Invent an ICD code when one doesn't exist (e.g. Multilayered Epithelium)

I don't know about your pathologists, but ours read out "multilayered epithelium", an entity that no one yet knows what to do with, and MAY be a pre-cursor to Barrett's.  There is no ICD9, and as far as I know, no ICD10 for this condition either.

But, if this becomes something in the future, it might be nice to have a handy way to quickly pull up all your patients with this condition.  This sort of searching/reporting is easy to do with entities that have a ICD code, like Crohn's.  You just search for the ICD's (from the problem lists) and voila.

Recently, I figured out that I could just make up an ICD code if one didn't exist, so I created one for Multilayered Epithelium.  So that I would never be in conflict with a REAL code, I gave it the ICD9 code of "MLE."

Now, any time i see someone with multilayered epithelium, I can enter this in their problem list, and I'll be able to search for these folks easily in the future.

I don' t know what others "diagnosis" don't yet have a code, but this is a handy trick to know about...
Fortunately, gMED does not restrict us to just #### ICD's, so feel free to use words/letters, like I did.


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