Continue Smoking or Switch to E-juice

Thursday, 23rd August 2018 at 3am - 6am Friday, 24th August

Location: Sydney

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There are a lot of vices in this world. According to research, 35% of males around the world smoke tobacco. You should also consider 6% of the women’s population also smokes tobacco. You might notice the disparity in the figures between men and women. But considering the percentages, you will surely notice that considering the world population, the tobacco industry if monumental.

We might easily get a grasp of how big the tobacco industry based on these numbers. We also need to consider the classification of tobacco. You should know that tobacco and itsby-products are under the addictive classification. It is the reason why there is an age limit when it comes to tobacco smoking.

Considering that tobacco is classified addictive, you will have to consider its effects. According to studies done for years on tobacco, the following are likely caused by smoking.

·        Low Sperm or Egg Cell count or Infertility

·        For men, Erectile Dysfunction

·        Hair loss

·        Gangrene

These are just a few of the long list of effects that can be caused by constant tobacco smoking to a person’s health. We always hear the cliché that health is wealth. That’s why you should refrain from having vices, right?

You might find a hard time quitting on some of your vices. If you are having a hard time, you can seek a psychiatrist for help. You will eventually be guided on how you will quit. But if you weren’t successful, you might remember the feeling of addiction withdrawal. You arelikely to regress with withdrawal or worst, become more addictive to smoking.

But according to innovators, there is a solution for people who want to quit smoking but keep on smoking. You might get confused, right? Of course, quitting and keeping are not synonymous. You should also notice the use of the word innovators. It is because some are not yet fully researched or the technology is still too young.

What the innovators are talking about is the use of ejuice in smoking or in other terms, vaping. So, should a smoker consider the switch?

You should always remember that your health is very important. You should always take the utmost care. Considering the two vices, should you consider the switch?

You are to compare a thoroughly researched product against a newly forming technology. You should take note that you are comparing a thoroughly researched vice against a newly emerging vice. You should consider the perils of the unknown. There are other factors needed to consider for a smoker to become a vaper.

The uncertainties may pose more danger to a person’s health. Before considering to switch to a different vice, you should always check on whether it suits you. But if you want to take care of your health, you can consider quitting smoking once and for all. If you can’t, you can try out other options that will help you slowly quit smoking for your safety. If you want to live longer, you should consider taking care of your health starting today.


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