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Billy's Benefits Inlet's Tower

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Saturday, November 10th, 2018 @ 12:11pm

Dinner at Billy's Restaurant on Thursday, November 15 benefits the Adirondack Emergency Communications Tower.  Eat In & Take Out both!  20% of all sales will go towards helping us put a tower up in Inlet.  And the food is good too!

Eat some Italian from Billy's Thursday!

Notes from IABA's November Meeting

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Saturday, November 10th, 2018 @ 11:06am

A regular monthly meeting of the Inlet Area Business Association was held on Tuesday, November 6 at Screamen Eagle.  In attendance were board members: Jane Slack, Amanda Miller, Reggie Chambers, Danicia Nerschool, Adele Burnett; and others: Paul Chambers, Stephen Cole, Kim Egenhofer, Connie Perry, Carolina Gabler, Andi Smith, Lynn Durkin, Holly Koeppe, Sue Huber, Toni Rudd, Greg Rudd, Beth Kellogg, Darrin Harr, Cherie Landl, Howard Brainard, Ted Christodaro, Tera Arey, Matt Miller, and special appearance by Georgia Levi.

Jane Slack called the meeting to order and advised the group that a check in the amount of $7,327.50 had been written from IABA to Kiwanis for the One Square Mile of Hope tax money that we had received back.  This money will be used for some local and cancer related - to be determined soon by a small OSM committee.

Amanda Miller reported that other than the check to Kiwanis, nothing has changed since last meeting.

Danicia Nerschook reported that there are 48 members who paid dues for 2018, and 3 have alredy paid for 2019.  She thanked those who have paid, and those who come to the meetings and reminded everyone that now is the time to pay dues for 2019!

Adele Burnett noted that a slate of officers will be voted on during the December meeting.  She noted that none of the current officers stated they would not be willing/able to continue serving.  The floor was opened for nominations.  Lynn Durkin stated that she would be interested in the Vice Chair or the At-Large position.  A slate will be put together and presented prior to the December 4th meeting.

Darrin Harr talked to the group about his website and encouraged the group to take a look and consider advertising on his site.  Darrin rides his snowmobile as much as he can and gives accurate/honest trail reports on his website.  He is also a meterologist and can offer pretty accurate forecasts for this area.  He gets thousands of hits per day in season, and also has a strong social media presence with almost 6,000 followers on Facebook.

Lynn Durkin stated that the next Fern Park Meeting will be Tuesday, November 20 at 7:00 p.m. at Inlet Town Hall.  She said attendance has been low during recent meetings, and the committee is hoping to somehow retitalize the efforts of planning for the future of Fern Park.  There has been discussions about visiting other town parks in surrounding communities, but no progress with this yet.  She stated that Mitch Lee has reached out to several people in charge of parks around us, but has only heard back from two.  The group talked about what is currently avaialble at Fern Park, and how can people find out what is there.  They also talked about the survey that the committee is collecting information from.  The survey has been online since Memorial Day and information will continue to be collected through the winter and into spring.  If you have not done so already, please consider filling it out and sharing the link.  **Since this meeting I have added the link to the top of every relevant page on  I also made sure that Fern Park comes up on more of the activity pages.

Reggie Chambers talked about Adirondack Kids Day and how well this event went.  She stated that people had arrived before 9:00 a.m. waiting for the event to start at 10:00.  300 goody bags were given away before noon.  And 80 children (the max) were signed up to fish by 10:30.  The group talked about what a good event this is for the community, and how thankful we are that Kiwanis is a sponsor.  The event is planning to add some activities the Friday night before the event for those who already are here and to encourage others to stay the night.

Adele is working on Adirondack Christmas on Main Street and has posted a list of businesses that will be open for the THanksgiving Weekend, who will have specials and activities at their place of business, and who has contributed to the Basket Raffle.  All of this can be found at  If you want to contribute something towards the raffle, let her know ASAP!

The Holiday Open House will be on Thursday, November 29.  Downtown shops will be open and offering treats while you shop from 4:00-7:00 p.m.  And from 5:00-8:00 p.m. many home-based businesses will be set up in Screamen Eagle.  Reggie is working with both local newspapers to place ads for this event, and any shop that will be open that evening and wants to be included ($20) can contact her 315-357-3046.  A list of who is participating can be found on the Facebook event.  If you have a home-based business and want to set up a table at Screamen Eagle contact Adele 315-357-5501.

Saturday, December 8 the New York Shootout will again be held on Chip & Cindy Sauer's Track behind The Ole Barn.  New this year, starting at 10:00 a.m. spectators will be able to watch the weighing of the OEM sleds before they begin racing at 11:00.  There will be 3 food trucks for spectators, and Chip's food truck will again be set up pit side.  Kettle corn, hot sauce, and other vendors.  WBRV Radio will be set up with a live remote and each manufacturer will be represented.  Check it out at  If you want to be a sponsor contact Adele 315-357-5501 or Cindy 315-357-5598.

Inlet's Cookie Swap will be Sunday, December 9 at 3:00 p.m. in the Senior Room of Inlet Town Hall.  Bring 3 dozen cookies you baked and take home 3 dozen assorted.  Refreshments will be served.

Barnstormers Poker Run will be held January 25-26.  More information can be found on their website.

Holly Koeppe spoke about the snowshoe race she has been working on.  The date for this will be Saturday, February 2.  Tera Arey reported that unfortunately the golf club will not be available for this event.  Explaining that the water will be drained before then, and not able to be turned back on.  It was suggested to inquire about using the IVES building as a warming station.  Georgia Levi explained the process of using this building, which will be looked into.  Jane Slack stated that she would ask Kiwanis about sponsoring the event, to help with insurance.  Anyone interested in helping with this event, please contact Adele or Holly.

Frozen Fire & Lights is February 23.  Paul Chambers is collecting donations for the fireworks.  You can contact him 315-357-3046 or drop off at Inlet Information Office.  Suggestions for the 2019 Royal Couple are welcome.  The committee that determines this consists of the current royal couple, the town clerk, the supervisor and the tourism director.  There are certain activities that the roayl couple must be able to attend on that day - coronation, cardboard sled races, etc.  You can contact any of these with your suggestions.  Adele noted how last year lots of time and effort was put into the track for the 120cc races, and becasue of the weather that day, no one showed up to race, even though the track was in great shape.  Wondering if there is a way to confirm riders before putting the time into the track this year.  Adele is hoping a group or organization might be interested in selling hot cocoa and donuts at Fern Park during the Cardboard Sled Races.  Lynn Durkin talked about her success with the American Kitefliers Association (AKA).  A few members have committed to joining us during this event to help children fly some kites.  The kites come as kits that will need to be assembled.  They recommend we assemble them prior to the event, let the children decorate them before flying them.  The plan is to do the decorating in the pavilion at The Woods Inn, then fly them on Fourth Lake (weather and conditions permitting.)  The number of kite kits to be purchased and time of decorating has yet to be determined.  The AKA members may need places to stay while they are here, and maybe a meal.  It was also suggested that the IABA join the AKA.  Once a member, their insurance will cover their activity at our event.  Regular membership is $40/year.  All present were in favor of this.

The next regular meeting of the IABA will be on Tuesday, December 4.  Plans are to hold this meeting at The Little Fox.  Once confirmed, an email will be sent to all.

IABA November Meeting - Tonight!

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 @ 10:00am

The Inlet Area Business Association's regular monthly meeting will be tonight (November 6) at Screamen Eagle and starts at 6:30 p.m.

Hope to see you there!  Bring your checkbook cause it's time to pay dues for 2019.  And bring a friend!  Adele is buying beer for anyone who brings a new member!  :)

Agenda items will include:

  •  Regular Reports
  •  - Vice Chair (Tax Refund - OSM)
  •  - Treasurer
  •  - Membership
  • 2019 Slate of Officers
  • Darin Harr from
  • Fern Park
  • Recent & Upcoming Events
  •    - Adirondack Kids Day – October 6
  •    - Adirondack Christmas on Main Street – November 23-25
  •    - Holiday Open House – November 29
  •    - New York Shootout – December 8
  •    - Cookie Swap – December 9
  •    - Barnstormers Poker Run – January 25-26
  •    - Snowshoe Race – February 2
  •    - Frozen Fire & Lights – February 23
  •     - Kites
  •     - King & Queen
  •     - Fireworks
  •     - 120cc Races
  •        - Food

And anything else the group would like to talk about.

Christmas on Main Street - Please Respond!

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 @ 4:19pm

Here is what I have so far.  Working on a possible Breakfast with Santa Saturday morning.  Hope to know the status of that very soon.

If you are planning to be open or planning an activity - you need to tell me ASAP!

Good Kite News!

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Thursday, November 1st, 2018 @ 1:55pm

Lynn Durkin received exciting news from one of her connections with the American Kitefliers Association.

The email states, "I confess. I added your Event to the AKA Region 1 Report that will appear in the next (Winter) AKA KITING magazine. You are now officially an event. I guess that means that we have to be there."

Yay!  Looks like we will have kites flying during Frozen Fire & Lights!

Snowshoe Race Meeting

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Thursday, October 25th, 2018 @ 4:36pm

Holly Koppe is hosting a meeting on Tuesday, October 30 at 6:30 p.m. at her house (480 Route 28 - across from Seventh Lake House) to discuss the proposed snowshoe race this February.  

All interested are welcome to attend.  She will provide snacks and drinks.

IABA November Meeting

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 @ 9:27am

The next regular meeting of the Inlet Area Business Association will be on Tuesday, November 6 starting at 6:30 p.m. at Screamen Eagle.

Hope to see you there!


E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Thursday, October 18th, 2018 @ 4:18pm

I found my notes from the last IABA meeting, and I believe the only thing I forgot to mention was the discussion about the hanging baskets.  It was suggested that the town, the IABA and local businesses look into alternative flower displays, which would require less watering and maintenance by the town.  Dan Knuth has offered to come up with quotes on some alternative flower boxes, that businesses might be willing to purchase for in front of their shops.  The town could purchase the flowers for the boxes to keep a consistant look, and then let the shop owners be responisble for watering their own flowers.  This would save the town the expense of Parks Department employees taking time out of their day to water flowers.

Stores & Vendors Wanted for Holiday Open House, November 29

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Thursday, October 18th, 2018 @ 3:39pm

All Inlet area stores, home-based businesses and seasonal businesses are invited to participate in the 'Shop Local for Christmas' event on Thursday, November 29th 4-8pm. 

  • Holiday Open House at Inlet area business locations, 4-7pm
    Participating stores should be open 4-7pm offering specials and/or complimentary refreshments.
  • Home-Based & Seasonal Businesses at Screamen Eagle, 5-8pm
    Vendors can sell home-based or seasonal goods and services at this annual IABA event.

To get your store on the Holiday Open House location list or to reserve space at Screamen Eagle for your home-based or seasonal business email IABA: or call the Inlet Info Office: (315) 357-5501

Shop Local and Support Your Neighbors!

IABA Meetings

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Friday, October 12th, 2018 @ 10:37am

On October 2 we met at Inlet Town Hall, stuffed 300 goody bags for Adirondack Kids Day (in record time) and then headed over to Screamen Eagle where a very productive meeting was held.  I took attendance on one piece of paper, and on the same I wrote down that Lynn, Reggie made motions to accept the minutes from the last meeting, Treasurers Report has not changed from last month, and Holly, Lynn made motions to adjorn the meeting at 7:41.

In attendance were board members: Adele Burnett, Dave Scranton, Reggie Chambers, Amanda Miller (in the building); and others: Leo & Linda Fadel, Paul Chambers, Charile & Marsha Herr, Holly Koppe, Connie Perry, Julie Meeks, Tommy Hugh, Andi Smith, Lynn Durkin.  Helping stuff bags, but not at the meeting were: Jo Marsala, Mitch Lee, Sue & Phil Huber.

All the rest of the notes I took during that meeting I wrote on the agenda, which I seem to have misplaced.  So, below is what I remember from the meeting:

We talked about the One Square Mile of Hope money and the need to connect with Jane Slack and determine exactly how much money there is.  This money should be given to Kiwanis to then be distributed as OSM desires.

Lynn Durkin has continued the conversations with the kite association and there is interest in a couple of them attending Frozen Fire & Lights with a few kites to possibly fly on Fourth Lake near The Woods Inn.  The kite association suggested we purchase kite kits for the children, and that we find volunteers to assemble the kites prior to the event, then let the children decorate them, then someone from the association will help them fly them.  Lynn stated that funds would be needed to purchase the kite kits and possibly to put up the members of the kite association.  There has been some interest among the members and the businesses to help with this.  Anyone wanting to help organize this, or might want to contribute towards it, please contact Lynn or Adele.

Holly Koppe is working on what she hopes to be Inlet's first annual snowshoe race.  She has spoken with people who race, and it has been suggested to hold the race on Saturday, February 2.  This would be the day before a race held at Oak Mountain in Speculator.  Possibly locations for the race discussed were Inlet Golf Course, Fern Park and Fourth Lake.  She will reach out to the golf course as first choice.  It is hoped that wherever the race takes place, there will be a place to get warm and maybe get food.  Registrants will pay an entry fee, which will give them a t-shirt and cover costs like bib numbers, and anything left will benefit something local, possibly the Inlet Youth Commission.  Anyone interested in helping with this, please contact Holly or Adele.

Last year, we held a Trunk-or-Treat at Fern Park, prior to the Inlet Youth Commission's Halloween Parade and Party.  Our friends Jane and Walter set up an awesome display with animated decorations and a few other people decorated their trunks and they all handed out treats to the children who attended.  It was well attended for a first time, and everyone thought at that time that we should do it again.  Unfortunately, this year we would have to do it without Jane and Walter, as they have moved away.  So, my question to everyone is - is there enough interest to do this again?  Please contact Adele ASAP if you think so.

Adirondack Christmas on Main Street will be November 23-25.  Adele is working on this event and is collecting items for the Basket Raffle.  The schedule, list of open businesses, and list of who contributed towards the basket will be posted on 

Because Paul & Reggie will be heading south this winter, it was decided to hold the Holiday Open House on Thursday, November 29.  This will be the night that we hope the shops downtown will open their doors, maybe offer a treat, and locals will stroll and shop.  We will also invite homebased businesses to set up a table at Screamen Eagle for more browsing and shopping.  I will send a separate email out with details about this.

I know we talked about Fern Park, and the fact that the committe will next meet on Tuesday, October 16 at 7:00 p.m. in Inlet Town Hall.  And I know that either during this meeting or the last Fern Park meeting the opening of the mountain bike trails at McCauley Mountain was discussed.  We should all look at these trails and see what we can learn from them for Fern Park.  Their grand opening of the trails is Saturday, October 13 with all kids of stuff going on from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.  Also, Cycle Adirondacks raised $1,875 towards the water fountain installed at Fern.  It is hoped that money from this might be used towards an indoor water bottle filling station.  We also talked about collecting information from surrounding town's parks, by visiting some of them, and speaking with or surveying the employees who run them.

Dave stated that he would be puttign together a slate of officers for the next meeting, that will be voted on during the December meeting.  If anyone is interested in running for (or stepping into) a position on the board, please let him know.

If anyone remembers something important from the meeting that I missed, please let me know and I will share.


Event dates to put on your calendar:

  • October 16 - Fern Park Meeting
  • October 26 - Inlet Youth Commission Parade & Party (and possibly Trunk-or-Treat)
  • November 20 - Fern Park Meeting
  • November 23-25 - Adirondack Christmas on Main Street
  • November 29 - Holiday Open House
  • December 8 - New York Shootout
  • December 9 - Inlet Cookie Swap

Adirondack Kids Day

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 @ 5:20pm

On Tuesday, October 2, we will be stuffing 300 bags for Adirondack Kids Day.  

If you have anything you would like to share with the children that we can put in their bags, please drop it off at the Inlet Information Office prior to 6:30 p.m. that day.

We will stuff the bags at 6:30 p.m. and then move over to Screamen Eagle for a regular monthly IABA meeting.

All are welcome to join us for both!

Adirondack Kids Day is Saturday, October 6 - Details can be found at

Snowshoes, Kites & Fern Park

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Thursday, September 20th, 2018 @ 3:47pm

There has been some interest in starting a snowshoe race in Inlet.  And there is also a good momentum going with the possibility of a winter kite festival.  Anyone interested in either of these ideas is welcome to join Holly Koppe at Screamen Eagle on Tuesday, September 25 after 5:30 p.m.

The next Fern Park Meeting will be Tuesday, September 25 at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room of the Inlet Town Hall.  During this meeting we will be looking at the survey results so far, and discussing collecting ideas from other area parks through surveying those in charge of them, and visiting a few.

Hope to see some of you on Tuesday!

Holiday Open House

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Saturday, September 8th, 2018 @ 11:35am

Well that subject seems a bit early.

We are looking to see if moving the Holiday Open House a little earlier might work for those who open up their stores for a night of holiday shopping and socializing.  It has been mentioned that an earlier date might be better for some of the home-based businesses who would then be able to place an order and receive it back in time for Christmas.  We are also going to be losing French Louie and Adirondack Reader the beginning of December (they are heading for warmer weather this year) and would like to have this event while they are still here to open their doors.

The date we are looking at is Tuesday, November 27.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you know of any reason why this date might not be good.




IABA Meeting Minutes 9/4/18

E-mail sent by IABA, Thursday, September 6th, 2018 @ 4:15pm

Hi All,

Please find attached the meeting minutes from this weeks past meeting.

IABA Meeting - September 4

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Monday, August 27th, 2018 @ 10:58am

Labor Day is almost here!

There will be a regular monthly IABA Meeting on Tuesday, September 4 at 6:30 p.m. at Screamen Eagle.

Hope to see you there!

Cycle Adirondacks Was Awesome!

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Friday, August 24th, 2018 @ 11:15am

The two nights that Cycle Adirondacks stayed with us was awesome!

Thank you, again, to everyone who helped out and to the businesses who responded by either offering them something special, or by letting me know you were going to be open and welcoming them.

Today is their last day.  They woke up in North Creek this morning and rode their bikes back to Speculator where they left their vehicles for the week.

Once the organizers get a chance to recover from such a mind-blowingly well-organized week-long event that moves through three towns, they will be reaching out to us for some feedback on how we thought it went on our part of the trip.  Please give this some thought and I believe they will have a survey for me to share with you soon to collect this information for them.

I posted some photos of their time here on Inlet's Facebook page.  Cycle Adirondacks posted photos and some videos on their Facebook page as well.  Looking through their albums, UCV Day 2 is the day they rode from Speculator into Inlet, UCV Day 3 they spent the day exploring Inlet and some did rides into Big Moose and into Old Forge, UCV Day they rode from Inlet to North Creek.  Click here to watch their Inlet Recap video.

Thank you!


Inlet Fall Festival

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 @ 4:36pm

Please print, hang and share.

Thank you!


Welcome Cyclists!

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Friday, August 17th, 2018 @ 1:18pm

Attached is a sign for you to print and hang, welcoming the cyclists of Cycle Adirondacks.  If you need me to print one out for you, just let me know.

Reminder: The 230 vacationers will be riding in on Monday, August 20 starting after 10:30 a.m. and should all be here by 3:00 p.m. with the bulk of them coming in between 12:30-2:00.  They will be with us all day Tuesday, and leave town Wednesday morning, gone by 9:00 a.m.


Cycle Adirondacks Stuff

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Thursday, August 16th, 2018 @ 5:10pm

20 people showed up at Screamen Eagle last night.  Was it because I said free beer?  :)

Thank you to all who came to show support of the Cycle Adirondacks event and thank you for wanting to help make sure the cyclists feel welcome and have a great time while vacationing in Inlet.

Thank you, also to anyone who responded to my earlier emails about letting them know what time you will be open and if you will be offering any specials, entertainment, etc.  From your responses, I will be making sure the cyclists know the following:

  • Blue Line Coffee House will be open all three days 8am-8pm and will be giving little sample bags of coffee with a purchase.
  • Frisky Otter Tours will be offering 10% off rentals.
  • Red Dog Tavern will be open for dinner Monday & Tuesday.
  • Screamen Eagle will be open for lunch and dinner Monday & Tuesday with live entertainment by Alex Goettel Tuesday starting at 5:00.
  • Seventh Lake House will be open for dinner Tuesday.
  • The Woods Inn will be open with a breakfast buffet 8-10am Tuesday & Wednesday, their Little Camp Cafe open at noon (weather permitting) Monday & Tuesday, their Laughing Loon Tavern open at 4pm Monday & Tuesday, and their dining room open at 5pm. They also have free education programs at 4:30pm Monday & Tuesday, storytelling by Mitch Lee 7-9pm Monday, and live music by Gwen Tracy Band 7-9pm Tuesday.

If anyone has something to add to this list, please let me know ASAP!

There is a small group, led by Toni Rudd, working on welcoming the riders on Monday.  Mitch & Bonnie have bubble machines coming, and Toni is rounding up inflatables.  If you want to help or have ideas, find me or Toni.  Also, if you are on Route 28 any time from 10:30am-3:00pm they will be riding in from Raquette Lake - give them a shout out as they go by!

I am also looking for a few more volunteers:

Site Crew - People to help set up and tear down, unload baggage & transport upon rider requests (riders usually tip for baggage transport) This would be great for a youth group or something similar to show up as a team.  Still need:

  • 4-6 people Monday 10am-3pm
  • 7-9 people Wednesday 6-9am.

Food Crew - People to serve food, bus tables & help at recycling station.  Still need:

  • maybe 2 people Monday 5:7:30pm
  • 3-5 people Tuesday 10:30am-2pm
  • might need 1-3 people Tuesday 5-7:30pm (if the softball teams do not come through)
  • and 3-5 people Wednesday 5:30-8am.

Shuttle Crew - People to drive a Cycle ADK van to transport riders to local hotels, etc.  Still need:

  • 1 person Monday 11am-1pm
  • 1 person Monday 1-3pm
  • 2 people Monday 5-7pm
  • 2 people Monday 7-9pm
  • 1 person Tuesday 6-8am
  • 1 person Tuesday 11am-1pm
  • 2 people Tuesday 3-5pm
  • 2 people Tuesday 7-9pm
  • 2 people Wednesday 6-8am

Hospitality Team - People to man the Community Tent - be there to answer questions.  Still need anyone who wants to be there during any of the times between:

  • Monday 12:30-5:00pm
  • Tuesday 11:00am-5:00pm

If you want to see what their camp looks like at Fern Park, go on over.  Walk around, say hello.  You are welcome any time.  You can even do yoga with them 4-5pm Monday & Tuesday and 6:30-7am Tuesday & Wednesday.

Black Fly Challenge will be providing live music during dinner by Doug Green Monday 5-7pm.  Swing by and listen.

Over at their "beer garden", also known as the pavilion at The Woods Inn, they will have free educational programs Monday & Tuesday at 4:30pm presented by the Adirondack Mountain Club.  Monday will be Conservation and Advocacy: Protecting the Adirondack Forest Preserve and Tuesday will be Encouraging an Outdoor Ethic.  Both are free and open to the public.

The beer garden will also have live entertainment Monday & Tuesday from 7-9pm.  Monday will be Adirondack Storytelling by Mitch Lee and Tuesday will be the Gwen Tracy Band.  Also free and open to the public.  Be sure to stop by!

Looking forward to all of this and appreciate all your help!



Adirondack Canoe Classic looking for volunteers

E-mail sent by Inlet Information Office, Thursday, August 16th, 2018 @ 1:55pm

The organizers of the Adirondack Canoe Classic are looking for a few extra volunteers on September 7th to compliment their volunteer crews at specific locations:

+ They have a water and snack pit stop at the 6th lake end of the carry and could use 2-3 people working with Jake Edelmann the pit stop captain.  

+ They do a boat count at Arrowhead Park and could put 2 people with Pam Repak to get an accurate count.

+ They do a boat count at the Eighth Lake Campground and could put 2 people with Jan Hesbon.

+ They also could use help with the Pit Stop at Marion River Carry.

Please let me know if you are interested and I can pass this on then get back to you with specific times, etc.


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