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Green Leaves believes that a Greener more Sustainable UK can be achieved through the UK leaving the European Union

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Brexit groups reaction to the deal / GreenLeaves reaction to the deal

E-mail sent by Mark Hill, Tuesday, 29th December 2020 @ 7:13pm

Dear all,

I have just come out of a meeting of other Brexit campaign groups that have evaluated a report on the 'Deal'.  The report was long and technical in nature.  I'll forward it to whomever asks.  The presenter of the report went into considerable detail.

The problems that we discussed included: Lack of a services deal; Combined defence procurements preventing the UK gov from favouring (say) UK shipbuilders; Financial Services losing Euro settlement trade through 'Target2' clearing system; harsh and complex fishing rules, no services deal, and all the other bits of unfinished business. There was much talk about the City's Euro business and how tricky Debt control of the system's Eur1tn overall balances mean that the clearing system cannot be used by non EU firms.  Defence and fishing were also big topics.

According to the reporter one key advantage of the deal is that the UK can serve one year's notice on any part of this agreement to delete parts that do not work.  Overall the reporter supported the deal as being a resolution of the indistinct relationships which itself can be legally changed.  And it avoids the immediate threat to the economy and employment that would have been caused by 'No Deal', even if in the long term it limits UK freedom of action. 

Based on what I had heard from GreenLeavers I said that fishing is a key issue for us.  Greens want to stop the EU supertrawlers clearing the seas especially in UK Marine conservation zones. 

I said that we need to be clear if we, the Brexit campaigns, support this deal in principle, even if we have criticisms.  We need to be able to say that this matter is now resolved.... or we are going to continue to campaign. 

The reaction was that the Brexit campaigners as a group doesn't support the deal as such even if some of the participant groups within it do and others don't.  The deal is done.  It could have been done better.  Our agenda should be to 'Work to make it work'. Set about to deal with it using the facilities inside the treaty to amend it.  In particular the Coalition decided to focus on the auto renegotiation of Level Playing Field in five years.


There is a Political aspect as well as a business / commercial one.  Politically this agreement should settle the matter.   But then this will only last until it is next unwound. Political parties change, there could be an election. An alternative government could be binding us back to the EU This could be done by a new Labour SNP LD government. It could even be done by a new Tory government.  With more conventions, more one-off agreements we could end up largely subject to the EU, without being members. 

I want to raise the cost of salami slicing like this.  Therefore in principle I think that GreenLeaves and the left should support the fact that there is a rational deal even if there are parts that we dispute. 

Mark Hill

GreenLeaves: The deal Yes or No?

E-mail sent by Mark Hill, Monday, 28th December 2020 @ 2:23am

Dear all,
OK so perhaps the most important email from this group. 
A simple question. Do we agree with this?

There are lots of reasons why we might not agree. 
Fishing rights being removed from UK ports, abrogating parliamentary timescales, sovreignity, ECJ overrule, Animal rights, discriminatory external tariffs, migration that discriminates pro white anti black, ... all the rest of that technical stuff.

And I ask why might we agree?
Being diplomatic; support for European Green Parties, end of the nightmare, chance of making nice with Scots, giving UK exporters support and continuity, accepting EU animal welfare standards, fear of economic damage, supporting UK farmers wanting to export lamb, UK aviation and UK cars?

Or perhaps we should be about giving the UK Green europhiles sufficient of a figleaf to allow them to accept what had already been decided by a democratic referendum (that they had themselves called for)? 

Or perhaps not.  But I need to be able to relay the views of this group within a few days.  So please come back to me shortly.

The 'deal'? Yes or No?

Please be quick.

Mark Hill

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By Mark Hill on 19th February 2017

It is simple to join Green Leaves - please use the link below.  You need simply to confirma few personal details and that you are a Green Party member or supporter and that you support the idea that the UK should leave the EU.


Baroness Jenny Jones wants Brexit powers controlled by Lords

By Mark Hill on 19th February 2017

Baroness Jenny Jones has published an online article to explain her attitude to the forthcoming Great Reform Bill.  Article in Left Foot Forward

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