Instagram Restaurant Raider From Luther Landro


Instagram Restaurant Raider From Luther Landro

Instagram Restaurant Raider

Instagram Restaurant Raider

Luther Landro’s Instagram Restaurant Raider

Instagram Restaurant Raider – Restaurants are paying $500 to anyone that can set up Instagram’s new reservation system:

These same restaurants are paying $2,500/month for help managing their Instagram posts:

Rookie consultants have been using
a stolen Instagram playbook to
earn steady monthly paychecks
working from home:

Now anyone can earn quick cash
helping restaurants install this system
As well as steady monthly income
managing their Instagram posts
If you are looking for a reliable way to earn income from home, then you need to read every word in this short letter.

That’s because, on this page, I am going to walk you through the 3 simple steps that will have restaurants paying you $500 to help them install the new reservation system on their Instagram account, as well as the rejection-proof sales approach I’ve been using to book $2,500/month marketing contracts with these same clients.

This lucrative opportunity is open to anyone, all with:

NO complicated, expensive software to buy
NO cold calls, sales presentations, spamming, or dealing with sales rejection of any kind.
NO coding, photoshop, or ‘techie’ skills needed.
And NO previous experience required.
In fact, you can manage this entire business from the comfort of your home computer or tablet.

Why this income strategy is unlike
ANYTHING you have seen before
Instagram has only recently released this reservation system… It’s so new that almost no restaurants have taken advantage of it yet, and none of the big marketing agencies have started offering it to clients.

The Instagram marketing strategies on this page took me over 6 months of spying, stealing, and bribing top Instagram influencers to discover. This is the first time I am making them publicly available.

Instagram is fast replacing Facebook as the go-to marketing platform for restaurants
For years Facebook was the ultimate marketing platform for any local business, especially restaurants. A business owner could spend money on ads to build a fan page and send promotions to show up in their fan’s newsfeed.

Then, Facebook got greedy…

In an attempt to make their platform more ‘personal,’ Facebook changed their newsfeed algorithm so only posts from friends and news sources would be shown. Businesses, who already spent money on ads to build these fanpages, were told they needed to buy ‘promoted posts’ to reach their audience.

This means every business has to pay twice… First paying to attract followers to their fanpage, then AGAIN to promote posts to the fans they already paid for!

Instagram takes the opposite approach… When someone follows an account on Instagram, they will continue to see that account’s posts in their feed for as long as they stay a follower.

Restaurants around the country have been abandoning Facebook and focusing all of their social marketing on Instagram. It has become the primary way that customers interact with their favorite restaurants.

In fact… Touchbistro recently reported that 24% of people report that they check a restaurant’s Instagram before deciding to dine there… This means if a restaurant is NOT active on Instagram, they stand to miss out on 24% of customers to the competitors that are actively promoting.

Instagram’s new reservation system
creates a perfect opportunity to get hired
as an Instagram consultant for restaurants…

Instagram Restaurant Raider:

Instagram Restaurant Raider

Luther Landro’s Instagram Restaurant Raider

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