8th Steering Group Meeting of the PA2 in Prague, 9th July 2014

The Czech coordination hosted the 8th Steering Group Meeting of the Energy Priority Area in Prague, on 9th July 2014. The ongoing concepts of the PA2 were presented by the experts as well as some new project proposals were accepted by the SG for future development. In order to enhance the cooperation to improve energy security in the region, a Joint Declaration has been accepted by the SG.

In his opening speech, State Secretary Tomáš Prouza emphasized, that energy is a top priority in the light of the current political developments. Energy security has utmost importance, especially for this region.

As a significant result, a Joint Declaration was accepted in the Meeting by the Steering Group to enhance cooperation in order to improve the energy security and energy infrastructure of the region, as well as to reach a well-functioning energy market with the integration of the non-EU Member States of the Danube Region Strategy. This achievement is the first milestone for an enhanced future cooperation between the Danube Region countries.

The new Czech priority area coordinator, Mr Vladimír Bláha was also introduced to the SG Members, and he summarized the activities of the PA2 during the Annual Forum of the EUSDR. The Hungarian Priority Area Coordinator, Ambassador Anita Orbán outlined the results, achievements and developments happened since the last SG Meeting in December 2013. The newly appointed Hungarian National Coordinator, Mr István Joó emphasized the importance of embedding the priorities of the PA2 into the National Operational Programmes of the countries. In his opening speech the NCP stressed that the work of the PA2 is more important than ever, taking into consideration the recent developments at the EU’s eastern border. Mr Joó gave a summary on the conclusions of the foreign ministerial meeting that was held in the margin of the Annul Forum of the EUSDR in Vienna aiming to improve the governance of the Strategy.

The progress made with the Danube Region Biomass Action Plan, the Danube Region Smart Grid Concept and the Danube Region Geothermal Concept was presented, as well as the latest publications, the Renewable Electricity Market Monitoring in the Countries of the Danube Region and The Potential Use of the Flexibility Mechanism of the RES Directive in the Danube Region were introduced in detailed.

Several new project proposals were introduced and also accepted. The REMIT proposal aims to analyse the effects and implementation of the Regulation on the Energy Market Integrity and Transparency in the Danube Region Countries. The Czech project, RESTEP is for the optimisation of the renewable energy investment planning in the region. Two other proposals were aiming to assess the contribution of gas reverse flows to the security of supplies and to analyse the potential for integration of the gas markets in the Danube Region respectively. 

Please find the accepted Declaration and the presentations below:

ARVAY SG8 Danubiom.pdf
NADOR SG8 Geothermal.pdf
SZABO SG8 RES Monitoring.pdf
SZABO SG8 RES-flex.pdf
SZABO SG8 SmartGrid.pdf
CERNOCH SG8 reverse flow analysis.pdf

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