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C&C Tech logo new.JPGHydrographic Society South Africa14.12Kb28th Aug 2019
Quick ref accounts 06062019.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa74.36Kb6th Jun 2019
Agenda for GM Jun 2019.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa176.04Kb6th Jun 2019
Amaza Surveys.jpgHydrographic Society South Africa6.49Kb24th May 2019
Underwater Surveys.jpgHydrographic Society South Africa308.55Kb29th Mar 2019
2019-03-13 09.14.49.jpgHydrographic Society South Africa1.91Mb15th Mar 2019
WHD2019 Background brief v1.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa630.6Kb13th Mar 2019
Subtech.JPGHydrographic Society South Africa62.8Kb25th Feb 2019
South_African_Navy.pngHydrographic Society South Africa45.06Kb24th Jul 2018
Underwater Surveys.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa89.87Kb27th Jun 2018
uctuppercampus Map.jpgHydrographic Society South Africa3.11Mb21st Jun 2018
Membership application form.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa156.04Kb11th Apr 2018
HSSA Constitution April 2018.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa508.4Kb9th Apr 2018
Membership application form 2017.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa156.04Kb15th Feb 2018
Marine-Data-Consultants_132794_image.jpgHydrographic Society South Africa24.49Kb14th Feb 2018
Quick ref account statement 12022018.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa72.52Kb12th Feb 2018
Spreadsheet of accounts 12022018.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa105.47Kb12th Feb 2018
Jan Newsletter.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa517.23Kb5th Feb 2018
Survey.JPGHydrographic Society South Africa52.8Kb21st Dec 2017
christmas greeting 2018.jpgHydrographic Society South Africa79.98Kb5th Dec 2017
csir[1].gifHydrographic Society South Africa5.67Kb4th Sep 2017
HN107.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa14.46Mb6th Jul 2017
About IFHS (June 17).pdfHydrographic Society South Africa441.15Kb23rd Jun 2017
De Beers Group.pngHydrographic Society South Africa8.56Kb22nd Jun 2017
De Beers Marine.jpgHydrographic Society South Africa7.8Kb3rd Oct 2016
Minutes of AGM 20th July 2016.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa403.73Kb26th Jul 2016
SAGC Rules for recognition of voluntary associations 20160515KB GISSA.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa274.15Kb21st Jul 2016
Minutes of AGM 30th July 2015.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa561.2Kb20th Jul 2016
HSSA AGM register.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa252.7Kb20th Jul 2016
AGM Quick ref account.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa69.08Kb20th Jul 2016
End finyear 2015 Quick ref account.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa68.15Kb20th Jul 2016
Agenda for AGM 2016.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa245.92Kb20th Jul 2016
NaviSuite-Navigation-and-Acquisition-course-description.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa147.35Kb2nd Nov 2015
Quick Ref Accounts 20092015.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa68.02Kb21st Sep 2015
Minutes of meeting 20112014.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa198.84Kb21st Sep 2015
Agenda GM 22092015.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa445.97Kb21st Sep 2015
Map to River Club.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa354.31Kb9th Sep 2015
Hydro2015 Reg fees.JPGHydrographic Society South Africa56.19Kb3rd Sep 2015
Cebisa Housing Agent.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa401.72Kb28th Aug 2015
Hydro2015 invite.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa1.64Mb27th Aug 2015
DSC06571.JPGHydrographic Society South Africa2.16Mb23rd Dec 2014
Letter from Russian Hydro Society.pdfHydrographic Society South Africa184.98Kb20th Nov 2014

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Hydrographic Society of South Africa NPC

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