Hello from David & Lucy

Hello Everyone,
Lucy and I would first like to thank you for the kind welcome onto the fundraising team here at The Farnham and Wey Valley Cats Protection branch.

We just wanted to send you and email to say hello and to introduce ourselves, and let you know a little about ourselves and our plans on fundraising for the branch.

First off, thank you to an amazing effort by Amanda, with her stay at pets at home, £284 plus 3 food bins is amazing!

I am David, 26, and work at London Heathrow for British Airways as a Load Controller doing all the weight and balance of the aircraft. I am a shift worker, so you can get hold of me almost any time of the day and night.
In my spare time I do web development and iPhone Application programming.

I am Lucy, 26 and work for Nationwide. I'm a customer host, which basically is the person at the front of the branch who has to smile no matter what!! Most of my spare time is spent doing the practical stuff at home. (a perk of being engaged to a predominately night shift worker) I also enjoy keeping fit, shopping as Next is an addiction and trashy American TV shows!

So Far:
Since we have started we have collected some items from the lockup, as well as donated some items to auction on eBay, with 100% of the sale going to the branch. The advantage of doing this is that there is no insertion fee by eBay.
The first week of sales we have managed a few great sales. The green 'Perty Pig limited edition' piggy bank managed to sell for an amazing £26.07 from a start price of £10.
In total we managed to get £229.29 with a further £57.79 in gift aid.

We have since collected some of the unsorted items from the lockup, as well as the paintings, and currently have them in our spare room being sorted / listed on eBay, as well as in our garage for the over flow items.
We have taken down our spare bed and the room literally looks like a mail room (amazon must have started like this years ago).
If you want to have a look at what we currently have on eBay, head over to http://tnyr.co/FarnhamCatseBay
Our Cats
Lucy and I both have two feline residents. Rosie, the older of our two, who was a stray in Basingstoke where Lucy's friends daughter was feeding her. Had been for a good 6 months when we decided we would take her to the vet and try to adopt her. The vet wasn't too interested - wont name anyone - and we asked CP for advice. All I'll say is we went in blind, and are glad of it since we are not sure of what the outcome would have been otherwise. We have now had Rosie for 2 and 3/4 years.
Last year we got Lily, an adorable tortoise shell kitten / monster. Every day is a memory and brilliantly funny. I (David) get in from my night shifts and end up having to do a pre go to sleep ritual of rubbing Lily's back and playing catch before I'm allowed to go to sleep.

The email addresses; farnhamcatsfundraising@gmail.com & fundraising@farnhamcats.co.uk, get delivered to both David & Lucy's devices so we can respond to any questions quickly.
If you need to contact us at all, you can use the following ways;
Mobile: 07595 022379 / 077000 10380
Email: David.spalton@me.com
Email Lucy.marks@me.com
We both look forward to meeting up, and to work together to raise funds for the Farnham & Wey Valley Branch.
Best Regards
David & Lucy

Woo-hoo! A very warm welcome to David and Lucy.

Sterling work so far...we're liking your style!


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