Groupspace features that would be very nice to have

This is the thread to document things that Groupspace doesn't do which would be very nice to have (or which it would be nice to have an evolution of the current way)

Few things that I have noticed as we are getting up and running that are "nice to have":

  1. There is no tracker of the number of hikes attended... would be good to have a record, for those of us who are a bit OCDish about counting things :-)
  2. We had one late cancellation today and I cant figure out how to amend their RSVP.... doesnt really matter if the point above doesnt change, but also would be useful to track "no shows".
  3. No rating system, post hike or separate post hike comment (although it is possible to add to the comments in the event)

1. True - I'll ask about that.

2. Go to the Manager view of the list of attendees. Check the box beside the person you wish to change. Drop down the More Actions box. Select Not Attending.

3. No rating system, but on Meetup no-one every gave anything other than 4 or 5 stars anyway. Comments remain open, and you can also edit the description (which is what I have been doing to add the Garmin traces).

I would like to add that I'd like the option to get a notification if someone comments on a hike I posted (like the notification you will get that I replied to your post!)

I'd like to say, that sometimes I'd give a 3 stars for the rating on MU (though not often). I liked the MU site where the ratings were on the sidebar, saved wading through the comment list to find out what people thought of the route.

No. of hikes attended would be useful.

It would be nice if GroupSpaces had a smartphone app (or mobile-friendly site) so you could easily check what events you've signed up for and time/meeting point.


Go here:

Doesn't the iCal feed do what you want? (For iPhones etc - maybe one of the other feeds for other devices)

Further things I'd like:

1. A "Recent Comments" feed for the home page (like the Forum Posts one) so that we don't need to keep opening up each individual event to see if there are any new comments.

2. The ability to define mailing lists on the basis of more than one database field (e.g. Hard hikes AND weekdays OR weekends)

3. A tool that produces a "Event Leader" printout to take on hikes, with the description, the attendee list, their answers to any questions asked at the timeof RSVPing, and the comments. Ideally it could add, optionally, one or more other fields from the member database against each user (what I have mind would be phone number and emergency contact info).

4. If the event leader chooses to set RSVP Open and/or Close times then these should be displayed (perhaps optionally) on the event page.

5. Why does the image associated with an event description need to be uploaded? Why can't it be a photo already uploaded (e.g. for a previous incarnation of the event)?

6. The editor code is buggy - it is very irritating the way it continually redoes the wordwrapping (in Firefox at least). And using some of the bold, underline etc is less than clean.

7. I can see us hitting the storage limit of 2.5GB on photos (and other files) quite quickly, so I'd like that increased somewhat.

8. Some sort of review / feedback mechanism, although I think we can devise a way of working within the current capabilities which provides this.

9. An easier way to get to past events (Past Events Agenda view as a searchable list perhaps)

10. A way to ask and collect answers from people when they RSVP without triggering the confusing two-stage RSVP/Registration thing.

More thoughts from anyone before I bundle this lot up and send it to Groupspaces?

I've just sent a long email off to Groupspaces - let's see how responsive they are!

Hong Kong Hikers

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