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Weight Control And Fitness Advice For Seniors

Are you in a place where you feel like it's too late to start exercising and control your weight? Wrong, it doesn't take long to reduce excess body fat or start lacking energy, the first reason may be the latter.

Before retiring in 2000, I obtained a commercial pilot's license and was a chief flight instructor. To maintain my license, I had to undergo a rigorous medical examination every six months, so I was fully aware of the need to stay in shape and reduce my weight to reduce the chances of high blood pressure. Understood the importance of maintaining control and all the possible side effects of weight gain. I was always a little active, played a lot of golf, skated every year and enjoyed swimming and walking, so I stayed fit without any special exercise or boring diet.

However, when I retired and traveled a lot, as well as eating all kinds of delicious food, I found that my weight had increased dramatically. I really like to give it up as a natural process due to aging, but when I saw that after playing eighteen golf holes, I was not interested in nine more holes, and the stations on the ski slopes became more attractive and challenging. Except, I decided it was time to do something about it.

The crisis came when he tired Achilles' tendon while playing a friendly match. It required surgery and then casting and crutches for six weeks. It was still 2 months ago when I was able to walk comfortably without a stick, and by then my weight, mostly belly fat, had grown significantly. I was rude and tired. My physiotherapist advised me to exercise regularly and join a fitness center to monitor my diet. I spent two months going to the gym, pumping iron, crunching and clipping, throwing myself on the best treadmills for seniors and when I felt a little stronger and more fit, I wasn’t fighting the loss of body fat. I began to accept the possible fact that I was probably too old to lose belly fat.

Fortunately, someone in the gym suggested hiring a personal trainer. I did this and started a full body workout routine three times a week. While before the random transition from one exercise to another, I was now in a varied and controlled workout designed to reduce abdominal fat while strengthening muscles. . Although some time ago I did not see a real result in weight loss, but, as my trainer explained to me, it was because I lost belly fat, and at the same time I was able to build more weight. who had. Then I note that he starts to reduce muscle exercises and focus more on cardio exercises, and that's when I noticed regular weight loss.

During this time, my coaches tried to persuade me to talk to a club nutritionist, but I was always against dieting because I knew that a lot of the people who were trained, some of them were soluble in carbohydrates. There were, some of them almost hungry, and so on. . e.t.c. Almost everyone knows that I have either lost weight but regained it soon after stopping my diet, or I am depressed by depression because I am so deprived of the food and drinks they liked that they accepted the attitude that it was Better fat and content than lean and sad. So I kept eating, as I always did with quite a lot of meat, lots of fish and vegetables, and still enjoyed a pint of beer and wine with my meal.

Since my contract with the coach expired, he obviously wanted to know if I would renew it. I told him I felt that after all his best advice, I could move forward myself. They told me that even though I know the exercise routine, I don't know how best to eat healthy and especially foods to avoid and that can cause weight gain gradually, which if not checked, I'll be put back in the box. One. He encouraged me to buy two books written about his knowledge of professional trainers, bodybuilders and skilled nutritionists, which were available for download online. While reviewing several books on the subject, most of which seemed nonsense, I was suspicious, but I was sure that my coaches would not risk my reputation by recommending me unless it was something special. I followed his advice, and these books were a revelation. It contains not only all the information you need for any exercise routine, whether it's weight loss, muscle building or a big belly, but also eating healthy food and giving great advice to both men and women. It also contains information. Edge Plus is for you. I still more or less eat what I like and drink regular beer and wine for dinner.

How to Apply Visa Online?

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