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The Correct Prescription of Kratom

Privileges obtained from Kratom consumption are highly determined by the amount you consume. It’s consumption in very little amounts completely has no effect whatsoever to the body therefore a waste of your efforts. When you consume it in excess, the repercussions are intense and may as well lead to loss of your life.

Therefore, the amount of Kratom consumed can either yield good or disastrous results thus the need to take the correct amount.

The perfect amount of Kratom to ensure excellent outcomes.

The perfect amount of Kratom for consumption is tricky since Kratom emerged in the US market recently. This explains why no scientific research has yet been conducted to provide the correct prescriptions for the amount to be consumed. Hence the need to depend on unscientific proof delivered by people who have examined the privileges of Kratom.

The other reason for the tricky prescription of Kratom is the fact that its market is dominated by fake or products with low content of Kratom. This makes it difficult to prescribe a general amount for all products since the amount of Kratom in them is different.

In conclusion, there are three types of Kratom Strains and every type is administered in a different amount. The amount one takes is also determined by the reason why they are taking it and the results they want to achieve whether it is excitement, pain alleviation, sleep, drowsiness or ecstasy.

However, with all the difficulties in obtaining the right prescription for Kratom consumption, here are some important tips to consider the amount of Kratom to consume so as to ensure its effectiveness in your body.

About Kratom

Kratom is scientifically called Mitragyna Specioca.

Kratom is similar to coffee and it’s a traditional plant found in South East Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many others.

It has been found out from the natives that Kratom has actually been existent for hundreds of years although it was practically concealed from the rest of the world until recently.

Of late, Kratom stocks are increasing in the western markets due to the ever-increasing demand particularly after the opioid catastrophe since it is being acquired as a substitute for alleviating pain and gloominess.

Kratom is accessible in three forms of strains namely;

  • Red Kratom.
  • White Kratom.
  • Green Kratom.

The colors of veins and the stalk are a distinctive color that displays a contrasting synthetic structure and distinct components that users can obtain.

Prior to concluding the correct amount of Kratom to consume, you need to be aware of the different types of Kratom accessible in the market. This can help you know how to take the right amount.

The three major forms of Kratom

       Raw powder

This can be made by basically drying and smashing the Kratom so as to get a powder.


The extract or powdered form of Kratom is poured in capsules. These capsules are majorly made up of gelatin or vegetable cellulose therefore, they melt fast hence digestion occurs easily and effectively.

       Resin or extracts.

After boiling Kratom leaves, the intense residue that is left is called the resin or extract.

Beginners are advised to use capsules of Kratom since they are easily accessible, cheap and prevent the risks of repercussions. One is able to take the right amount since the capsules have the exact measured Kratom content in them.

The other way to consume Kratom powder is by mixing it with fluids like juice, soup, porridge or drinking tea.

It is advisable for users who are more familiar with Kratom to use Resins or Kratom extracts since they are too powerful.


There are no general prescriptions for taking Kratom since each person has a distinct result depending on individual qualities like weight, age, diet and period of Kratom consumption.

Considering the experience of Kratom users, beginners are advised to tentatively start with little amounts so as to discover their perfect prescription. First, start with a little amount of either 1 gram or

1.5 grams so as to check its effect on you but if there is no effect then you can keep on increasing by 0.5 to 1 gram each time you consume it.

Beginners prescription depending on their weights.

When consumed in amounts of 20 mg for every kilogram of weight, research shows that Kratom is greatly productive. As a result, users are advised to take the following prescriptions.

       A person who weighs 60kg should take 1200 mg of Kratom.

       A person who weighs 70kg should take 1400 mg of Kratom.

       A person of 80kg weight should take Kratom of 1600 mg.

       A person of 90kg weight should take Kratom of 1800 mg.

       A person who weighs 100kg should take 2000 mg of Kratom.

Taking combinations of Kratom Strains.

A blend of several strains has proved to be helpful to some of the users according to their Kratom reviews. The following are some of the Kratom prescriptions that blend several strains;

       1 gram of both Red vein and white vein Kratom.

       1 gram of Red vein, White vein and Green Vein Kratom.

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