• Essential Factors to Remember When Considering Testosterone Injection

Essential Factors to Remember When Considering Testosterone Injection

Low testosterone (low T) level is one of the common problems on men; it is found that continuous dive of testosterone production can cause low sex drive (libido), mood swings, constant fatigability, poor energy level, decrease in muscle mass, loss of body and facial hair, erectile dysfunction, and more.

Fixing this issue could involve a change in lifestyle, diet, and taking supplements that can help boost testosterone levels. However, if low T is caused by underlying medical conditions, aside from the aforementioned approach, improving the production of testosterone will involve Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

One of the popular and interestingly affordable TRT is testosterone injection. The treatment is prescribed by a licensed doctor to men who were diagnosed with hypogonadism – the body’s inability to produce enough testosterone – which is often linked to other health problems.

Adult men (30 years old and above) aren’t the only recipient of TRT but young adults or teen boys who are experiencing delayed muscle growth or delayed puberty; and as long as the doctor has prescribed.

If you are considering undergoing TRT via testosterone injection, here are essential factors to remember:

#1: You have to consult your doctor

If you think you are currently having problems with your testosterone level you need to visit a Urologist – a doctor who specializes in treating any condition that involves the urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs. They will conduct a few series of tests to determine if your testosterone level falls behind the normal level that circulates in your body and what causes low T. If it does, the doctor may or may not recommend TRT, specifically testosterone injection.

#2: Not all Low T are treated by TRT

Testosterone injection, in particular, is a regulated drug, falling under Class C drug; this means, not all men with Low T are eligible to undergo TRT due to possible irreversible and life-threatening side-effects if misused or abused. And for that reason, only with underlying health problems that cause low T are recommended to undergo this therapy. At this helpful site, you’ll find out the usual flow of buying testosterone injection.

#3: It is illegal to buy testosterone injection without prescription

Again, testosterone injection is a regulated Class C drug; this means, it is illegal to buy any brand of testosterone injection without prescription from your physician. So, if you can find one online that sells the drug, you have to be vigilant because it might get you into trouble. Try to view the website of Elite HRT and you’ll understand how online purchasing of testosterone injection work.

#4: Can you self-administer testosterone injection?

Technically, doctors are licensed to administer testosterone injection; however, in several cases, the physician will allow their patients to do self-administration of the medication. They will provide instructions on how to administer testosterone injection – through intramuscular injection at the thigh or upper outer posterior buttocks (gluteus).

#5: Buy testosterone injection at a reliable distributor

If your physician has recommended you to undergo testosterone injection but you have to do self-administration, you must purchase the medication at a reliable and licensed distributor, which you can buy it here. This will guarantee you that the testosterone you are administering to yourself is safe and efficient.


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