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Green Leaves believes that a Greener more Sustainable UK can be achieved through the UK leaving the European Union

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GreenLeaves: Data Protection Act

E-mail sent by Leslie Rowe, Saturday, 12th May 2018 @ 7:08pm

Dear Supporters,

Due to recent EU legislation, we are obliged to ask you to confirm whether or not you wish to remain on the Greenleaves mailing list. Please will you reply to this e-mail before the 25th May 2018 to confirm or otherwise that you wish GreenLeaves to keep your contact details on our database. (No other information is kept in our records).

It would also help if you copied your reply to me personally at lesliearowe@yahoo.co.uk

If you do not reply, we are obliged to remove your details from our database. I am hoping that enough supporters reply in the affirmative to keep GreenLeaves ticking over, until the fight to save Brexit begins again in earnest. With this incompetent Tory Government, expect to be on the barricades sometime late in 2018, so it would be good to have your continued support until then.

We thank you in anticipation and for your support during the EU referendum campaign.

Leslie Rowe
Financial Secretary

Time to take Action

E-mail sent by Leslie Rowe, Tuesday, 20th March 2018 @ 12:09pm

Message from Leslie Rowe.

The time to take action to avoid the Tories selling out the country over Brexit is now. Please share your own views of a Green Brexit with your friends and neighbours. We need a Green Leaves action group to take our view forward.

If you are interested in more direct action please get in touch.

Please see our facebook page and add your ideas and comments (https://www.facebook.com/greenleaves2016/)
We need social media experts on other media like snapchat.

Many thanks for your past support: but we need to repeat the campaigning we did in 2016 or we will see the Tories sell us out once again.

Down to the Wire - Conference agrees to Amend not Oppose the EU Repeal Bill

E-mail sent by Leslie Rowe, Friday, 13th October 2017 @ 11:39am

Conference would not be conference in the Green Party (of England and Wales GPEW) these days, without an establishment motion attacking Brexit, preferably with as little debate as possible.

If you were looking for policy initiatives at the 2017 Autumn conference this week, you would have been disappointed. Interminable debate on internal structures, but no debate on the situation in Catalonia or North Korea. Indeed emergency debates, including a motion by me criticising the failure of the EU to sanction Spain over its contravention of the European charter of human rights in Catalonia, were hidden away on the BACK of the notice board, so few received the minimum 50 signatures.

The establishment did manage to get a new device called a "Late Motion" into the final agenda, titled "Campaigning against the EU repeal bill".

A confused motion, it simultaneously called on GPEW to oppose, suspend and amend the EU repeal bill. The EU Repeal Bill does two things. Its primary objective is to transcribe EU law into UK law. Its secondary objective is for the Tories to enact the "Henry VIII" proposals to use fast track statutory instruments, so that Tory ministers can make all the decisions on Brexit.

I attended the workshop on the motion and helped to convince the meeting to propose an amendment deleting the call for a campaign to oppose the bill, but keeping the call to amend the bill to take away the Tories' power grab.

But when would this motion be discussed? No one knew. Standing Orders committee told me that it was "unlikely to be called". The final day of the conference (Tuesday) was sparsely attended compared to the weekend. The final business of the day was a plenary session mainly looking at "A" motions (reports from committees): as dull as ditchwater: people drifted off to catch trains. The plenary session was due to end at 3.45 pm. At 3.40 pm, the chair of the meeting suddenly announced that the "Late Motion" would be discussed. Luckily there were enough people in the room to propose the agreed amendments, except for one.

So it was down to me to propose the final amendment to the final paragraph to replace "oppose" with the word  "amend" :

"Conference instructs the GPEX campaigns coordinator to develop a campaign in conjunction with the Party's parliamentarians to "oppose" the EU Repeal Bill".

ALL the amendments were passed. So conference has spoken. Our "parliamentarians" are instructed NOT to oppose the EU Repeal Bill, but to "amend" it to remove the "Henry VIII" powers. If our "parliamentarians" do oppose the bill, then they will be thwarting the will of conference.

Interesting times...

Leslie Rowe
October 2017

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Join Us!

By Mark Hill on 19th February 2017

It is simple to join Green Leaves - please use the link below.  You need simply to confirma few personal details and that you are a Green Party member or supporter and that you support the idea that the UK should leave the EU.


Baroness Jenny Jones wants Brexit powers controlled by Lords

By Mark Hill on 19th February 2017

Baroness Jenny Jones has published an online article to explain her attitude to the forthcoming Great Reform Bill.  Article in Left Foot Forward

Green Leaves

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