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Warning: Mushrooms kills Dog

Posted by Zwbdc, Thursday, 15th June 2017 @ 8:08am

  • Not all mushrooms are safe!! 

    Sadly a 
    happy healthy bullmastiff was found dead with no signs of sickness and nothing that could be done. The dogs had eathen mushrooms whilst playing. This led to liver damage, followed by jaundice (yellow eyes, yellow tongue and yellow gums) and a rush to the vet. Unfortunatly the Vets can do nothing. 

    Learn more about mushrooms by watching the video

Cape Point Chacma baboons

Posted by Zwbdc, Sunday, 13th November 2016 @ 8:39am

  • Having read an article of the culling of the Cape Baboons we went in search of them on the 12 November 2016. We were blessed as we drove down to the watering hole to find them waiting for us. 

    Then the cutest baby came onto stage to join his mother.

    This is their story of family life at breakfast time.  

Southern Right Whale Washed Up at Cape Point 2016

Posted by Zwbdc, Sunday, 13th November 2016 @ 5:29am

  • The body of a baby Southern Right whale was found on the rocks close to the Cape Point lighthouse in the nature reserve which was in the advanced stages of decomposition. Earlier in 2016 a baby whale was washed ashore onto the rocks in Bantry Bay, Cape Town 14 February 2016 and was reported as been successfully removed. This body has lost all colour and the stench was not overwhelming powerful. The flesh had melted and most of the form had been lost. This leads one to believe it had been there some time. The whale was approximately 8.5 meters in length and approximately 8 to 9 tons and it could be clearly seen to be a male.

    See the finding of the whale at Bantry Beach

    In March 2016 a 10 metre long southern right whale has washed up on Melkbosstrand Beach which was a lot bigger and could have been the mother.

    In August 2016 a whale appeared to show his gratitude to the SAWDN volunteers who freed him from entanglement in rope and fishing equipment consisting of floatation buoys which was cut, removed, and recovered off Cape Point. It was a sub-adult nine metre male Humpback whale. The incident happened about five nautical miles off-shore of Smitswinkel Bay in False Bay.

    It is unknown as to what is killing the whales although fishing gear seems to feature highly it could also be the change in water temperature and the effluent and chemicals being pumped out to see. The introduction of nuclear reactors on the coast could also be responsible for changes in the water which result in the whales becoming disorientated or other injury leading to the cause of death.

    To see the beauty of the whale

    Heather Malcomess

    13 November 2016

Dont Tattoo you pet

Posted by Zwbdc, Saturday, 28th March 2015 @ 4:33am

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