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How to improve your marketing strategy with Google Analytics?

Posted by Ariana D'Souza, Friday, 13th September 2019 @ 1:54pm

  • Google Analytics offer us such an amount of accurate data that, well analyzed, will increase the effectiveness of our website and the profitability of digital marketing and online advertising campaigns.
    Needless to present Google Analytics, the Google statistics tool , because the tool is well known, but do we know how to use it beyond the most basic details? Are we harnessing their full potential? Most likely, not because, according to several surveys, 80% of companies are using Google Analytics incorrectly or poorly.
    How to improve your marketing strategy with Google Analytics?
    Regularly reviewing the visit reports offered by Google Analytics is not enough. We must analyze in detail the data that this tool gives us, to interpret them and make the necessary modifications to our website and digital marketing campaigns, with the aim of capturing more potential customers and converting them to customers according to a conversion funnel designed to perfection.
    And how to do this  analysis and interpretation work ? Fortunately  Neil Patel has created a very illustrative infographic with a summary of the steps we should follow. The infographic is in English but since Xplora we have prepared a summary and conclusions that we show you at the end of the article.
    Another very useful infographic, and in Spanish, is that created by Attachmedia's colleagues :
    How to improve your marketing strategy with Google Analytics?
    Conquer and position your website on top of Google!
    Without trap or cardboard; We develop realistic web positioning (SEO) campaigns on Google and other search engines, with our feet on the ground, faithful to the profile of your company and with results that give results.
    Let's talk about your SEO!
    Increase organic traffic using SEO reports and landing pages.
    The reports will give you detailed data on the rankings of your keywords, clicks and impressions .
    With this data in your hand you can know the most searched keywords (those in which there were more impressions) to modify the landing pages making them more attractive against those searches, improving the titles of the pages and their descriptions, and thus achieve more clicks
    In this phase it is also key that you search and know the perfect keywords for your business .
    Increase organic traffic using traffic sources; Keyword reports
    Identify the 10 keywords that are giving more traffic to your website, to develop a “non-invasive” strategy by  placing these keywords as ALT texts of the images or in their file names, in the titles of the pages or descriptions, such as Link anchors, or simply created more content based on those keywords.
    It is important to remember that we should not abuse these techniques because we could be penalized by Web search engines, because it could be confused by a Black Hat SEO techniques .
    Spend more time increasing traffic from major traffic sources.
    Increase your presence and dedication in those Web pages, social networks or communities that are really working, either with major updates, answering questions, providing interesting content, enhancing the conversation or looking for new ways of collaboration.
    It is what is known as a linkbuilding strategy .
    Achieve a winning digital marketing strategy with Google Analytics
    Produce more content related to the most popular content on your website.
    With the Google Analytics reports you will be able to know the most visited contents of your website to develop a content marketing plan , according to the real interest of your visitors.
    Analyze visit reports.
    In these reports you can find the optimal days and hours in which major visits are obtained and from what social networks.
    Program a strategy, according to these and other interesting SEO metrics that Google Analytics offers you, to enhance these valuable sources of traffic.
    Use Google Analytics to increase your conversion ratio.
    Divide report data by source, location, device, etc. and highlights that traffic on landing and conversion pages.
    Analyze at what point and section visitors leave your Web page, detect the major sources of your bounce rate (key in SEO!) And identify and eliminate bottlenecks from it.
    Use Google Analytics to improve your online marketing
    Optimize your website for mobile devices through mobile reports.
    Analyze if visits from mobile devices have lower conversion rates or time on your website than the rest.
    If so, use that data to assess whether the usability of your Web for mobile devices can be optimized by following the advice I offer from other articles:
    Does your website pass the mobile experience tests?
    What is Mobile First and how does mobile Web design affect SEO?
    What to do when designing mobile web pages
    Tips for creating effective web pages for mobile phones and tablets
    Customize content and offers using audience reports.
    Identify which segments of your audience prefer specific types of content and offers.
    Create a custom Web experience for that target using Copywriting techniques .
    Use custom reports to assess specific details.
    Have you launched a new product? An offer? An advertising campaign? A collaboration? Make custom Analytics reports to assess how it is working and what can be improved.
    At this point, performing A / B Test tests to analyze the operation of that content for that specific audience would be the key!
    Become Visible! Start climbing positions on Google!
    Do you want your potential customers to find you, before your competition, when they search for your products or services on Google or other Internet search engines?
    Let's start your SEO!
    Conclusion: squeeze Google Analytics to develop your strategy!
    Google Analytics, squeezing well to its full potential, can do wonders for your business, whatever the sector.
    But the reality is that it takes time , sometimes even to make reports and analyze them in detail 3 or 4 times a day to develop the corresponding modifications on the website depending on that strategy.
    That is why we have studies like GSS Webtech from where we offer  SEO Web optimization services  where experts will  squeeze the full potential of Google Analytics and your Web page .
    Are you ready to improve your marketing through Google Analytics ? Contact us and we help!

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