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october 2016 Meeting poster 2016.pdf
Flyer for Jung in Scotland October 2016 meeting
Ray Miller72.7Kb12th Oct 2016
PowerPoint presentation on Positive Psychology and consciousness with practical applications in improving well-being.
Ray Miller1.39Mb29th May 2016
Where to find, view and download the videos used in Ray's presentation.
Ray Miller95.47Kb27th May 2016
PowerPoint Introduction: What is Consciousness? The tricky questions
Ray Miller1.59Mb26th May 2016
Outline programme for the weekend
Ray Miller318.21Kb25th May 2016
Some articles illustrating why Consciousness is a Hard Problem for Philosophy, Psychology and Neurobiology
Ray Miller1Mb24th May 2016
Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well Being Scale sample
Ray Miller126.44Kb24th May 2016
Positive psychology workbook for Happiness in Practice
Ray Miller818.6Kb24th May 2016
Some articles on the Neurobiology of Consciousness
Ray Miller674.16Kb24th May 2016
April 2016.pngRay Miller580.06Kb26th Mar 2016
2016 programme flyer.pdf
Events for the coming year. Information regarding CG Jung Seminars Scotland can be found on the website: (updated regularly, so keep an eye on it.)
Ray Miller144.28Kb14th Jan 2016
Only the Winds Lament.pdfRay Miller2.97Mb28th Dec 2015
Robot workers.pdf
Could a robot take over your job?
Ray Miller633.32Kb26th Dec 2015
Robot workers.pdf
Could a robot take over your job?
Ray Miller633.32Kb26th Dec 2015
Health of the Nation.pdf
Is the Health Service in crisis? Some of the issues.
Ray Miller984.38Kb22nd Nov 2015
Health of the Nation.pdf
Is the Health Service in crisis? Some of the issues.
Ray Miller984.38Kb22nd Nov 2015
Meaning of Life 2015.pdf
What is the Meaning of Life? Is all revealed here?
Ray Miller593.74Kb22nd Oct 2015
CGJung Nov 2015.jpgRay Miller367.22Kb10th Oct 2015
November 2015 Poster.pdfRay Miller2.67Mb10th Oct 2015
september 2015 poster.pdfRay Miller4.53Mb25th Jun 2015
201509 CGJung2.pngRay Miller205.01Kb25th Jun 2015
201509 CGJung1.pngRay Miller337.27Kb25th Jun 2015
june 2015 poster portrait.pngRay Miller219.35Kb9th Jun 2015
CGJ201506.pngRay Miller702.58Kb1st Jun 2015
equality_act_employment_easyread.pdfRay Miller1.28Mb24th May 2015
A variety of aspects on Equality and Diversity
Ray Miller824.33Kb24th May 2015
Welcoming Rains of Cambrai.pdfRay Miller3.7Mb1st May 2015
The Presence of God.pdfRay Miller1.62Mb1st May 2015
Sacred memories of old Earth.pdfRay Miller722.05Kb1st May 2015
Four dimensional man.pdfRay Miller1.39Mb1st May 2015
Blank Space.pdfRay Miller435.76Kb1st May 2015
Appreciation of my surroundings.pdfRay Miller467.81Kb1st May 2015
Weaker Sex.pdf
Evidence for the proposal that Men are the weaker sex.
Ray Miller751.4Kb22nd Apr 2015
CGJ201504.pngRay Miller25.13Mb2nd Apr 2015
Some things you might want to know about relationships.
Ray Miller534.15Kb20th Mar 2015
CGJ1.pngRay Miller383.79Kb14th Mar 2015
CGJ2.pngRay Miller1.42Mb14th Mar 2015
Freedom of Speech.pdf
A few free views and opinions on Freedom of Speech
Ray Miller784.2Kb20th Feb 2015
Articles discussing Hawking's view of artificial intelligence (AI) as a threat to humanity.
Ray Miller558.85Kb24th Jan 2015
CJJungFeb20151s.pngRay Miller3.81Mb19th Jan 2015
2015 email flyer.docRay Miller42.5Kb21st Dec 2014
Should we tell children lies about Santa Claus?
Ray Miller509.84Kb20th Dec 2014
2015 email flyer.docx
Flyer for the 2015 meetings of the CG JUNG SEMINARS SCOTLAND
Ray Miller23.35Kb5th Dec 2014
Political Correctness EXTRA.pdf
Last minute update of two recent articles. Thanks Andrew for the Barbie one!
Ray Miller225.25Kb23rd Nov 2014
Political Correctness.pdf
Some, largely local, issues on being PC.
Ray Miller627.25Kb22nd Nov 2014
Womens Work EXTRA.pdf
Couldn't resist this extra piece of recent research when I came across it!
Ray Miller271.97Kb22nd Oct 2014
Womens Work.pdf
Some thoughts on history and current practice in gender imbalances in work.
Ray Miller476.3Kb21st Oct 2014
Enemies Friends and Lovers.pptx
Talk to Ragged University -12 June 2014 Series: What has psychology ever done for us? Part 5 of 3: The Social Psychology of Relationships. Embedded video only plays in full PowerPoint.
Ray Miller6.27Mb20th Sep 2014
Forgiveness: How to do it and some thoughts on its application.
Ray Miller675.21Kb17th Sep 2014
SECULAR MORALITY.docRay Miller24.5Kb7th Sep 2014
LIFESTYLE AUDIT.docRay Miller54Kb7th Sep 2014
LIFEBOAT ECONOMIES1.docRay Miller26.5Kb7th Sep 2014
FOUR HORSEMEN.docRay Miller40.5Kb7th Sep 2014
A MORE CRITICAL MIND.docRay Miller37.5Kb7th Sep 2014
To work or not to work? Some thoughts.
Ray Miller527.11Kb27th Jul 2014
Overprotecting children and the Nanny State for adults.
Ray Miller955.29Kb22nd Jun 2014
CG Jung Seminars Scotland.pdf
Centenary Celebration programme
Ray Miller280.79Kb6th Jun 2014
Know Thyself.pdf
Some ideas on how well or poorly we may know ourselves.
Ray Miller642.8Kb22nd May 2014
Assisted Suicide.pdf
Some thoughts on assisted dying from various perspectives.
Ray Miller629.82Kb22nd Mar 2014
asst-suicide2.pngRay Miller109.07Kb18th Mar 2014
What does Home mean? A variety of perspectives.
Ray Miller678.1Kb24th Feb 2014
Year of the Horse 2014 l.pngRay Miller1018.14Kb1st Feb 2014
Angels or Demons.pdf
A range of views about the better and worse sides of human nature.
Ray Miller1.17Mb25th Jan 2014
msg-116101269955.jpgRay Miller23.35Kb21st Jan 2014
eppg3na2.gifRay Miller189.5Kb2nd Jan 2014
2014.pngRay Miller47.34Kb2nd Jan 2014
Hogman Eh.pngRay Miller89Kb29th Dec 2013
Welcome3-wb(8).pngRay Miller1.12Mb16th Dec 2013
Christmas 2013_4.pngRay Miller711.12Kb15th Dec 2013
Meaning of Life 2013.pdf
Thoughts on The Meaning of Life. Also see the booklet from July 2010 in Files, Previous topics: 2010/07
Ray Miller613.6Kb20th Nov 2013
imagesCA41JEWK.jpgRay Miller7.79Kb19th Nov 2013
Healthy Responsibility.pdf
The NHS and Health Behaviours
Ray Miller447.11Kb25th Oct 2013
Should the contents of this file be Private? Issues with Privacy!
Ray Miller554.72Kb22nd Sep 2013
Some ideas about Trust - and the lack of it!
Ray Miller556.17Kb21st Jul 2013
Good and Evil.pdf
Some issues regarding understanding Good and Evil.
Ray Miller599.1Kb24th Jun 2013
We don’t need no Educashun.pptx
Talk to Ragged University -6 June 2013 Series: What has psychology ever done for us? Part 3 of 3: We don’t need no Educashun. Embedded video plays in full PowerPoint, not free PowerPoint viewer.
Ray Miller14.42Mb10th Jun 2013
Gottfried.pngRay Miller2.49Mb5th Jun 2013
A range of views about Counselling and personality
Ray Miller569.09Kb25th May 2013
flyer PDF.pdfRay Miller187.69Kb9th May 2013
May 2013.pdfRay Miller1.56Mb9th May 2013
Sleep and Dreams.pptx
Talk to Scotland's College Development Network - 17 April 2013. Also talk to Ragged University, 7 November 2013 Series: What has psychology ever done for us? Part 4 of 3
Ray Miller5.22Mb18th Apr 2013
mqdefault.jpgRay Miller5.72Kb18th Apr 2013
Self Illusion.pdf
A variety of information relating to the sense of 'self' - and whether it is important.
Ray Miller641.75Kb18th Apr 2013
Peter Kenney.JPGRay Miller1.08Mb7th Apr 2013
EPPG3 Best-t.pngRay Miller14.23Kb7th Apr 2013
EPPG Best - t.pngRay Miller53.94Kb7th Apr 2013
Is everybody mad.ppt
Talk to Edinburgh Skeptics - 21 March 2013
Ray Miller4.24Mb5th Apr 2013
Barefoot in the Head.pptx
Talk to Ragged University -4 April 2013 Series: What has psychology ever done for us? Part 2 of 3: Barefoot in the Head
Ray Miller15.46Mb5th Apr 2013
All in the Mind.pptx
Talk to Ragged University - 7 February 2013 Series: What has psychology ever done for us? Part 1 of 3: All in the Mind. Embedded video plays in full PowerPoint, not free PowerPoint viewer.
Ray Miller93.82Mb5th Apr 2013
EEG Best - t.pngRay Miller52.26Kb29th Mar 2013
State of the art Sleep.pdf
Psychological information on sleep and dreams
Ray Miller591.72Kb20th Mar 2013
Dream-Interpretation.jpgRay Miller16.41Kb19th Mar 2013
Some interesting articles and guidance on self-esteem - and a self assessment!
Ray Miller534.26Kb20th Feb 2013
self-confidence-257x300.jpgRay Miller24.1Kb19th Feb 2013
trevarthan.pdfRay Miller3.41Mb3rd Feb 2013
flyer2013.pdfRay Miller3.09Mb3rd Feb 2013
C G Jung Seminar 23 February 2013: Colwyn Trevarthen chaired by Ian Ross
Ray Miller3.41Mb3rd Feb 2013
C G Jung in Scotland seminar programme 2013
Ray Miller3.09Mb3rd Feb 2013
Defining Madness.pdf
Key paper by Thomas Szasz from 1960 and criticism of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders due for release as volume 5.
Ray Miller436.57Kb26th Jan 2013
Psychology of Advertising.pdf
An introduction to some aspects of the psychology of advertising and its history.
Ray Miller582.28Kb22nd Nov 2012
Some articles reflecting on our varied and ambivalent attitudes to nakedness.
Ray Miller770.63Kb16th Oct 2012
Illusion of Self.pdf
Document from our January 2011 meeting that is relevant to the topic drawn from the hat at our August 2012 meeting.
Ray Miller214.79Kb1st Oct 2012
Universal Declaration.pdf
UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Ray Miller134.29Kb21st Sep 2012
Some ideas on values and the part they play.
Ray Miller317.95Kb20th Jul 2012
Marching Morons.pdf
Are we evolving backwards in terms of our capacity for innovative, creative and critical thinking? An interesting view from author David Brin.
Ray Miller173.12Kb22nd Jun 2012
Darwin's Dead booklet.pdf
Some articles on how Natural Selection may, or may not, apply to Humans today... and tomorrow...
Ray Miller778.69Kb20th Jun 2012
Is Education Dangerous Introduction.pdf
Ray's introduction to the Dangerous Ideas Philosophy Cafe events in Edinburgh (11 June 2012) and Glasgow (14 June 2012)
Ray Miller269.3Kb17th Jun 2012
Is Education Dangerous.pdf
Some controversial views on Education. Also used for the special meeting in June with Scotland's Colleges Festival of Dangerous Ideas.
Ray Miller655.57Kb25th May 2012
Price of Freedom.pdf
A range of articles on the balance between freedom, safety and security
Ray Miller302.05Kb18th Apr 2012
Is Education Dangerous.pdf
Booklet for the special meeting in association with Scotland's Colleges Festival of Dangerous Ideas
Ray Miller655.57Kb17th Apr 2012
Dangerous Ed Interviews Colin Bartie and Ray Miller.pdf
Information flyer for Dangerous Ideas meeting
Ray Miller602.15Kb4th Apr 2012
Does Truth Matter.pdf
Does Truth matter? And, if so, why?
Ray Miller819.5Kb21st Mar 2012
Love (Booklet).pdf
What is Love? The science and psychology behind this philosophical concept.
Ray Miller439.28Kb26th Feb 2012
All in the Mind (booklet).pdf
A selection of articles on how our minds interpret reality.
Ray Miller322.95Kb18th Jan 2012
A range of different accounts of the concept of Beauty
Ray Miller359.28Kb23rd Nov 2011
the august riots in england summary.pdf
Commissioned by the Cabinet Office: an independent study into the motivations of young people involved in or affected by the riots.
Ray Miller880.51Kb4th Nov 2011
the august riots in england.pdf
Commissioned by the Cabinet Office: an independent study into the motivations of young people involved in or affected by the riots.
Ray Miller1.34Mb4th Nov 2011
Some interesting items on the modern persistence of Witchcraft and Magical beliefs
Ray Miller329.19Kb21st Oct 2011
I Predict a Riot.pdf
A range of views on the nature of riots and rioters.
Ray Miller494.55Kb19th Sep 2011
Article on the nature of humour. (Thanks Natalia!)
Ray Miller725.48Kb26th Aug 2011
World's Best Jokes (booklet).docRay Miller60.5Kb22nd Aug 2011
Thats a Laugh.pdf
Some material on the Psychology of Humour including the Laugh Lab experiment
Ray Miller372.37Kb27th Jul 2011
The first ever experimental investigation of laughing at oneself. (From the Research Digest)
Ray Miller89.56Kb26th Jul 2011
An article on the evolution of humour
Ray Miller135.11Kb26th Jul 2011
Views on Thinking, Consciousness and Machine Consciousness
Ray Miller476.31Kb20th Jul 2011
Consciousness: Lucid and non Lucid Dreaming
Ray Miller115.76Kb20th Jul 2011
What makes us aware?
Ray Miller135.22Kb20th Jul 2011
Immortality and Living Longer.pdf
Some thoughts on the pros and cons of the real prospect of Immortality and some ideas about living longer.
Ray Miller876.71Kb22nd Jun 2011
Building a Happier Society.pdf
The Psychologist news item 11 May 2011 - response to the Action for Happiness initiative
Ray Miller50.44Kb19th May 2011
Revenge is a kind of wild justice.pdf
Various thoughts on Vengeance, Revenge and Justice from News and the Net - beyond Bin Laden!
Ray Miller310.72Kb17th May 2011
The happiest communities seem to have the highest suicide rates. Recent (2011) report.
Ray Miller530.08Kb26th Apr 2011
Psychology, religion and spirituality: article from The Psychologist April 2011
Ray Miller6.86Mb23rd Apr 2011
Summary of key facts, issues and advice based on Choose Life
Ray Miller249.18Kb22nd Apr 2011
Advice and facts around suicide from the See Me campaign.
Ray Miller50.07Kb17th Apr 2011
Responding to people in crisis, from the Samaritans.
Ray Miller2.09Mb17th Apr 2011
Samaritans information resource pack on suicide.
Ray Miller4.2Mb17th Apr 2011
Update on the Scottish Government strategy for reducing suicides
Ray Miller673.31Kb17th Apr 2011
A guide to talking, listening and reducing stigma surrounding suicide.
Ray Miller452.5Kb17th Apr 2011
Dealing with practical and psychological issues in the aftermath of a suicide.
Ray Miller223.41Kb17th Apr 2011
The law and suicide
Ray Miller186.47Kb17th Apr 2011
Money Money Money.pdf
Some thoughts on money, its evils and benefits and the psychology of greed.
Ray Miller284.97Kb28th Mar 2011
Sanity Quotations.doc
Some thoughts on Madness and Sanity.
Ray Miller40.5Kb15th Mar 2011
The science of love(2).doc
Does Science detract from the mystery of Love?
Ray Miller36.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Genius & Madness.pdf
Links between Genius and Madness? From the Singapore Medical Association!
Ray Miller68.58Kb15th Mar 2011
The Truth About Lying.doc
Some inconvenient truths about how we lie.
Ray Miller40Kb15th Mar 2011
Pleasure principle.doc
A selection of notes covering Freud's definition, some evolutionary psychology and philosophical Hedonism.
Ray Miller65.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Free will.doc
Some thoughts on Free Will and whether we have it or not.
Ray Miller50Kb15th Mar 2011
Rights and Responsibilities: some (controversial) debate from the national press.
Ray Miller62.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Some of the arguments against and for Euthanasia.
Ray Miller89Kb15th Mar 2011
Recent press stories around Euthanasia.
Ray Miller60.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Archetypal Enemy.doc
Shadow: The Archetypal Enemy.
Ray Miller41.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Why War.doc
Einstein and Freud: Correspondence about War.
Ray Miller74Kb15th Mar 2011
Good to Talk.doc
Is it good to talk? Some views for and against.
Ray Miller60.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Competition and Cooperation.
Ray Miller52.5Kb15th Mar 2011
A range of ideas on identity and its meaning. Fairly lengthy and not an essential read.
Ray Miller69.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Self and Identity as Memory.doc
Very lengthy academic paper. Not too hard to read and interesting but more than a casual read. Not essential for a socially based discussion.
Ray Miller165.5Kb15th Mar 2011
The role of positive emotion.doc
Some thoughts on why we should try to make the world a bit more wonderful.
Ray Miller38.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Freedom: as seen through two historic declarations.
Ray Miller46Kb15th Mar 2011
Mental Health.doc
Mental Health: a Word format file of varying views concerning Mental Health and Mental Illness.
Ray Miller68Kb15th Mar 2011
Genius & Madness.pdf
Links between Genius and Madness? From the Singapore Medical Association!
Ray Miller68.58Kb15th Mar 2011
Mentally Flourishing Scotland.pdf
Towards a Mentally Flourishing Scotland: a discussion document on Scotland's mental health policy for 2008-2011.
Ray Miller153.31Kb15th Mar 2011
Some thoughts on Leadership and Leadership Styles
Ray Miller74.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Family Work and Quality of Life.doc
ESRC – Economic and Social Research Council: Family, Work and Quality of Life: Changing Economic and Social Roles (a little bit academic but interesting).
Ray Miller40Kb15th Mar 2011
Tony Blair address on "Our Nation’s Future - the Role of Work" Some hostages to fortune in his opening remarks, given current rising unemployment, but principally focusing on the changing nature of wo
Ray Miller54.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Religion and Science.doc
Some thoughts on the relationship between religion and science.
Ray Miller165Kb15th Mar 2011
Interesting alternative look at Genesis!
Ray Miller44.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Conquering a sense of inferiority by Dorothy Rowe (a MIND publication).
Ray Miller287.66Kb15th Mar 2011
MIND (non printable) booklet on Assertiveness. Do go to the MIND website for LOTS of useful information on a range of Mental Health topics (
Ray Miller350.61Kb15th Mar 2011
A tutorial lesson on assertiveness and how to achieve it with some self assessment.
Ray Miller92.5Kb15th Mar 2011
An online course on Assertiveness (although the teaching material can be used off line too!).
Ray Miller126Kb15th Mar 2011
A range of information about assertive behaviour.
Ray Miller72.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Feeling Old.doc
Social context, memories and the perception of age.
Ray Miller39.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Sociology of Ageing and Older Adulthood.
Ray Miller120Kb15th Mar 2011
Social Constructs of Youth.
Ray Miller131.2Kb15th Mar 2011
A range of views on how the way you think can affect your life.
Ray Miller63Kb15th Mar 2011
Ethical Robotics.doc
Just one possible future ethical dilemma!
Ray Miller98.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Ethical Issues for 21C.doc
Contents list of a report on a philosophical symposium on ethical issues for the 21st Century.
Ray Miller63.5Kb15th Mar 2011
UNESCO Ethics.pdf
UNESCO report on ethical issues for the 21st Century.
Ray Miller2.16Mb15th Mar 2011
The Psychology of Superstition.doc
A selection of interesting articles including a review of, and link to, a classic book on the topic that you can read FREE online.
Ray Miller48.5Kb15th Mar 2011
On the subject of superstition... unexpected consequences of Voodoo! Voted best beer advert at one point and called to mind by our discussion on 23 November.
Ray Miller1.76Mb15th Mar 2011
New York Times article on denial.pdf
Do we need denial to sustain optimism?
Ray Miller70.85Kb15th Mar 2011
Success is not final.doc
Some thoughts on Success, Failure, Happiness and Sadness.
Ray Miller62Kb15th Mar 2011
The Home Office (review) and Scottish Parliament (Executive Summary) reports on the sexualisation of children.
Ray Miller89.5Kb15th Mar 2011
An essay on how and why sex sells.
Ray Miller1.17Mb15th Mar 2011
Collective Unconscious (booklet).doc
Some definitions and background of the concept of the Collective Unconscious.
Ray Miller188Kb15th Mar 2011
Psychology of Happiness (booklet).doc
Various aspects on the Psychology of Happiness including links to some tests of personal positivity and some advice on how to be happy.
Ray Miller952Kb15th Mar 2011
Third lecture in the Layard series. Lecture 3. How can we make a happier society?
Ray Miller332.05Kb15th Mar 2011
Second lecture in the Layard series. Lecture 2. Income and happiness: rethinking economic policy.
Ray Miller368.19Kb15th Mar 2011
HAPPINESS: HAS SOCIAL SCIENCE A CLUE? Richard Layard (2003) Lecture 1. What is happiness? Are we getting happier?
Ray Miller496.52Kb15th Mar 2011
A justification for this Meetup Group (if we actually needed one!). It seems that having deep discussions on the meaning of Life can make you happier! NYT article 17 March 2010.
Ray Miller28Kb15th Mar 2011
How to free yourself from the constraints of "everybody knows that..."
Ray Miller36.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Evaluating Information Found on the Internet.doc
A check list for evaluating information found on the Internet. Originally intended for students but generally applicable.
Ray Miller42Kb15th Mar 2011
This is the technical philosophy bit about knowledge: heavy going. Read only if you are a philosopher, geek or masochist!
Ray Miller62.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Handy checklist for evaluating information.
Ray Miller704.04Kb15th Mar 2011
Applying scientific method to controversial issues (parapsychology/para normal).
Ray Miller136.13Kb15th Mar 2011
Meaning of Life.doc
Document version of the home page of the website. Yes, there really is one! Full of good stuff and lots of links.
Ray Miller109.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Text comes from a column from Mary Schmich, who wrote it for the Chicago Tribune. Over the internet Baz Luhrman got attention for it.
Ray Miller90.53Kb15th Mar 2011
A host of hints and tips for living well.
Ray Miller143.02Kb15th Mar 2011
Psychology 10 ways.pdf
10 Ways Psychology Can Improve Your Life! Booklet format of Kendra Cherry's blog from Read the original at:
Ray Miller122.84Kb15th Mar 2011
Philosophy of Science.doc
Brief Summary of some aspects of conventional western philosophy of science.
Ray Miller29.5Kb15th Mar 2011
Three reviews of the book by Cynthia Freeland "BUT IS IT ART? AN INTRODUCTION TO ART THEORY" Oxford University Press, 2002. (Paperback) Both the book, and the differences in the reviews, cast some dim
Ray Miller189.6Kb15th Mar 2011
A collection of articles looking at different aspects of the controversial issues around what is, and isn't, Art.
Ray Miller321.7Kb15th Mar 2011
Limits of Science.pdf
Is Science Nearing Its Limits? A summarizing paper from a 2007 international conference.
Ray Miller370.33Kb15th Mar 2011
Beyond Science.pdf
A collection of articles on whether some things are Beyond Science.
Ray Miller238.44Kb15th Mar 2011
A variety of views and comments on the social impacts of technology.
Ray Miller230.22Kb15th Mar 2011
Selfish Survival.pdf
A few thoughts on selfishness and survival - the social morality and value of putting self and family first.
Ray Miller410.98Kb15th Mar 2011
Harvard University: Justice with Michael Sandel - a synopsis of his highly popular lecture series raising issues about justice.
Ray Miller207.07Kb21st Feb 2011
Science And Souls.doc
Is Science Killing the Soul? (Who Am I? 5) A debate on how modern science casts light on issues of personal identity, self and the soul between Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion) and Stephen Pinker (E
Ray Miller198.5Kb31st Jan 2011
Personal Identity.doc
Personal Identity (Who Am I? 3) A lengthy, academic but interesting paper if you want to go into this topic in more detail. Lots of references.
Ray Miller708.5Kb31st Jan 2011
Nature v Nurture.doc
Nature v Nurture (Who Am I? 2) Two articles giving a fairly light and easily read overview of the Nature/Nurture debate in Psychology.
Ray Miller639Kb31st Jan 2011
Illusion of Self.doc
The Illusion of Self (Who Am I? 1) Two articles giving a reasonably readable account of why science and philosophy might come to the conclusion that the idea of 'I' or 'self' is an illusion, perhaps t
Ray Miller666.5Kb31st Jan 2011
Ghosts In The Machine.doc
The Ghost in the Machine (Who Am I? 4) Papers discussing Gilbert Ryle's argument that 'mind' is simply an integrative concept associated with our material existence. Also a paper discussing how people
Ray Miller1.56Mb31st Jan 2011

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