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Tuesday, 19th September 2017 (all day)

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Solicitors are useful resources when conducting certain transactions such as property sales or purchases. A majority of deals in everyday life have some legal aspects to them, and that means having someone with the expertise is an added advantage. The web makes it easy to find solicitors nowadays what with all the law firms that provide online services. However, the numerous options can confuse you when trying to decide which lawyer best serves your interests. So, how do you narrow the choices and finally settle on one?

Look for Specialists

There are several practice areas in the legal profession, and some lawyers choose to specialise. The same way you take a child to a pediatrician is what you do when looking for a solicitor. If you need help with conveyance transactions when buying or selling land, then the lawyer hired should have the necessary skills in that field. A law firm may provide a range of services from property to family law, so you can just ask for a lawyer from a particular speciality. The thing about specialist solicitors is that they have years of experience in that particular area of practice. A lawyer who has been doing conveyance work for ten years is a safer bet than one who only
offers the service part time.

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It goes without saying; you want a lawyer who is credible and reputed in the field. For one, focus on experts who are part of the
Law Society or any other professional body. These agencies have accreditation requirements for law firms and a code of conduct for lawyers, which give you assurances. Such solicitors are held to higher standards, which is a plus point for you. In the case of misconduct, you can report to a professional body and expect action. Also, you can check online for any complaints against a lawyer before hiring his/her services. The first consultation with an attorney can also indicate what type of individual you are dealing with. 

Recommendations Always Work

Sometimes, conducting thorough research and everything else needed to verify the credibility of a lawyer may not be possible due to time constraints. In such an instance, an objective recommendation goes a long way. If a colleague or family member had worked with a solicitor before and was satisfied with the service, you can use the same one as well. Be cautious, though of solicitors who are recommended to you by estate agents because the chances are that your agent is getting a cut if you use the legal services of that particular firm. 

Compare Estimates

One huge advantage of online services is the competitiveness of rates since no two lawyers have the same prices. Don’t pick an attorney unless you have made rate comparisons first. When looking at different costs, remember to compare apples to apples, that is to say, don’t measure the prices of first class law firms against those of less established lawyers. Of course, the level of service and even the experience is not the same. Never compromise the quality of legal representation just to save money. 

Law firms can charge fees at hourly rates, fixed or on a no-win no-fee basis, so you have to be clear about that as well. Contingency fees usually apply in compensation claims. With this type of arrangement, you pay when the solicitor wins, but in the case of a loss, you have to cover the legal costs, so be careful about that. Hourly rates are only suitable when you are confident the work won’t take too long like drawing up a will or a contract. If you will require legal help for an indefinite amount of time, then a fixed rate is the more sensible choice. When getting a quote from the law firm you pick, ensure that it covers all the services to avoid hidden fees later.

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