• Smart Ways to Stay Comfortable When Sleeping Outdoors

Smart Ways to Stay Comfortable When Sleeping Outdoors

The concept of bringing sleeping bags when camping out is to give you warmth when sleeping; but not all sleeping bags can do that, especially when you are camping out during winter or early spring. So, to help you out to feel comfortable, even in an uncomfortable sleeping situation during camping, here are some smart ways on how to stay comfortable when sleeping outdoors.

1.    Choose the right sleeping bag

The primary key to get comfortable when sleeping outdoors is using the best sleeping bag for hiking and camping, which mean you have to pack-up a sleeping bag that will fit you and will keep you from frostbite or any conditions caused by extreme temperature.

If you are a beginner, here are a few more tips on how to get the right sleeping bag for you:

•    Know what type of sleeping bag that will fit you – There are several types of sleeping bags; one is a rectangular-sized sleeping bag, the other one is a semi-rectangular sleeping bag, and the mummy type of sleeping bag.

•    Choose according to the right temperature ratings – Temperature ratings are essential values of sleeping bags that you need to determine to get comfortable even in a critical weather; all you need to do is get information on what will be the least temperature that you will experience at the designated camping area and subtract it with 10 degrees temperature. The result will be your temperature rating and your guide which sleeping bag you should purchase.

•    The materials used to manufacture the target sleeping bag – There are several types of sleeping bags, but the most common is made from down and synthetic. Both provide quality warmth and comfortability, however, only a few brands are consistent; you may read some reliable sleeping bag where best views are.

2.    Create heat from other sources

If your sleeping bags are still not enough, you have to add heat from other sources such as:

•    Eating food before hitting the bed – Food with complex carbohydrates like the energy bars is an ideal food before sleeping during camping. It provides stable energy and heat to the body.

•    Warm up a little – Light exercises before hitting the bed, can help your body produce enough heat and energy. However, do not overdo it, because it will only make you feel uncomfortable.

•    Cuddling – The best way to defeat cold inside the sleeping bag is to cuddle. However, if it is impossible, it would be nice to get close to someone while in a sleeping bag, to create heat.

3.    Always wear thermal clothes

If you are hiking or camping out on a cold wintery day, make sure to wear thermal clothes. Also, do not forget to double up your socks; it will add the heat to your body. Additionally, you may use your thermal bottle or bag to add heat to your sleeping bag.  

Final Thoughts

Sleeping bags are essential for hiking or camping equipment that will give you enough warmth and comfortability when sleeping. However, during critical weather, these bags are not enough to keep you warm. So, plan ahead what are the things that you will bring during outdoor activities, and that includes equipment that will make you feel warm when sleeping outdoors.


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