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Green Leaves believes that a Greener more Sustainable UK can be achieved through the UK leaving the European Union

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Urgent motion for Autumn conference: please act now!

E-mail sent by Leslie Rowe, Saturday, 15th July 2017 @ 9:09am

If you are a member of the Green Party of England & Wales, please support Michael Gold's motion for the Autumn conference. In particular note the SOC comment under the motion for registering your support and please do it ASAP.
Just follow this link and register as a supporter.


Tomorrow is about our Future

E-mail sent by Leslie Rowe, Wednesday, 7th June 2017 @ 11:36am

There is only one message worth sending today: make sure you vote tomorrow (preferably Green, but tactically if you need to), encourage all your friends and family to vote and please, for the sake of the NHS and the environment, please don't vote Tory!

GreenLeaves Election Special

E-mail sent by Leslie Rowe, Wednesday, 31st May 2017 @ 12:06pm

Can I welcome our new members and apologise for the wait: I have been travelling in Europe!

This election continues to be a difficult one for Green Leavers. For those of you tempted to vote for the Tories, purely on their promise to go for a hard Brexit, can I suggest two things?

First, when have the Tories ever kept their promises?

Second, you will have noted that Theresa May is too scared to debate with Jeremy Corbyn and Caroline Lucas in public. How is she going to be fare against Machon and Merkel? For all his bluster, Corbyn is at heart a Euro-sceptic. I trust Keir Starmer over Boris to negotiate details, anytime. And where will the Tories leave the environment, if they win? Follow Trump out of the Paris agreement?

I think the case for voting for Green values at this election is overwhelming, as is the case for tactical voting, because of our undemocratic electoral system. But hey, who am I to say? What do you think? Online debate?

Finally, whatever you do, ensure you vote and vote for what YOU believe in. And get the young folk in particular to get off their backsides and vote. Remind them that people died for their right to vote.

Yours in solidarity,

Leslie Rowe
Treasurer Green Leaves

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Group News

Join Us!

By Mark Hill on 19th February

It is simple to join Green Leaves - please use the link below.  You need simply to confirma few personal details and that you are a Green Party member or supporter and that you support the idea that the UK should leave the EU.


Baroness Jenny Jones wants Brexit powers controlled by Lords

By Mark Hill on 19th February

Baroness Jenny Jones has published an online article to explain her attitude to the forthcoming Great Reform Bill.  Article in Left Foot Forward

Green Leaves

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