• Propose Day special: 10 ways to propose to a girl

Propose Day special: 10 ways to propose to a girl

This is the day and the time when the girl of your dreams is asked! Although the key to the girl's suggestion is unique, but you need to know about the nature of the girl.

Here are some ways to overcome your woman's love.

1. Self interest: Keeping in mind is the most important thing. You must accept the girl for whatever you are. If you ask it, keep it simple and sweet, and accordingly, make it silent. Send birthday wishes for love and impress her.

2. Close your knee: Probably this is one of the oldest methods of removing the girl, but she definitely exits as a winner. Women love their men. A red rose cake is provided with icing in hand 

3. Take it to a good place to eat and it feels special. Run some of his favorite titles there, order some excellent orders and ask him about it.

4. Place a banner with a message against its home or office. Remember, you are not using your real name. You can write it when you call it individually.

5. Try to take the place where you first visited, it will definitely go ahead with your actions. You will definitely get a positive feedback.

6. When your budget is approved, you can write something in the sky for it. However, this should be done only if you really make sure.

7. You can ask your neighbors to close their lights and write "I love you" on their windows. When everything is ready, fill the eye, take it to
the balcony and open your eyes. She will love it

8. When the sun goes down, drive along the beach. Play soft music in the car and treat it as golden objects.

9. If your mantra is to be brave then you will be able to pass the mountain. Early in the morning, try going there before the sun comes. Stick to your knees and ask them as soon as the sun.

10. Something dramatic Get a water pistol and shock it for a while and tell him that you are being arrested for stealing my heart!


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