Why You Should Choose Mozilla Firefox Over Google Chrome?

DescriptionHere's why Mozilla Firefox should be your choice when trying to protect your privacy. and maintain a healthy network and an open location.

The browser option is something really personal. I realize that people have a kind of love that they have been using for a long time Ask Microsoft, they have tried.

Let's say your browser is Chrome. As for me, Chrome is used by me. It is the fastest browser on the market. Synchronization solutions and their he supervisor is great. Chrome on my PC syncing everything is useful. Its autocomplete creates forms and so relaxing and fast inscriptions. Along with the online store programs, Chrome makes you feel as an operating system in itself. Chrome is much more than just a web browser. To top it all free! Or may be?

Google doesn't need you to pay cash for using Chrome. Would you like me to pay your information. Spy, you need to spy and stalk you.

However, it is as if someone were checking Google information and emails. Not me I really don't need to make you fear Google or fool you about what your information is like managed by Google. Google is pretty trustworthy with your information. Use your information to Serve you ads and nothing else. Your information is handled by her. Information is stored get to determine what type of ads are acceptable to you.

However, what if you don't need Google to get your information, no matter how trustworthy they are?

And a failure that submitted 500,000 users has been confessed by our Google Plus media. Is the network a safe place for information if your information cannot be protected by the names in

The market? The solution is a no. And you should protect yourself. The pages you see, the time you spend on the websites, your searches are delivered to Google. When Google is doing what is necessary to keep your data safe, putting it in a vulnerable position.

How To Protect Yourself?

The first step is to switch to Firefox. The thing about Firefox is that it comes in Mozilla, and it will Being a non-profit company Mozilla does not seek to generate profits by promoting it or using it to serve Ads and user information collection.

Mozilla Firefox is an open source effort. Which means anyone can take a look at the code and Find out what it will do and how it works.

Mozilla Firefox does not send your personal information to other spouses or their servers. That transmits small statistical information that is not intrusive, anonymous and can be used simply to improve firefox

The Firefox browser includes attributes such as Security Tracking so that certain websites do not monitor your Internet activities on multiple websites, something that Facebook really does intrusively. And, when it includes the newest enhanced monitoring protection feature enabled by default

(Along with a cross site monitoring cookie blocker), Firefox is a stone for privacy-minded users.

Is monopoly great?

If only there was a pizzeria in town. Only one. So you have to cover what the pizzeria asks you cover. And what should they put pineapple? They will only ask you to take it or leave it if whine.

But if you have two 3 or even more pizzerias in the city, the price would be controlled as a As a consequence of the competition, the grade would increase along with the pizzerias that will try to maintain. You are pleased with many different pizzas, with and without pineapples. Why are we all talking about the pizzas here?

Consider this situation. Google Chrome launches a technology for Internet development. Y your site will not work in Chrome, developers will have to cover a particular sum of cash to receive that. Since everyone else is using Chrome as an internet developer, right?

The scenario is unlikely but it is nevertheless Googley. Android is now an open source operating Google platform. However, the consumer experience in this is pleasant, largely due to Google Play services that are exclusively owned. Without Google programs and Google Play services, Android. it would be unusable, at least. But we have options if we don't like the terms and requirements for using Android. However, do we have a substitute for the World Wide Web?

Protect the Internet

Firefox is excited about protecting the freedom and will of the network. And like the browser It is the second largest, is to maintain an internet connection, our best option. Firefox has been also encouraging and encouraging the freedom of internet users and also the use of open source Internet and spy technologies.

Do you need to have an internet where ads are pushed to the throat every time does the browser open? Please note that you are the product.

You need a stand using the Firefox browser. You declare it out loud and of course it's not right monitor your on the web. You are not a digital server.

Start a shift

I'm not saying burn your PC and you want to uninstall Google Chrome. No. I have confessed that Google Chrome is a fantastic browser regarding the user experience and that I maintain it. In Also, I realize that you have become dependent. And it's OK.

You can start small. Start using Firefox if you have to do a search. Start using only Firefox. Firefox is a joy. I am not indicating a revolution that is planned. Use Firefox is possible. You are sending traffic through Firefox doing a. That can be a very simple action. However, it is a massive impact on protecting the freedom of the network and the will.

And in the event that you choose to switch to Firefox, it's not that difficult. Firefox also has its sync support It matches your desktop Firefox in Firefox on your smartphone to provide you smooth crossing device browsing experience. However, for firefox technical support do visit website

Can Firefox work?

With the latest Firefox Quantum update, Firefox has captured up to Chrome regarding rate and it also beats Chrome in some specific locations. Now Firefox might not be faster than Chrome on loading times for you (based on the web pages you get). According to Firefox, Firefox is actually slower compared to Chrome. But when we are talking milliseconds, that. We are talking about a gap. But there really is a place where Chrome is surpassed by Firefox. And with each site becoming a resource-intensive web application, memory becomes important. And when the memory begins to fill up, there is an exchange that produces extreme slowdowns.

Firefox has. Firefox Quantum consumes 30 percent less RAM. This generally means that you like a Much better navigation and net interaction.You can see how to enhance it. I recommend you try it. If you believe that your CPU and GPU work harder or don't enjoy it, you can disable it.


In a universe where the big technology companies are finding new ways to block the network (internet neutrality) and discovering ways to make money from this, Firefox has been trying to protect what is rightfully ours.

Firefox is on top of a browser. That. He hopes to keep the net open and healthy too. Cast. It needs your help. And as I said earlier, you can start small. Share this post with friends and family and invite them to try Firefox. Along with their opinions they are welcome.


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