How To Apply Moustache Wax

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As you grow your beard (or just moustache) out, you'll observe that your moustache begins to take on a life of its own an ends up being a little bit of a headache. Eating cerain foods like hamburgers and loaded hotdogs end up being a huge mess. Well, what you're required to do to fix these issues is to use moustache wax. It's really that simple. The wax will assist in training the hairs to part away from your mouth and can likewise provide a more fashionable look.

For a lot of people, growing and styling a mustache is uncharted territory. Here's the low-down on the secret weapon of first-time growers and pros alike. It's moustache wax by the way.


Why You Need It

Left to do  its own thing, your mustache is likely to grow straight downward, and at a specific length, it can and definately will truly ruin your morning coffee. Wax helps you train your 'stache sideways, particularly during the awkward, scratchy interim phase you may be experiencing right now. For the more experienced grower, it's the basis for outstanding styling techniques, but you knew that already, right?



Mustache Wax

A Mirror

Hair Dryer (Optional. Maybe.).



If you have actually never ever used a strong hold wax, then the first thing you'll question is how the hell to transfer the wax to your fingers. It's not like a normal cream that you can dip your finger into; you'll need to use your fingernail to scrape off some wax.


To help in this process, you can also utilize a hair dryer to heat up the wax and make it more manageable. When on your fingers, rub the wax together to heat up the wax. (Some will almost completely liquify and some will just become soft). Begin to apply it from the center of your mustache to the edges. As long as it is spread evenly and doesn't have any clumps your good.


If you desire a more natural appearance, just work a moderate amount of wax into your mustache and do not twist the ends. You could also use a  comb to help blend it in. I will likewise blow dry my mustache on a high heat, low speed to blend the wax in so it looks more natural. Lock in the shape with a blast of cold hair from the hair dryer.


If you want a handlebar look, you'll have to use more product and twist the edge hairs into a point. Depending upon the length of your stache, you may need to get the hair at the base as you twist so you do not remove any moustache hairs. I've found that blow drying will soften the hold and make it more difficult to hold a handlebar. If you need this design, no need to work the hair dryer into the equation, and if you do make sure its in moderation. As soon as a good quantity of item remains, start working it into a curl, or whatever design you desire.


After a bit of work, you can now use your mirror to appreciate your freshly styled 'stache. We 'd also recommend taking a selfie to flaunt on social media.



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