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The Home Birth Consensus Summit brought a cross-section of the maternity care system into one room to discuss improved integration of services for all women and families in the United States. Delegates were a diverse multidisciplinary group of leaders with a passion for quality in maternity care and a commitment to work together to improve safety for women and babies across birth sites. The meeting was organized to explore diverse needs, to foster the discovery of common ground, and spark constructive action that will ultimately benefit all stakeholder groups. All perspectives and viewpoints were considered in this purposeful dialogue, while delegates explored every facet of the existing system and propose ways to move forward in the future.

This national summit of stakeholders and leaders met October 20-22, 2011 in Warrenton, VA to discuss the status of homebirth within the greater context of maternity care in the United States. The dialogue was held in good faith, was respectful, complex, and revealed multiple issues for future discussion and action. Common ground was discovered across several areas of concern about maternity care in the United States. Click here for the list of common ground statements.

This group has been formed to take action on Statement 7, which follows:


We are committed to improving the current medical liability system, which fails to justly serve society, families, and health care providers and contributes to:

  • Inadequate resources to support birth injured children and mothers;

  • Unsustainable healthcare and litigation costs paid by all;

  • A hostile healthcare work environment;

  • Inadequate access to home birth and birth center birth within an integrated health care system; and,

  • Restricted choices in pregnancy and birth.


  • Capitalize on current structures of stakeholder organizations in place including consumer, ACOG, ACNM, MANA, NACPM, (…others TBD)

    • Campaign for vicarious liability protection, non-economic damage caps, alternate no-fault economic damage funding

    • Campaign for affordable/available insurance options for HB providers and collaborating physicians

    • Develop educational strategies aimed for consumers, providers, insurers, legal professionals, and institutional risk management teams to promote change

** Please contact the Group Manager if you would like to take part in furthering this important cause.

Website: www.homebirthsummit.org
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Home Birth Liability

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