Meet the LGBT+ committee for 2017/18:

Connor Massey [right] - LGBT+ Officer

Hi, I'm Connor Massey (he/him) and I'm one of your LGBT+ officers at Hull University Union and in charge of the LGBT+ Liberation Campaign. My job is to make sure you are represented as LGBT+ students, make sure we keep connections with the wider LGBT+ community, lead the committee, run different campaigns throughout the year, and just make sure that your lives as LGBT+ students get better both within the union and the university as a whole. In my manifesto that I was re-elected on, I focused on three things that I want to see improved for LGBT+ students. First, I will work on improving trans rights within the university and the union, such as getting more gender-neutral toilets within the university and the union. Second, I will work on LGBT+ and international students; for some this may be their first and only time that they can be themselves without fear of arrest - I wish to reach out more to them as a whole, especially refugees. Last, I want to hear more and have more involvement with LGBT+ students who don't come to our events, as my job is still to represent those people; I want to make sure we run as a Liberation Campaign and not a society.

Emma Maguire - Secretary

I'm Emma, a philosophy undergraduate, currently serving as secretary. I have ten years of experience in local activism, including holding a position on the steering committee of a community group back in my hometown in Cornwall. I hope this time spent learning the operation and procedure of voluntary organizations will prove valuable in my position with LGBT+. I am a trans woman and prefer the use of female (she/her/hers) pronouns. 

Laurence Johnston - Treasurer

Hello, I'm Laurence (he/him). I am a second year chemistry student and the treasurer for LGBT+ this year. My job involves managing the funds we receive from the union and any additional money generated by fundraising. The budget is spent on the various events we run throughout the year as well as subsidising travel for guest speakers and working with local and national LGBT+ charities which helps us connect with the greater LGBT+ community.

Hayley Hatton - Trans Representative

I'm Hayley, the transgender representative. My role is two-fold: firstly, to represent the interests of transgender issues and peoples on the committee, in the Union, and in the University, and to drive these institutions towards embracing trans rights as they come up. And secondly, to provide support for non-cisgender and gender-questioning individuals in exploring themselves and their identity, navigating transition, accessing mental health and relevant services, and handling the unique demands of a cisgender-normative society. I also run a peer-led transgender support group every Monday, which is open to all mentioned above. Contact me for access, or any trans-related concerns you may have!

Rayan Shipton - Equality and Inclusivity Officer

My name is Rayan and I use they pronouns. I am transgender non-binary and asexual aromantic. This is my second year at the University and I am studying Creative Writing and English. On the committee, my role is to ensure that everyone is included and considered by making sure underrepresented groups have their voices heard. If anyone has any issues or comments about the inclusion in this liberation campaign, then they can contact me. Additionally, an aim I have for this year is to push trans-friendly accommodation in the univeristy, so that students don't have to encounter transphobia in their homes as I did. 

Lana Cros
by [middle] - Publicity Officer

I'm Lana (she/her), I'm a trans woman, and I am the publicity officer on this year's committee. I am currently in my final year of studying French at the University of Hull, I have just returned from a year abroad studying in Lyon, France, and I was co-chair of the LGBT+ Liberation Campaign in 2015/16. My job is to liaise with the publishing department at the union to advertise events held by our liberation campaign, advertise our events on social media, keep the website updated, and work as part of this committee to make sure LGBT+ students are represented and their needs are met. Feel free to come and chat with me in the office or at one of our events if you have any queeries, I'll be the one with the bright red hair who's probably drinking a coffee. 


Office Hours

The LGBT+ committee runs office hours several times a week during semesters. Anyone can come and pop into the office, so don't be scared! So pop by if you want to talk about how things could be better for LGBT+ students, there's an issue you wish to be brought up to do with the union or university (For example there needs to be more gender-neutral toilets) or you want advice on where to get help realted to LGBT+ issues.

A List of Office Hours will be published here as soon as it has been confirmed.

The LGBT+ office is on the first floor of the Union building, off The Retreat and near Jam Radio. Follow the red signs.

 Often we use the office in our spare time. If the light is on then usually someone is in. Just knock and enter.

 Often we use the office in our spare time. If the light is on then usually someone is in. Just knock and enter.

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Get involved

If you're interested in getting involved with any part of the Libertation Campaign be that; helping promote events or our campaigns we run, telling us what needs to be done to improve LGBT+ students lives at the Union and University, helping us at our events, etc. We are here to represent you as a community even if you don’t come to events we host. Call in for a friendly, confidential chat at one of our office hours, or join our facebook group.

Everyone is welcome, however they identify.

University of Hull LGBT +

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