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Green Leaves believes that a Greener more Sustainable UK can be achieved through the UK leaving the European Union

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GreenLeavesext events

E-mail sent by Mark Hill, Wednesday, 13th March 2019 @ 9:54am

Dear All
Our next events are as follows:
Today Wed 13th March 4-6: lobbying outside the Commons for the 'No Deal' vote
Thur 14th March 4-6: lobbying outside the Commons for the 'A50 Extension' vote
Sat 23rd March 1 - 5pm: leafleting the Peoples Vote demonstration
Fri 29th March 1 - 5pm: participation in the Leave Means Leave demonstration
Sat 30th March 10 am: meeting to either celebrate or to decide what to do next!  Please email in and we will tell you the venue.

Please call Mark or Leslie if you would like more details - it would be great to see you.

GreenLeaves: Action required!

E-mail sent by Mark Hill, Tuesday, 29th January 2019 @ 2:19am

Dear all

The most momentus few hours of this whole campaign are now upon us.  There could easily be a defeat for the Peoples Vote campaign later today when their article 50 extension amendment fails.  With Theresa May's deal already dead - that leaves people like us in the driving seat.  Those of us that wanted to leave will finally get our way.  We have the initiative.  We have to offer the positive vision.

Some of us will be demonstrating at the Commons.  If you are free in the afternoon and make the journey please feel free to come and join us. 0795-7176355

But if not please join in on social media to make a positive call for an Independent trade policy.  What is it that you would like to see?  An end to live animal exports?  Removal of protectionism against third world?  Localisation of tax policy?  Remove tariffs from items that we import but that we don't make?  Restore parliamentary oversight of these powerful trades treaties?  Save the £39bn? End CAP and CFP? Restore VAT policy to UK?

Now we need the voices.  We are unifying around the hashtag #indyref

Please join in!

We tweet at @Greenleavesorg
#GreenLeaves #glvlog #lexit
Twitter https://twitter.com/GreenLeavesorg @GreenLeavesOrg
Blog https://leslierowe.blogspot.com/
Web https://Green-Leaves.org/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/greenleaves2...
Green Lexit Blog https://theblueanchor.wordpress.com/

Mark Hill


0795-7176355 phone


GreenLeaves: your views on the latest developments

E-mail sent by Mark Hill, Saturday, 15th December 2018 @ 3:55pm

Dear All,

We have very few takers for a meet up tomorrow.  However alot of you have been in touch.  The consensus of emails and telephone calls that I have received are calling for JustLeave or CleanBrexit.  Nobody wants to support Theresa May's deal. 

If we are faced with a Peoples Vote as elaborated by Caroline Lucas, we will have to decide to either vote for Thersa May's plan, or stay in the EU.  Your reactions to this scenario have been either despondancy, opposition and or even anger. 

We are in communication with the wider campaign against the Prime Minister's Chequers proposals.  The consensus there is that the May offer is a Fake brexit.  They are stuck inside an MP lobbying operation.  They would like our suggestions. 

I am very keen to hear from you if you have a particular angle that you would like me to take to the wider campaign.  JustLeave or CleanBrexit are the hashtags I am using on Twitter GreenLeavesorg.  Leslie meanwhile is doing stuff on facebook. 

Please do feel free to phone or email. 


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Join Us!

By Mark Hill on 19th February 2017

It is simple to join Green Leaves - please use the link below.  You need simply to confirma few personal details and that you are a Green Party member or supporter and that you support the idea that the UK should leave the EU.


Baroness Jenny Jones wants Brexit powers controlled by Lords

By Mark Hill on 19th February 2017

Baroness Jenny Jones has published an online article to explain her attitude to the forthcoming Great Reform Bill.  Article in Left Foot Forward

Green Leaves

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