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2016 Update of Booklet for 5 week Self Help Course: Happiness in Practice
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Happiness in Practice Talk May 2012.pdf
Abbreviated script of the PowerPoint talk to the Ragged University with slide images
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Happiness In Practice (updated).pps
Powerpoint presentation for a talk to the Ragged University Edinburgh by Ray Miller (24 May 2012)
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Happiness in Practice.pps
Powerpoint presentation for a talk to the Ragged University Edinburgh by Ray Miller (24 May 2012)
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HiP Self Help.pdf
Simplified, self help version of the Happiness in Practice Course - available to all
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Mind how you go.pdf
Psychological approaches to well-being in retirement (WEA session)
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ONS Report 01-12-2011.pdf
How Happy was the UK in 2011? Read the Office of National Statistics December 2011 report.
HappinessUK Group Organizer315.49Kb3rd Dec 2011
The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale: a copy only for the interest of group members
HappinessUK Group Organizer174.67Kb13th Nov 2011
Pay It Forward_info_generic.pdf
Copy of the information booklet used on the Happiness in Practice Course but not linked to specific dates
HappinessUK Group Organizer350.89Kb3rd Nov 2011
Pay It Forward_work_generic.pdf
Copy of the workbook booklet used on the Happiness in Practice Course but not linked to specific dates
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Resilience Info.pdf
Information on how to improve your resilience - perhaps the most effective aspect of Happiness and Well-Being
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ONS Happiness Report.pdf
Office of National Statistics report, July 2011, on the potential for measuring National Happiness
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Measuring National Well-Being.pdf
Discussion paper on the Government's plans to measure Happiness - October 2011 - you can respond!
HappinessUK Group Organizer172.31Kb31st Oct 2011
What is Happiness-Quotes.pdf
Some thoiughts from the famous and infamous on the nature of Happiness
HappinessUK Group Organizer674.45Kb19th Oct 2011
Happiness as a Mental Ilness?
HappinessUK Group Organizer888.03Kb19th Oct 2011
National Mental Health Development Unit: A checklist of issues that contribute to well-being.
HappinessUK Group Organizer144.09Kb4th Aug 2011
A do-it-yourself guide to assessing and improving your happiness. From Action for Happiness.
HappinessUK Group Organizer255.87Kb4th Aug 2011

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