End of the Year, Winning, NUS, Big Gay Week and Changing Faces.

Well it's the end of the year, and what a year we've had. Raising over £1000 and coming leaps and bounds, winning 'Best Welfare Team of the Year'. We wouldn't have been able to do anything if it weren't for any of you. The members are what makes LGBT+ worth it and helped us create the society that made us win. To all those that are leaving, good luck; and those who are staying, see you next year!


We were nominated for 'Welfare Team of the Year' in the HUU Awards by you, and we won thanks to you. All those people who helped out in Trans/gender week, came to the lecture in History month, joined us in Office hours, it was all down to you. 

Here are some of the kind things you've said: 

"LGBT used to be a very secular, closed off and difficult to approach society, the LGBT committee of 2012-2013 changed that, and made the society far more open, helpful and approachable as well as working hard to fight the stigma faced by LGBT+ people at university." 
This year the team have made a strong impact in the university and the union. Their dedication and teamwork have lead to some extremely well-executed campaigns and events which have created a legacy for the future of the committee and positively affected the lives of many LGBT+ students. On top of this they have also managed to raise a very impressive amount of funds for the group which they intend to reinvest in the welfare and future of the students."

"The reason for the nomination is Because of how much work the committee and members put in this year especially with trans awareness week :)" 
"Simply the best group of people I have ever worked with, producing some of the best outputs I've ever been a part of, from socials to fundraising. They set the trend on fundraising and provide a varied range of events for the LGBT+ community." 
"Have done the most campaigns and fundraising, are the most active society in terms of member involvement, have regular and enjoyable socials, have made the uni a better place." 
"Have done the most campaigns and fundraising, are the most active society in terms of member involvement, have regular and enjoyable socials, have made the uni a better place.," 

Now I know a lot of people helped raise the money for us to send 4 delegates to the NUS LGBT+ conference, and thank you for that. It gave us a chance to get ideas and training for next year, so we can help give you an all rounded awesome experience. 
Here are the people we sent experiences:

NUS LGBT conference for me was a such a different experience to anything else I have encountered in its range of intersectionality. While my time at the conference I took part in two workshops that will help with my running as Chair: LGBT+ next year. The first workshop that I took was ‘Out in Sport: Taking the next steps’, in this workshop I was able to obtain the skills needed to help with creating an Out in Sport campaign that LGBT+ and the VP Sport will be doing together next year. The other workshop that I attended was ‘let’s get intersectional: black + LGBT + Proud’, this workshop was a bit of a disappointment in the way that the first half of the workshop was us putting names of black LGBT activists with the correlating pictures and the second half consisted of having an open discussion about black LGBT issues on campuses. Also at the conference I ran for black student’s rep. The experience of running for an NUS LGBT committee place was interesting in the way that it allowed me to see how the NUS system works, unfortunately I did not win the place. As a hole the experience of NUS LGBT conference was wonderful in the way that I was able to meet a range of activists and learned how differently other LGBT+ groups work across the country from both Further educational and Higher educational campuses.- Adil

I had expected the NUS LGBT conference to be fun and exciting, meeting new people and of course the gala dinner, but I was surprised by how informative it was as well. After being in the LGBT community you sometimes think you know everything, but I found out I couldn’t be more wrong! For me the most interesting parts of the conference were attending a workshop called “Engagement through Communication” and also getting to meet a wide range of people, including people from FE. The workshop gave us the chance to split off into smaller groups with people from different universities and colleges, and find out what they did at their universities that had been successful. It was great to hear about what other people were doing, and also to take the opportunity to steal their ideas. Meeting people from FE really made me think about the difficulties that many FE students face when trying to become engaged in the LGBT community, and it’s something that I hope we can work on in the coming year, but increasing our engagement with Hull College. - Charlie

My experience of the NUS LGBT conference was a largely positive one. As well as providing me with information on how to make the most of my role within my own LGBT society, I felt it reproduced the safe environment of our society on a large scale. I felt comfortable being open about being transgender and using the men's bathrooms – something which I am currently unable to do elsewhere.
In regards to the lectures I attended, I was given the opportunity to share ideas with students representing other LGBT committees across the country, and acquire insight into the challenges faced by LGBT individuals in the workplace. However, I believe that the most valuable thing I gained from this trip was the experience of feeling generally confident to introduce myself to and communicate with strangers while being open about my gender identity.

Big Gay Week
The big gay week was a massive success. Starting with coffee on Sunday, then film day on Monday where we watched ‘Wilde’, discovered the subtext in ‘Rope’, and had fun watching ‘Tipping the Velvet’. On Wednesday we went to Big Fun, the adult sized play area and became children again. Thursday was spent picnicking in the park, with a visit from Andy with the massive LGBT flag. The Friday was spent with a pub crawl down Cottingham road. Thanks to all those who came (and didn’t leave me looking like I had no friends) I hope you had a good time and it set your mood for a good summer.

Changing Faces
As you might have noticed the committee page has changed. We're slowly changing over this year’s committee to next year’s one. You'll see a few new faces, some ones that were there last year and some even older ones. Adil is your newly elected Chair, with Charlie as secretary, Tim is still treasurer, Ellen has returned to be Social Sec, Sarah has changed places to be Campaigns Officer, Wesley has joined as Publisher, and Jack is still Trans* Rep. We hope you'll get to know us and that we can be as helpful as last year. 

We’re looking to improve next year so we’re just asking for 5 minutes of your time to fill out this questionnaire. We’ll take all our opinions and suggestions on board next year. If you’re feeling really passionate you can always email us at huulgbt[at]gmail.com.

Thanks very much for reading.

We hope you have an excellent summer and we’ll see you next year!

Jack & the rest of the committee of LGBT+

Get involved

If you're interested in getting involved with any part of the Libertation Campaign be that; helping promote events or our campaigns we run, telling us what needs to be done to improve LGBT+ students lives at the Union and University, helping us at our events, etc. We are here to represent you as a community even if you don’t come to events we host. Call in for a friendly, confidential chat at one of our office hours, or join our facebook group.

Everyone is welcome, however they identify.

University of Hull LGBT +

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