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For the promotion of the internet, digital, mobile and apps created and showcased in South Africa. The purpose is to educate and build a strong online presence. Articles, promotions and information are welcome.

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What will survive the 4th Industrial Revolution?

By Zwbdc on 14th January 2019

Art, craft, collectables, homemade goods, food, drink, social activities, learning, clothes, and anything of an individual nature. The media has painted the 4th Industrial Revolution so badly it scares the hell out of everyone. But I say it will be much more personal. People will develop their personalities by having so much choice that they could wear purple with bink suits and yellow hats and be considered hip instead of out of the box. We will have so much food that a choice for breakfast will range from over 100 foods instead of being limited to bacon and eggs. Coffee will transform. Tea has already transformed. Speciality products will be on the uprise as people try to be more and more different rather than painted in white suits with white shoes marching to an unknown drum. i have already seen musical instruments with sounds that just make you want to lull all day listening to them like the Ceasar who was taken by the harp. Already we can extract the essence of fruit and put it into something so common and it begins a hype. 
written by HZM (Heather Zynbad Malcomess)
14 Jan 2019

May 2018 = New Beginnings

By Zwbdc on 5th May 2018

The internet is evolving and so are we.

This year we were successful in getting the internet and online work recognized in the parliamentary budget speech after almost 2 decades of laws making it illegal.

Social Media is no more a hype as more and more people join the revolution.

Cybersphere will be going live this year and invite you to join us.

For to many years Cybersphere has been a player in the dark championing the cause by writing, publishing and presenting online stories and ideas. We have not had the chance for our voice to be heard on the stage due to financial crippling disadvantages.

We have sought partnerships this year and they are beginning to realize. 

We invite you to be part of our journey by checking that your details are up to date on Cybersphere

Fighting back for online rights

By Zwbdc on 15th June 2017

On Monday I went to see the Public Prosecutor about such incidences as these against cybersphere operators. The woeful destruction, threats and attacks on people who use the internet has to stop!! There is also a case coming up before the constitutional court. We won't take lack of knowledge of the internet as an excuse anymore!! We have taught you enough now let us have our work environment as we allow you to have yours.

This is what the taxi industry in Pretoria did to a uber driver when they came to fetch a passenger. 

South African Media in a Dilemma and here is why

By Zwbdc on 7th February 2017

To read the full version go to 

The digital advertising ecosystem comprises an unlevel playing field vastly favoring the duopoly of Google and Facebook. Controlling 85% of media spend and 80% of referral traffic to independent publishers, this duopoly sets the rules and uses undue influence. Publishers and marketers alike reinforce the walled gardens of these duopolies, enabling the continued growth of these two companies, while simultaneously eroding their own revenue and ability to compete.

How Independent Publishers Can Fight the Google-Facebook Duopoly

Agent cost Snapscan client loss

By Zwbdc on 7th December 2016

In a time where banking is cutthroat an agents attitude is extremely important. I had an appointment with the agent this morning. I work from home and on flea markets (selling collectables) and desired a snapscan merchant account to take payments. I duly paid R250 for an agent to meet with me. Firstly the agent did not check out that the venue was in operation and then changed the location. I am still getting my feet in where places are and got lost thus was late. They apologized but where so busy looking at their phone. The customer experience was totally lousy as he presents me with an object which would of been better couriered to me. Then I expected him to fill me in on the details but nothing like that. So I asked questions like
1. can i take other peoples sales?
2. can i introduce others to the product?
3. what about my online sales?
Whats more he had not done his due diligence and googled me to find out what I looked like. There are so many fakes out there I would of thought this part of giving someone an account.
He looked at me with a blank glare and said he would need to get back to me. Then he got up to go.
So i took out my account, ID and asked what else he needed. Then he says he needs to check out the premises. There is no F way I would let anyone I dont know come to my home. So I said no because I work from home. He insisted.
So I told him to take his plague and leave. I got up and left. Sorry Snapscan but you are not getting my support and I would like my R250 back.

Who or What is Cybersphere

Cybersphere is a non-business entity registered in South Africa for the promotion, growth and relationship of the internet. 

Born in 1984 Cybersphere has worked with leading online developments to bring the best out of the internet. 

Our latest creation has been Social Media which was first used to promote Africa Bike Week in 2015. 

Also in 2015 we championed digial at the conference held at Birchwood Hotel for the purpose of declaring the internet a press and media platform.

In 1993 we wrote and presented a paper on the development of the internet.

Now we are taking it forward as a non-profit to help set-up future IT solutions. 

Your host is Heather Malcomess 

Our symbol is taken from Startrek's Mr Spock as we feel it's meaning to apply to us 


THIS SITE IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS OF ZAWBDC. To become a member you have to go through the registration procedure. It is a 3 step process so be sure to complete all 3. 

  1.  You can access opportunities
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  3. You can take part in events
  4. You can build your company 
Its so easy all you have to do is register. 

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“No person may host any website or provide access to the internet as an internet service provider, unless such person is registered with the Board in terms of section 27A of the Act.”

 The requirement relating to the hosting of websites is something they have made up with no legal force and effect.
The requirement for ISPs has been around for a few years but they keep adding new things that ISPs are required to do. The reality here is that very few ISPs are registered with the FPB – in large part because the FPB does not seem to be capable of processing applications.

The law can be found here as well as on

Whilst Post and Telecommunications make the law as well on this subject. have a look here

This law will make it near impossible for small and micro online business to be started. I have taken 3 years to build this website which is still not bringing in an income.

Have your say and get this sorted out 

This website is only kept going by donations. You will see when we have funds by the fact that the Facebook interlinks are working or not. We need a minimum of R5000 per month. If you are willing to donate please go here Pay

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