Best VoIP Providers for Business Needs in 2019

Tuesday, 21st May 2019 at 11pm - 5:30pm Friday, 24th April 2020

Location: USA

In a rapidly digitizing world, VOIP, or 'voice over internet protocol' is a way to turn the analog audio from a tradition phone call into a digital transmission that can be transmitted via internet pathways. This has become a massively growing service due to its ability to turn any internet connection into a way to make free phone calls without the use of a cell phone and accompanying service plan. As phone companies are notoriously unscrupulous, this ability to bypass them all together is a desirable one. More information about how VoIP is used can be found here. For the purposes of this article run down, the best VoIP services for business purposes specifically will be analyzed and discussed. Hopefully, this will elucidate which provider has the best voip service for business' and their unique needs.

The number one best-rated VoIP for business is Nextiva. It is the best-reviewed service and has 99% positive reviews. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no fees; should the service not be good enough. It is rated as number one by both customers and consumers and includes over 100 premium features including in-depth analytics. It also allows free, unlimited calling, faxing, and texting; as well as a free high definition phone for every business.

The runner-up to Nextiva is Vonage Business. Vonage Business is nearly as well rated as Nextiva, with a 98% rate for positive reviews. In addition, it has an anytime money-back guarantee, however, fees do apply in certain scenarios. Vonage business supports unlimited calling, faxing, and video conferencing. In addition, it has the United States based customer service that is available to help on any issues 24/7. Finally, customers state that Vonage Business is reliable, as well as easy to set up and use.

Onsip is the third best VoIP service for business usage. It has a 97% positive review percentage and a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days with no associated fees. In addition, it offers unlimited calling, but limited video calling. The allowance for video calling is reset monthly. Unlike some other services, Onsip is a monthly contract. Finally, for every business with five or more employees, Onsip offers a free desk phone.

Jive is where the customer and expert ratings begin to dip in this rundown list of business VoIP services. Only 89% of users gave Jive a positive review. It was said, however, that Jive is incredibly simple to install and use and the free upgrades were a definite benefit. Extra features, premium analytics, and add-ons are unfortunately charged piece-wise which can be both confusing and costly. It can be used on any phone, desktop, or desktop computer which is a bonus.

Next on the list is Grasshopper. 86% of Grasshoppers users gave it a positive review and it offers a 30-day money back guarantee, however, fees may apply for certain scenarios or usage patterns. Every user gets one toll-free or local number per line. In addition, Grasshopper's customer support is award-winning, so while it is not the best service overall, it has the best customer service out of at least most of these VoIP services. In addition, Grasshopper is especially well for usage on mobile phones, meaning senior officers can work from the road or out of the office with ease.

After Grasshopper comes Dialpad. Dialpad has 87% customer given positive reviews, as well as a free trial period that can be canceled at any time before paid service commences. Dialpad offers unlimited calling, texting, and conference calls. It is also uniquely well suited and built for CRM and other app integration and interfacing. For the right users and business, Dialpad could be an excellent choice.

Overall, these are the industry leaders for VoIP services. Nextiva is best, followed by Vonage Business, followed by Onsip, then Jive, Grasshopper, and Dialpad. These are the best VoIP services currently available for business-specific uses. It is important to note, however, that different businesses have different needs and therefore, some VoIP services may be better suited to some businesses than others. Given this, it is critical to assess the specifics of a situation and its needs before committing to a VoIP contract with any provider.



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