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I take my dog ​​to the local-el-leish park at least once a week. There was a girl with a chocolate lab puppy named Jeter. Now I'm all for unusual dog names and naming my dog ​​for someone you love ... but it would seem really silly, "Cricketer!" When the puppy escapes through the park. We have suggesting scottish dog names for you new pup.


Naming your dog can be one of the most enjoyable parts of pet ownership. It can also be one of the most difficult decisions you can make. My family has regular fights about new pet names! Unusual dog names are very popular, but here are some useful hints to keep in mind:

Embarrassing factor. Are you sure you want to shout "Mr. Bubbles" when your dog walks out of the yard at night?

Tone up When you call your dog, it carries the vowels. Try shouting your own name: What do you share? This is usually the vowel. If your name is Mike, the additional loud version will be mIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Your dog's presence. Your cute little puppy looks like an unconscious wazi when he is younger, but can be a big wig who is embarrassed by his silly name Wami.

Your dog's personality. Calling a toy puddle a "bruiser" can be a sweet joke, but it can run out of time - and does it really suit your puppy? Unusual dog names may be common, but at least let them justify it!

Other Important Words. Do not choose a name that will obey your dog. This will confuse your puppy and make training difficult for you! The eight basic training commands are: sit, stay, bring, sleep, stand, heal, and search. Try to stay away from these noises.

Other Family Names. When your daughter is Holly and your dog is Molly, things get a little messy! My mother, on the other hand, sometimes calls me dog names. Whenever you call him or her, your poor puppy running away can be very stressful.

Keep it short and sweet. Even if you want to choose from a list of unusual dog names, keep in mind: The shorter your dog's name, the better! You can give a short name like Max instead of a long, unusual dog name like Beethoven or Bilzeb.

Changing the name can cause confusion. If you don't like the name of your adopted pet, try changing it to a name with the same sound - change Lucky to Lucy. Still, I must say that it didn't work for us - so we went back to Lucky, to his dislike!

Try to choose a name that your dog will respond to. I know a dog that came out of the shelter and was already called a coyote, but he never responded to that name. During the game, one day his boss called him an elk. Well, upon hearing that he sat up straight! He has been an elk ever since. Get the best Akita dog names from here.

Make sure the name you choose is short enough to fit the ID tag. And make sure that your dog always wears his tags. Then no matter how careful you are, your dog will find a way to escape if he wants to.

Are you ready for awesome stats? Fifty percent of lost dogs are never rescued. On the other hand, 95 percent of lost dogs wear tugs and stay safe at home. Do not count on being lucky. Make sure your dog always has an ID.

Still don't know how to call your new best friend? Maybe we can inspire you ...

Traditional dog names - such as Rex, Pal, Sparky, Prince or Fido - go well with indifferent fans. Or if you are a younger historian, think of famous historical figures! Lincoln, George or almost every important person does this when they are looking for an unusual dog name. The names of historical villains like Genghis or Nero and some others have not moved forward. They know what they are talking about, "Give the dog a bad name and ...".

Tribute to your favorite television or movie stars by naming your puppy after an actor or actress! Boogie would be a beautiful name for a dog, right? If your dog's personality is very flexible, you want to name him from a list!

Or proudly declare your loyalty to Star Trek, Star Wars or any other science fiction series. Spock, dog, will tell you to "stay long and pro paw" - sorry, I couldn't resist! But when choosing an unusual dog name, keep in mind the short and sweet rule: "Luke" will make a better name than "skew ker kar", unless you can call your dog "Sky".

Make your dog unusual by naming it in another language. Name your dog. You look boring, but "Uno" for a boy or "Na" for a girl sounds exotic and elegant - be different! You can also find a list of popular baby names for inspiration.

Look at the sky - there are many interesting names that will inspire you in your search for unusual dog names. What about Jupiter or Pluto? How about Ursa or Regal? The heavenly body may be the full name of your little beloved angel. And when you talk about stars, how to name your pet a famous dog from the stage, from the screen or from the pages of the book! How about Eddie (Frazier's dog) or Tiger (Brady Bunch family dog)? Have you ever read a book as a child that inspired your love for animals? Create a name for your new friend from the pages!

If your dog is a dashing, heroic type, why not name him a superhero? "Superman" may not be a good name for a dog, but a person with a large S had more than one name. "Clarke" or "Kent" is not bad, or you can go on to use his krypton name: "Kaal-Al". There are so many heroes (and bad guys) to choose from!

Matching unusual dog names - like Laurel and Hardy or Penn and Taylor - can be cute for some puppies. Think of celebrity couples, entertainers, musicians or even fictional characters! What about "religion" and "greg" for boys and girls? Beavis and Butehead don't walk well - especially if a Stogo passer thinks you're referring to him instead of your dog - oh dear, that can mean trouble!

If you've always loved Disney movies, you might want to give your puppy a home-inspired name. "Mikki" is a big name for a puppy, but don't exclude names from new productions! "Sully", "Ariel", "Tinkerbell" - let your imagination and your dog's personality find the right name for your dog.

Your dog may have a greater presence than anything ... why don't you call him a mythical person? "Hercules", "Athena" and other mythological names can give your dog a sense of pride and power. I once knew a German Shepherd puppy named Zeus, who turned into an adorable, fluffy puppy and an influential, worthy adult - he really grew up to his name!

Let the kids choose a name from one of their favorite cartoons and children's shows - great inspiration for unusual dog names! You don't want to "sponge" your dog, but after some skillful conversation - and a bribe or two - you'll agree on a name like Elmo, Nemo, or Dory.

Why not choose a sporty name for the sports genre? A favorite star of a favorite game may be the correct name for your puppy. Just think about this embarrassing factor - if you don't mind yelling, "Come on Joe Montana!" If your dog goes outside, don't forget to name him or her sky - and sometimes the sports star has a limit - when it comes to searching for an unusual dog's name.

In short, there are many great unusual dog names to choose from, including the recent nomenclature of the family. Let your imagination run wild. However, if you value your reputation and pride, consider all the important suggestions you have read, not your dog's name.

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