Blue Avians

The main obstacle to manifesting the Kingdom/Queendom HERE and NOW has been the "Cabal". The Sphere Being Alliance ( or Blue Avians) has sucessfully countered all their plays to continue their dominate and control agenda.

Here is a quote from their website

The Sphere-Being Alliance is fighting the current controlling elite known as the Cabal or Illuminati who exist on Earth at this very moment. There are events and battles occurring above our atmosphere involving the Secret Space Programs and Break Away Civilizations. The people of Earth have been in debt slavery, mind controlled, sickened, and lied to in order to control the masses. We have had technologies suppressed from us that would change our lives. The Alliance is here to help humanity evolve out of this lower frequency. It’s time to know our rights, who we truly are, and what we need to do about it. These technologies would immediately collapse the world economies and make the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System of no use anymore. It means the Loss of Control of the .01% (Elite) over the Masses and a complete Paradigm Change.

Please check out the website - Sphere Being Alliance (also know as the Guardians) for more information

Please watch David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos youtube channel at

Gateway to the Kingdom

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