What We Would Like To See In Future Versions


- Insert (wav file or similar) dictation markers into a Visit Note to permit non-Dragon seemless dictation.  Other vendors have this technology.
- Have dates of PMHx carryover, like they do in Past Surgeries
- Able to manipulate order (not just alphabetical) and appearance (e.g. boldface etc) PMHx, Surgery, Medicines, and Allergies.
- Have multiple "pages" in a record open at one time: for example the profile, chart notes, and incoming notes all open at once:  Important results could be profiled while important comments could be made in a chart note.
- Create a tab in tasking that allows the user to copy the entire tasking string into a chart note. Maybe it could be similar to the "process and complete button" except it will state "process, copy and complete" or something like that.
- Allow formating in gOffice.  More specifically:  Bold, underline, italics, all caps, maybe even color font.  This would allow us to focus attention of the reader of our notes (ie referring provider).
- Allow review of notes from outside source to (1) create a chart note; (2) create a diagnosis and/or problem list in the profile.
- Sharing of macros/letters/other similar items between gMed sites without having each center build them from scratch or try to copy them (especially for letter, ribbons, macros).
- Fix inconsistencies, such as Surgical dates coming into Visit Note, but PMHx dates not.
- Have configurable ability to bring social history "notes" into Visit Note
- Have configurable (individidual user preference) on how the profile pops up; meaning some users might want it to always pop up (in full) when entering a pt chart; others might want it as is, where you have to click on it to see it.
- Have the order of things in the Profile follow the usual order (which is followed in the visit note, for example).
- eRX's coming in from pharmacy and easier way to get back to the Rx-request (after going into the chart) than having to go back to the MyActivities dashboard.
- Addendum to office note preserves formating (e.g. Paragraphs)
- An "out of office" type reply that could be turn on for TASKS when someone is on vacation/out of office.  Ideally, have it bounce back to the sender and ask them if it can wait until their return on X date, or do they want to reassign to someone else.  This is a huge problem in our office, with tasks being sent to nurses/docs who are on vacation, and our office manager has to police the task list because of this.
- Allow orders to be automatically generated from letters.  For example, if a send a letter stating, colonoscopy needed in 3 years, I now have to separately create a task, follow-up order, or recall to ensure that this is happening.  This should be automated not only for procedures, but also any order that might arise within letter (ie further studies, repeat labs, etc).
- In our practice, the GI attending in the clinic co-signs the visits by the mid-levels (for billing purposes), but the primary gastroenterologist reviews that note for clinical content, typically with an addendum.  In current structure, addendums can only be signed by the responsible party for the note.  Can this be fixed?
- Separate "GI PMHx" above the PMHx so that the GI issues are more obvious.  Since it is alphabetical, I find the GI issues get lost.  We work around this in our practice by using "*" or "-" or numbers in front so that the GI PMHx items are brought to the top.
- Ability to edit the TITLE of a chart note written by someone else.  I find that a nurse or other doctor might write a chart note on one of my patients, and they don't put a very intuitive title to the chart note, and after reading it, I wish I could change it to something more useful for myself (so that I know whether I should/shouldn't waste time in the future opening it).  
- Chart notes that open in tabs like Visit Notes and that are easier to read (wider).
- Direct Messages - Ability to reply to sender
- Ability to consolidate CCD more completely(currently only 2 or 3 fields will populate, and the rest of the document disappears)


- A "pathology addendum" button that allows the user to click on it when they get path results back and enter a comment/summary of the pathology results (example: biopsies negative for Barrett's), and have this information go on the bottom of the Procedure Report as an Addendum and also be added to the end of the "procedure summary" that automatically goes into the Profile or next Visit Note.  A similar thing an also currently be accomlished by unlocking the 1st page of the Procedure Report, adding pathology results as a "finding" and then re-locking; but this is rather cumbersome to do.
- Means to edit how the endo findings carry over to notes
- Instead of pulling in the entire profile into a procedure note, it would be ideal to pull in only those relevant procedures (ie, all the prior colonoscopies for a colon procedure note). This may take some doing, but would make review of a procedure note much more effective as it would have prior pertinent procedures listed on that note.
- Ability to click on more than one item and have it separated by commas.  Example: "cecum, appendiceal orifice" and yet have it not put a comma after "normal" so you can still say "normal anastomosis"
- Need a better way to deal with Barrett's in the setting of a hiatal hernia.  We created a work around phrase in the meantime.
- Scope measurements should technically be from the "anal verge", not the anus.... or allow the user to modify this part of the ribbon too.
- A Intervention ribbon and coding for PEG placement during an EGD. The lack of this is made more frustrating by the fact that this intervention used to be in the old gCare2 system.
- The ability to freely configure sections of the Findings ribbons in procedures. There have been multiple sections in the Findings ribbons where my physicians did not like the choices givend and they were not able to free text in the box and I was not able to configure it. This usually occurred in sections that were doing basic descriptions for quantity or size of the finding.



- Ability to attach a document (e.g. preps, office forms etc)
- Ability to send a gMED document (e.g. Letter to Patient)
- Ability to review labs first, and then push it over to the portal (not, an all or nothing as is now)
- A choice to default portal locations by providers, this way when a patient sends a message it gets send to the correct locations


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