7 Common Mistakes in Choosing Topic for your Essay

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7 Common Mistakes in Choosing Topic for your Essay

Topic selection is a vital decision you need to make to excel in your academic endeavors. Failing to select the correct topic can lead to poorly done assignments which will lead to poor grades

As a student, you are bound to feel frustrated from the topic your teacher chooses for you. It can even be more challenging if you have to select a topic on your own. Having the ability to choose a relevant subject of your essay is crucial in writing a well-structured and exciting article. For students who find this hard, you can check out some of the best custom essay services to help decide the most reliable online custom essay providers to source help from. Nevertheless, here are some common mistakes that you can make when choosing and writing your essays’ titles.

1.     Choosing a Broad Topic

When you select a broad topic, you will end up having a challenging time jotting an essay on the same. Most of the time, broad subjects have many subtopics to cover, and it will indeed be a task for you to acquire all the information that you may need into an essay format.

It is possible to confuse your readers if you choose an essay topic that requires a lot of wording to defend your argument more than the benefit the readers can get by reading your article. Among the negative views, you will find on custom essay service reviews is the issue of having a broad topic which ends up not meeting the set instructions. This is because in case you don't have sufficient evidence of what you are writing about, you are bound to offer your readers with half-baked information that may not be too much convincing about the advantages of your thesis statements.

2.     Getting Too Personal

When choosing your paper's title, avoid an area that can be too personal. It is advisable not to select a theme that can reveal or expose your secret or your sensitive information to your audience.

With a personal topic, it is hard to keep boundaries between you and the person or people reading your essay. This can portray you as a morally perverted writer or an undisciplined and careless person who lacks respect for their personal life and privacy. More so, your personal views may not always be acceptable to your readers. For example in the case where you are given a topic on the best custom essay reviews, your experience with a certain essay provider may be different from your readers’. Thus, avoid getting too personal and also consider other people’s views.

3.     Writing a Topic that Shares your Dirty Past

As a student, your professor can give you the assignment to write about your narrative or an application that needs you to provide your life experience, for example, your failures. For you to come up with an informative paper, refrain from being excessive open especially on sensitive areas like you past criminal records and rude behaviors.

If you must write about your dirty past, always do so if the information you are about to write is already in the public domain and your main aim of writing it is to show your audience learned about the dirty past after overcoming it.

4.     Choosing a Controversial and Offensive Topic

When writing an essay, avoid a topic that will drive you too long discussions that touch controversial grounds. For example, topics that are related to politics, religious debates, homosexuality, and lesbianism, or even abortion. Such a topic will portray you as a closed minded individual who forces other people into accepting your ideologies.

5.     Choosing a Narrow Topic

Selecting a narrow topic brings you problems when writing your paper since you will lack enough information to write about. Picking a narrow subject makes it hard to gather enough information to support your essay or prove its credibility.

6.     Learning Towards Bad Judgement

When choosing a topic, ensure that there are areas that are to be kept aside. If you want to write about one that talks or touches illegal and immoral issues, it is unprofessional to approach the discussion in a positive approach. For example, you should not choose topics that encourage drugs taking, terrorism, abortion, or even devil worship. Such a topic will deny you marks from your teacher and will score less on unless your tutor practices the same vices you are discussing.

7.     Failing to Understand your Tutor's Question

One of the major mistakes you can make when selecting the topic of your essay is the inability to read and understand your prompt well. If you did not clearly understand your essay question well, you are most likely going to choose the wrong title.

You will miss the essential information that could have assisted you in the topic selection process.


To avoid such mistakes, it is essential to do some intensive research first before you narrow down to the exact topic that is not too broad. Always select a title that you can write about comfortably without contradicting your details. If still stuck, you can check out help from education platform ranked among the best custom essay writing service reviews and source help with your topic and essay.


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