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  • Why Is Laminate Flooring A Better Option Than Hardwood Flooring?

Why Is Laminate Flooring A Better Option Than Hardwood Flooring?

It is normal for people to get finicky when it comes to installing new floors in the house. And they are rightful in their thought because your floors play a vital role in lifting up the interiors of your homes. Therefore you must make sure to install the kind of flooring which will not only make your interiors look ravishing but also go according to your lifestyle and usage.

When it comes to choosing between hardwood floors and laminate floors the decision can be made after giving your lifestyle a thought. Where hardwood floors look traditional and elegant your laminate floors can give the same look without letting you worry about maintenance much.

The Price

Whenever you head out to buy something new for yourself or your house the first thing you ask a shopkeeper is the price of the object. Yes the price, because it plays a major role in your decision making.

If you wish to install a laminate floor then it’s going to cost you much less in comparison with hardwood floors because hardwood floors are. The reason for this is because hardwood floors are made out of real wood whereas laminate floors are a result of composite wood which is pressed together at high temperatures, and then an image of hardwood is overlayed on top of the flooring.

Easy Installation

Laminate floors are easy to install. You can install these floors yourself with a little know how whereas if you wish to install a hardwood floor you will have to hire a flooring contractor for the task because it requires a professional to install the laminate floor neatly and properly. You obviously wouldn’t want to take a risk with installing your laminate floors yourself especially when you know it’s a costly affair.

Laminate Floors Are More Fit For Different Kinds of Environments

Before opting for hardwood flooring you must consider the option that hardwood floors cannot be installed in places where the floors are partially moist. This will ruin your floors and this is why it is better to install laminate flooring in such areas because laminate floors can withstand such conditions. You can’t even think of installing hardwood floors in bathrooms because the moisture will cause it to warp and crack. A better solution is to install a laminate floor which will stay put in such areas.

The Best Option for Houses With Pets

If you have pets at home then installing a hardwood floor is a bad idea as pets can easily scratch your hardwood floors and make them look untidy and damaged. The better and most ideal option for you would be to install laminate flooring in a house with pets. This will keep you tension free as the laminate floor can withstand all the pressures which can be caused due to pets. These floors have a great resistance power against the claws of both dogs and cats which mean you don’t have to worry about your dogs or cats scratching the floors and ruining their overall look.

Heat Resistant

Apart from the fact that hardwood floors are prone to fire and you will always have a threat of your house catching fire and burning the floor to the full laminate floors can solve this problem. They are resistant to heat and another quality of laminate floors is that you can easily install a radiant heating system under your floors. Hardwood floors do not give you the space to install a radiant heating system.

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