Our aspirations for a Green Leave!

This is written in the form of a wiki easily allowing any member to edit and create pages.  There is much that could be improved in our world and environment, by reacting properly to the opportunities offered by Brexit.


The Green Party of England and Wales has a Europe (sic) policy which is clearly sceptical of many of the features of the EU. You can find this at https://policy.greenparty.org.uk/eu.html ; The one key advantage the Party sees of the EU is the 'right' to freedom of movement.  The Green Party's migration policy is at https://policy.greenparty.org.uk/mg.html ; More tactical policy has been highly supportive of the EU. The party conference and leadership is currently so keen to support British membership of the EU that it is willing to contemplate a compromise of the party's independence with the idea of a 'Progressive Alliance'. This would see Greens standing down in favour of Labour and Lib Dem candidates that were willing to vote in the Commons against Brexit.

Our role

Greenleaves exists to offer a Green and Left alternative view which is representative of the sizeable minorities of Green and left supporters who voted to leave in the 2016 referendum.  We try to offer leadership in this difficult time.  We stand against the sectarianism that has driven some from this movement for their support for Leave.


We stand square against those groups of remainers such as New European that are determined to refight the referendum.  We are particularly opposed to vote for Europe who are seeking for a mass tactical vote at future general elections for retaining EU membership.  http://www.voteforeurope.org.uk/

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Green Leaves

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