with plus the problem it solves, then I’ll give a highlight of all it’s features and tools.

Afterward, we’ll check out the true cost of the offer, the upsells (and if they complement the front end offer or not), then we’ll see who should take advantage of this offer.

Then the pros, the cons and finally an overall verdict.

I believe this review article will help you make an informed purchase decision and get the best deal for your money, so hang on!

Let’s get started . . .

Before we dive in, I just want to give kudos to the creator of MailConversio software!

Now, I DON’T usually do this with reviews since it’s supposed to be completely unbiased but I’ll make this a one-off exception . . .


Four reasons!

MailConversio solves a pressing and common problem every business owner with an email list is faced with.
The platform works seamlessly and it’s super easy to use
It creates an EASY TO ACTIVATE income opportunity for all its users, and finally
It’ll be biased not to give kudos for such a good job!

So, on this note, we dive in.

What Is MailConversio?

MailConversio is an All – In – One Email Booster Suite that turns Every Email Broadcast into a profit pulling machine using interactive videos, graphics and polls.

Email Booster improves your open rates and click-through rates, by adding social growth elements, conversion and interactive elements. Like Power words, Social badges, Google map, Feedback bars and Form/questionnaires etc . Just to mention a few.

By using MailConversio :

Your customers can rapidly grow their social media accounts by showcasing their latest posts.
Quickly insert interactive elements that will help your customers engage with their audience and get better feedback from them.
And MailConversio is designed to make the ‘Email Readers’ click through and take immediate action.

Top internet marketers like Matt Bacak reports he usually earns well over $500 per day from an email. He made it clear that you have only 6 seconds to capture the reader’s attention long enough to get them to open and read your email.

To get and hold attention, he uses what he calls “email boosters”. These are interactive elements that subliminally creates desired emotion, actions, and reactions in his readers.

MailConversio works for any type of business and any type of niche, as long as you send email to your audience. Whether you are selling:

Digital Products
Affiliate Marketing
Health & Fitness
High Ticket
Selling via Webinar
Product Launches
If You’re A Local Business
Large Multinational Company
Or Even A Complete Beginner!

MailConversio has 20 different elements embedded into 1. They are organized into 3 different categories

1. Social Growth Elements which includes: Twitter Post Preview, Instagram Post Preview, TikTok Post Preview, Facebook Post preview, Blog Post Preview and LinkedIn Post Preview. You can easily integrate any of these Social Growth Elements into your email campaign.

2. Interactive Elements: With these, you can quickly insert interactive elements that will help your customers engage with their audience and get better feedback from them. These includes; Google Map, Forms/Questionnaires, Polls/Votes/Surveys, Social Badges, Footer Signature and Feedback Bars.

3. Conversion Elements are designed to make the ‘Email Readers’ click through and make immediate action. They are Youtube Video Preview, Video Video Previews, Personalization Autoplay, Personalized GIFs, Progress Bars and Countdown Timers.

The best part is these elements can be integrated in over 30 autoresponders and can also be easily integrated on email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and Yahoo.
And it’s very simple to use and master. In just 3 dead simple steps, you can set up a profitable campaign

Step 1: Pick an element you want to be inserted in your email. (MailConversio instantly generates an autoresponder code)

Step 2: Simply copy the code inside your preferred autoresponder

Step 3: Click send and sit back. Watch live stats of your campaigns showing your click-through-rates going through the roof.

It is as simple as it is. But don;t let the simplicity fool you, the system works perfectly.

What’s MailConversio Really Worth?

From all that has been said, the value proposition is quite clear as it solves a true pressing and expensive problem.

If we come from the angle of sending email campaigns without conversions and sales, we are looking at paying hundreds of dollars to AR companies without any return on investment. Its complete waste of money.

But, let’s not take it that far, if you were to hire a freelancer/solo ads expert to build your list, you could easily be charged $1k to $5k . . .

Yet there’s still a bad part!

As you run your campaigns day after day, you keep paying recurring fees to autoresponder companies without any conversion.

So you see the true worth of the problem this software solves?

To be fair, I’ll have said Mailconversio is easily worth $297/Month . . . but for the added Email Writer App which opens a true opportunity to every user, then MailConversio is fairly worth $497 – $997 per month.

MailConversio Review:

MailConversio Review

Email Booster Suite

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