Humanitarian Projects


The following projects can be initiated when the Foundation is fully funded by the receipt of funds 

  • Poverty and homeless reduction in York and surrounding area - such as the Arclight project, The Trussell Trust Food Bank, York child poverty action group, the Young Foundation; Shelter and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.
  • Compassion in World Farming: a charity based in the UK campaigning to end factory farming.
  • Retreat Centre - to be established in Yorkshire, based on the Tree of Life retreat centre (Dr Cousens). This will include Soul Therapy & Pyramids, Ascension chambers, new education programs along with research into all kinds of healing and energy technologies.
  • The I Am That I Am Foundation: set up to fund a worldwide program of ascension stargates and portals to establish New Jerusalem.
  • Skellig Michael Foundation: set up to fund activation work, pilgrimages and other similar activities.
  • Practical Action: simple technology for the Third world
  • World Wildlife Fund and similar charities - conserving endangered species
  • Orphanages worldwide - for example: in Johannesburg (Abel Govender) and Paralakhemundi, Gajapati, Odisha, India (Stella Anita FB)
  • Environmental projects - Bless the Water program, Yorkshire Water transformation, the Blue Fund to clean up the oceans and many more in the UK and worldwide; and of course greening the planet - Trees, wild flower meadows and bee keeping projects.
  • Pool of Light Healing Trust: a UK registered charity set up to fund Healing with Light. This will be the vehicle to assist light workers worldwide.
  • QEG Free energy device - Provide finance to the QEG academy to design, build and commercialise (including marketing) of Free Energy devices.
  • Organisations raising the frequency of Human Consciousness worldwide: Institute of Divine Potential, Children of the Sun, Buddha Maitreya and Shambhala.
  • One Earth Nation - a free state based in Yorkshire.
  • Peace missions - Supporting the Peace Pole project worldwide through funding the creation of Community Peace Projects (like Ashland CPC) in Yorkshire.
  • Funding research at York University and York St Johns into
    • Energy healing techniques - e.g. acupuncture, shambhala healing tools, brainwave optimisation, radionics, bio-energetic field transmissions
    • New agricultural methods - based on the old systems such as free range animals, unpasteurised milk from grass fed cattle, 
    • Breakthrough energy devices such as Quantum Energy Generators based on Nicola Tesla’s ideas.
    • Underwater archeology
    • Natural Law
    • Reversal taxation economics
  • Electric cars and bicycles for York.
  • United Nations project - to make a gift to the United Nation in Geneva for building projects. Set up a Planetary Service group as a Specialised Agency of the United Nations.
  • Education trust for Indigo children
  • Ocean cleanup - make contribution to the Ocean Cleanup project to clean up the pollution in the oceans.
  • Bokamaso: for improving agriculture and the general well being of the people of  South Africa living in the lands of the King Mashilo
  • The Kingdom Foundation: based in Gambia and elsewhere. It will create hubs around the world to distribute funds to accredited projects administered by The Pastors Institute.

Emphasis will be given to job creation in all these projects.

The latest complete list of projects can be found at the attached file.


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